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Simple Present Tense Examples

What are Tenses?

Tenses include three main types of verb tenses in English Language: past tense, present tense, and future tense. The past tense refers to an event that has happened in previous time frame or previously, the present tense implies to the event that is happening or taking place at present or current time, and the future tense refers to something going to happen in near future or to something that is yet to happen.

Simple Present Tense Examples

What is a Simple Present Tense?

Tense refers to the duration when the event happens and is defined or expressed with the help of the verb. Present Indefinite Tense or Present Tense implies to the event that has been finished in the present or current but has no definite or assured time period or duration for accomplishment completion. This type of tense can also be utilized to define or express the authentic and real happenings, the near future, habit, nature, etc.

The simple present tense is a form of verb tense that includes two primary usages or application. When an action is occurring at current or now or on a regular routine (or unstoppingly, which is why it's often termed present indefinite), we employ the simple present tense. The simple present tense is constructed distinctly depending on the person by utilizing the root form or by putting s or es to the end of it.

I feel good! Sheela loves cake. I am sad to hear that he is unwell.

In English Grammar or language, the simple present tense is one of the numerous variants of the present tense. This is used to depict routines, constant conditions, general facts, and set arrangements. The basic present tense is easy to construct. Simply use the basic type of the verb: (I take, you take, we take, they take). The third-person singular requires a -s at the end. He (takes) and she (takes)

Shalu takes tuition classes.

Noah takes yoga classes every day.

Simple Present Tense Examples

The another form is to express or describe the habits or habit related acts or happenings like;

Each day, I go to work.

Daily, Dad wakes up early.

The earth rotates around the sun; human beings are mortal, and the sun rises in the east.

Whereas referring to a current action includes examples like: Girls are reading books; I am studying a magazine, and He is playing the guitar.

Another is for the regular or daily events and also those that include adjective like as always, never, infrequently, and rarely. For example, I never read; He always speaks the lie, and my college opens at 10 a.m.

Another is to express the events or the happenings in the nearest future: My office starts next month, and the fourth session begins in a week.

Always remember and make a note of it that we usually utilize the present continuous to refer to a transitory event or action that is happening now:

Seema is unable to pick the call as of today as she is unwell.

Simple Present Tense Examples

Negative and Question instances of Simple Present Tense

  1. Seema does not like to share her meal, and she doesn't feel there is enough to have.
  2. His friends donot give up.
  3. In any case, I do not want chocolate pie.
  4. I am not a big admirer of cakes but Robert is. You are not prepared for such tasty treat.
  5. Do you know how to make a Rangoli from the beginning?
  6. How much pie does Sophie adore?
  7. I am not overweight.
  8. Why are you so stunning?
  9. Ram is not tall.
  10. I am not a sweet lover

Now let us have a glance at a few examples of Simple Present Tense. The instances can aid us have a clear understanding of the usage and notion;

Examples of the same are;

  1. My mother goes to the Church each day.
  2. He likes to play football.
  3. She thinks he is very intelligent.
  4. I jog every alternative day.
  5. We play cricket every evening.
  6. Does he write a journal?
  7. We talk too much.
  8. Does she go to college?
  9. It usually snows every day here.
  10. It smells very delectable in the cooking area.
  11. My daughter lives in Paris.
  12. My brothers do the singing.
  13. They make the wood structures.
  14. My mother always shields the younger sister.
  15. My professor sometimes forgets his pen.
  16. I like Waffles with ice cream.
  17. The kids wear their school dress.
  18. It smells very bad in the room.
  19. Rama combs her hair twice a day.
  20. She gets up late every day.
  21. They speak French in Italy.
  22. They generally sing melodies altogether.
  23. They go to an exhibition every Sunday.
  24. They drive their kids to play school every day.
  25. They walk fast.
  26. I write articles on plethora of topics.
  27. She reads distinctive types of content.
  28. They like to play the harmonium.
  29. She prefers yoga to the gym.
  30. She goes to the yoga center every day.

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