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Simple Sentence Examples

A sentence is stated in grammar as a combination of words that represents a full notion.

The majority of sentences are split into two parts:

Subject: consists of the simple subject (a noun or pronoun) and any related modifiers. The predicate includes the primary verb as well as any supporting verbs, objects, and modifiers.

Simple Sentence Examples

It should be noted that the subject part can include compound subjects, and the predicate part can also include compound verbs.

Simple Sentence Examples

What Exactly Is a Simple Sentence?

A simple sentence is the simplest type of sentence, with one independent clause (subject and predicate) and no dependent clauses.

There are four fundamental sentence structures:

  1. Simple
  2. Compound
  3. Complex
  4. Compound-complex

The quantity and type of clauses present in a sentence establish its structure. Sentences may comprise independent clauses that comprise a subject and verb and can exist independently as a coherent thought and dependent clauses that comprise of a subject and verb but do not represent a complete notion.

Definition of a Simple Sentence

A simple sentence is one that comprises only one independent clause and no dependent clauses. As an example,

  1. The child yelled.
  2. A big black dog ran across the yard.
  3. Camilla and Mayank are going to play golf tomorrow afternoon.

Simple sentences can be either short or long. Modifiers and compound subjects or verbs can be used in simple phrases. The quantity and kind of clauses are the distinguishing features of a simple sentence.

Thus simple sentences are those that have one independent clause with no dependent clauses.

Simple Sentence Examples

Simple Sentence Structures

Simple sentences can be written in a variety of ways:

  1. only one subject and one verb.
  2. a single subject, as well as compound verbs.
  3. a combination of subjects and a single verb.
  4. compound verbs and compound subjects.

A sentence is considered simple if it has only one independent clause.

A simple sentence comprises the fundamental components that makes it a sentence: a subject, a verb, and a finished notion.

Examples of Simple Sentences

Examples of simple sentences comprise the following:

Joseph waited for the bus.

"Joseph" = subject, "waited" = verb ;

The plane was delayed.

"The plane" = subject, "was" = verb ;

Sarah and Sam took the train.

"Sarah and Sam" = compound subject, "took" = verb ;

I searched for Sarah and Sam at the bus depot.

"I" = subject, "looked" = verb ;

Sarah and Jessica reached at the train station early but waited until midday for the train.

"Sarah and Jessica" = compound subject, "reached" and "waited" = compound verb ;

Tip: If you utilize a lot of simple sentences in your writing, consider rewriting some of them to compound or complex ones.

Simple sentences can be lengthened by using compound subjects, compound verbs, prepositional phrases (such as "at the train station"), and other parts, although simple sentences are frequently short. Too many basic sentences can cause writing to become "choppy," preventing it from flowing easily.

A simple sentence is also known as an autonomous clause. It is called "independent" as; despite the fact that it is a component of a compound or complicated sentence, it can also exist alone as a complete sentence.

Simple Sentence Examples

A simple sentence is one that contains only one independent clause.

Simple sentences can be constructed in a variety of ways, but they must always have a subject and a predicate in addition to expressing a complete notion.

Here are a couple of such examples:

1. The truck rolled recklessly and quickly. In its predicate, this sentence comprises a single subject ("truck"), a single verb ("rolled"), and a compound adverb ("recklessly" and "quickly").

2. Thomas and Jane drove to the shopping center. Thomas and Jane make up the compound subject here. The predicate is "walked to the shopping centre," while the verb is "drove. "

3. The donuts look and taste delicious. This straightforward statement includes a subject ("donuts") and a compound verb ("look and taste").

