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Conjunction Exercises

Coordinating, subordinating, and correlative conjunctions are all employed to connect phrases and clauses in a sentence. They improve our capacity to tie words and phrases collectively, resulting in more relevance and richness in our work. So do attempt our conjunction exercises to tie practice this all together.

Conjunction Exercises

How do you determine which conjunction to use? Select the only conjunction that would work in each of the following statements.

  1. The climate in California is hot, ________it is also known to get chilly.
  2. _________it snows on Sunday, she will not be able to navigate.
  3. I adore dogs _______they are very outgoing.
  4. Adam doesn't have a vehicle, ___________Priya will have to drive her home.
  5. Neither my mom ___________my dad will be able to come to the party on Friday.
  6. I enjoy honey in my tea ______ not cream in it.
  7. Pay any attention to the narrative __________give answers in full sentences.
  8. Is today Tuesday _______Wednesday ?
  9. Johnny was late _______the shuttle failed to arrive.
  10. We were exhausted _________overjoyed following our travel to Australia.
  11. They reached the summit _________it was very chilly.
  12. Shreya was studying in the car ________her friend was watching the birds.
  13. I'll call you _________I come to Canada.
  14. ______my brother _______my uncle has a vehicle.
  15. The sun was extremely hot, _______ the breeze was slightly refreshing.

Examine your conjunction expertise to check if you correctly identified the answers to the preceding conjunction exercises.

Answers to the conjunction exercises

  1. But
  2. If
  3. Because
  4. So
  5. Nor
  6. But
  7. And
  8. Or
  9. Because
  10. But
  11. Although
  12. While
  13. After
  14. Neither/nor
  15. Yet

Name The Conjunction Exercises

Choose one of the three types of conjunctions for each statement. Is that coordinating, subordinating, or correlative conjunction? With these practice questions, you see how well you understand your kinds of conjunctions.

  1. I'd need to go to the cinema, but there's nothing decent on the schedule.
  2. Joan can speak coherently if she's staring directly at you.
  3. Either stop speaking to your pals or take a different seat.
  4. We can't be sure how well Grandfather is doing until the results of his diagnostic procedures arrive.
  5. Peter wanted to try a new dish, but he also craved lasagna.
  6. Shreya will not visit us unless you invite her family.
  7. I came after they left.
  8. Tim and Tom went to the market to buy vegetables.
  9. He is as rich as Sam is.
  10. She neither called us nor visited us.

Examine your conjunction expertise to check if you correctly identified the answers to the preceding conjunction exercises.

Answers to the conjunction exercises

Could you identify the different forms of conjunctions? Check your performance with the answers below to see how well you did.

  1. Coordinating Conjunction: But it puts two equally significant notions together.
  2. Subordinate Conjunction: If presents the subordinate clause.
  3. Correlative Conjunction: Either is always accompanied by or.
  4. Subordinating Conjunction: Until presents, showcases the subordinate clause.
  5. Coordinating Conjunction: Yet, connects two equally significant ideas.
  6. Subordinating Conjunction: Unless, it presents the subordinating clause.
  7. Subordinating Conjunction: After, it presents the subordinating clause.
  8. Coordinating Conjunction: And it presents two similar ideas together.
  9. Correlative Conjunction: As… as connects the sentence with the noun and other clauses.
  10. Correlative Conjunction: neither Is always accompanied by nor.

Select the correct/ appropriate conjunction exercises

  1. I go to the Rocky Mountains __________I travel to South America. (wherever, whenever, until )
  2. That is the hotel____ (when, how, if) we resided last time on our visit.
  3. _________you come at first position; you will earn an award. (how, until, if )
  4. You will not qualify the exam, ________ you work hard. (when, if, unless )
  5. I intend to go on holidays ________ in May ________ in June. (either / or, both / or, as )
  6. ______ I feel low _______ joyful, I try to maintain a peaceful attitude.(if/or; whether/or; neither/nor )
  7. ______had I got on bed for rest______ I found I had to go back again.(rather/than; no sooner/than; so/that )
  8. ________ oats are healthy, ______ are nutritious. (not only/but also; whether/or ; so/that )
  9. My SUV has a radio________ a USB port(so, if, and )
  10. Shelly dislikes classical music, ________can she listen to pop music.(or, so, nor )
  11. Christina wanted to go by car to Jaipur __________Joy insisted to go by plane. (and, so ,but )
  12. I am scared of heights, _____I like the landscape from the top of this apartment. ( nor, or, yet)

Answers to the conjunction exercises

Were you able to solve the exercises? Check your performance with the answers below to see how well you did.

  1. Whenever
  2. Where
  3. If
  4. Unless
  5. Either/Or
  6. Whether/ Or
  7. No sooner/than
  8. not only/but also
  9. And
  10. Nor
  11. But
  12. Yet

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