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Exclamatory Sentence Example

Exclamatory Sentences

Emotions are the most unique feature of humans. In other terms, the primary distinction between an animal and a human being is the ability to feel. Occasionally we have to shout or weep to express our thoughts or emotions. Why? Since that is how we feel.

Such statements do exist in the English language. These are known as exclamatory sentences.

Exclamatory Sentence Example

What Is the Definition Of An Exclamatory Sentence?

Exclamatory sentences are those in which a great emotion or feeling is expressed. Those statements can also be employed in cases of enthusiasm. To identify a statement as an exclamatory sentence, use an exclamation mark.

Exclamatory Sentence Examples

  1. Don't scream at us! You completed the entire task there.
  2. Never, ever contact me again! Did you understand what I said? Never contact me! Again !
  3. Oh my goodness! The bag contains a kitten. Look closely at him !
  4. It's unbelievable! Those florals are my fave, Sandro. This is really thoughtful of you !
  5. Oh no! The players have entered our territory! That's a successful goal !
  6. Keep still! I'll say it again. Keep still! Drop your gun !
  7. Help! This thief has snatched my wallet; go find him !
  8. Ew! This isn't something anyone should consume.

Simple Exclamatory Sentences Examples

Below are some exclamatory sentence instances:

  1. You were supposed to return yesterday! (expresses rage )
  2. Jeepers! You frightened the living daylights out of me! (with astonishment )
  3. Our team won! (expresses delight )
  4. This riddle is driving me insane! (expresses annoyance )
  5. You're beautiful! (expresses love )
  6. It's a kid! (expresses joy )
  7. I'm going to remember this place a lot! (shows sadness )

The use of the word "what."

The word "what" can be used to emphasize exclamatory statements. Examples can help to clarify this information.

  1. What a sweet little baby! Congrats! She will grow up to be a stunning young lady.
  2. Hello and welcome to the Resort San Diego. What a great location !
  3. It's also a goal! What a stunning shot by Stevie G in the playground !
  4. So, your teenage sweetheart is getting married tonight. What a tragic situation, buddy !
  5. Oh, Tom, what a pleasant surprise! I didn't actually expect you to show up.

The use of the word "how."

The word "how" can also be employed to amplify the emotion of an exclamatory statement.

Remember that these statements have no ambiguous meaning.

  1. The new employee is fantastic. Look how good he writes in the House of commons! By the way, this is a defunct dialect.
  2. My love will be incomprehensible to you. How lovely she appears to my students !
  3. The new kid in school is extremely dedicated. Can you see how clever she is ?

The use of the word "so."

To create a stronger statement, we can employ the word "so" in an exclamatory statement.

  1. Her meal was so very wonderful! She must visit here more often.
  2. The scenario in the workplace was so absurd! I couldn't stop giggling at her.
  3. The new kid is so stunning! To keep my GPA good, I must avoid meeting her.

The use of the word "such."

The word "such," like the other terms mentioned above, can be employed in exclamatory phrases. The following are some examples of how to use it.

  1. Get the hell out of here! You're such a hypocrite! Get out !
  2. This is such a great location! Please come back here with me.
  3. The new manager is such a tyrant! I'm drafting a letter of resignation.

Exclamatory Sentence Example

  1. How gorgeous this town is !
  2. Siba, clean the table !
  3. I'm sorry I missed the ceremony !
  4. Don't say anything; just leave !
  5. Please assist me right now !
  6. Okay, it's gorgeous now !
  7. What a stroke of luck !
  8. Wait a sec, that footpath is broken !
  9. I'm so furious at him !
  10. I'm in paradise, thank you !
  11. Why don't you pay attention to what I'm saying ?
  12. Come here quickly, Daisy !
  13. Don't walk here; stay elsewhere !
  14. Oh, my God, will you come over here ?
  15. You act like a huge guy !
  16. Oh, I was going to be there right away !
  17. No drinking allowed in here !


An exclamatory statement, often known as an exclamation, is a stronger variant of a declarative sentence. An exclamatory statement expresses strong emotion and is followed by an exclamation mark (!). In other terms, an exclamatory sentence, like a declarative sentence, makes a point but expresses enthusiasm or emotions.

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