List of Simple Sentence Examples

A list of Simple Sentences is provided below -

  1. I've been recruited as an inspector.
  2. You must activate it.
  3. She lets you work.
  4. They guarantee that benefits are equitable.
  5. He throws away the cup.
  6. We were punished by the professor.
  7. Baby imitates her mother's actions.
  8. Resolution is a significant historical milestone.
  9. These conventions alter daily existence.
  10. She had previously resolved the problems.
  11. They finished on time.
  12. That is what we have agreed to do.
  13. The doctor administers therapy.
  14. I'm making a new resolution.
  15. It's something I enjoy doing.
  16. The court grants permission.
  17. Krishna is in charge of the company.
  18. Individuals are safeguarded by the cops.
  19. Our strategy is being marketed.
  20. I started a new manner of working.
  21. She learns all the facts quickly.
  22. For her project, she utilizes fabric.
  23. You have the key to achievement.
  24. It is still operational.
  25. This can be completed quickly.
  26. She is concerned about her future.
  27. We're having trouble dealing with it.
  28. She challenges familial norms.
  29. Workers have caused concern for the company.
  30. My strategy has been given to the government.
  31. She might not be able to raise the money.
  32. We decided to look into the matter.
  33. Leela made the decision to run the company.
  34. She makes a risk-free transaction.
  35. The RBI wants liquidity to flow.
  36. The bank would sell government securities.
  37. The price of items has been raised by the shopkeeper.
  38. There are inversive relationships in society.
  39. We are allowed to play games by the principal.
  40. I decline her invitation.
  41. The relevant data was published by the school.
  42. Primitive tribes live in the woods.
  43. Over 150 years, the British controlled, commanded and administered India.
  44. People rely on the media as a gatekeeper.
  45. Nature must also provide care and treatment.
  46. The Independence Act encourages us to live a free life.
  47. Many individuals are killed as a result of the corona.
  48. Kids required parental supervision.
  49. They have unlimited access to public health care.
  50. Rama has passed the exam.
  51. They supply workers with amenities.
  52. Citizens in India have the right to be free.
  53. We must protect our environment.
  54. Co-worker's qualifications are being raised by the government.
  55. It encourages good values.
  56. I have a personal library.
  57. They reveal the realities.
  58. The company has implemented new regulations.
  59. Food must be secured.
  60. India intends to study our civilization.
  61. We need to deliver food by the evening.
  62. We need to limit our use of social networking sites.
  63. Sunder agrees to Rama's proposal.
  64. Mother created an outfit for the doll.
  65. The United States guarantees fundamental rights.
  66. The company donates money to a non-profit organization.
  67. Students discuss societal issues.
  68. Teachers always target the most vulnerable students.
  69. My learning abilities are improving.
  70. My supervisor has halted advancement.
  71. Do not drink water while eating.
  72. Television is referred to as an idiot box.
  73. Melatonin helps in getting a night of good sleep.
  74. The sun provides vitamin D3.
  75. Protein is essential for bodybuilding and muscle building.
  76. Brahmos missiles are 28 feet long.
  77. The youth of the world have the power to change the world.
  78. My brother is extremely lazy.
  79. India's population is growing by the day.
  80. The company hires people.
  81. My employer held a video conference.
  82. New guidelines were issued today.
  83. Delta is a unique coronavirus strain.
  84. They launched Meena's journal.
  85. The student's language skills have improved.
  86. Mother agreed to my proposition.
  87. We integrate new habits into our regular lives.
  88. I upload all of my videos on YouTube.
  89. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook/Meta and Instagram.
  90. We engage in social services.
  91. Women discover their own worth, value, and significance.
  92. Agriculture yield has grown with the passage of time.
  93. A woman confides in her husband about her personal life.
  94. They regard me as their best employee.
  95. The pandemic is wreaking havoc on the poor.
  96. Vijaya is keeping an eye on the class.
  97. My father implemented new restrictions in our home.
  98. The majority of the kids are very naughty and in-disciplined.
  99. Everyone must express their emotions.
  100. Some rules were removed from my rulebooks.


Thus, one of the four basic sentence patterns, a simple sentence, serves as a straightforward statement. It functions similarly to a mode of communication in that it adds pertinent information to the speaker's and listener's prevailing thoughts. It is commonly used as a proverb by writers and speakers. A simple sentence promotes understanding, precision, and information flow by utilizing fewer words in a brief and precise manner.

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