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Preposition Examples

A preposition is a crucial component of the English Grammar.

"It is used to demonstrate a connection between nouns or pronouns in a statement and also another term in the phrase".

Preposition Examples

In a sentence, a preposition must accompany the noun or the pronoun. It must always be accompanied by a verb.

There are numerous preposition instances available to help you learn how the pieces of a statement fit together and how the principle applies when employing a preposition in a statement.

Preposition Examples

To elaborate on the Prepositions examples, we can classify them into different types:

  1. Prepositions that are simple
  2. Double Prepositions
  3. Prepositions that are compounded
  4. Participle prepositions
  5. Prepositions in phrases
Preposition Examples

1. Prepositions that are simple

Terms such as at, for, in, off, on, over, and beneath are examples of simple prepositions. Such prepositions are commonly employed for describing the locations, timing, or places.

Here are a few preposition examples of common prepositions employed in statements:

  1. John sat on the couch.
  2. There is some dairy in the refrigerator.
  3. Kitty was lying under the kitchen bench.
  4. The kitty jumped off the table.
  5. John ran over the pedestrian walkway.
  6. She misplaced her bracelet at the seaside.
  7. The novel belongs to Aaron.
  8. They were resting by the plant.
  9. We are exercising in the gym this morning.
  10. The moon isabove the sky.
  11. Jane lives near her workplace.
  12. Sarah made the drawing with a pencil.
  13. He paddled at the pond.
  14. I took a walk down the mall-road.
  15. We stored the key for the buckle.
  16. The vehicle went through the trench.
  17. I received a note from a buddy.
  18. That track has been a big favorite since 1999.
  19. She put the flowers by the glass.
  20. The meal was set out on the dining table.

2. Double Prepositions

Double prepositions are two simple prepositions combined to indicate direction. Such Preposition examples include into, upon, onto, out of, and from within.

  1. Once upon a time, there was a lovely queen.
  2. The infant ascended onto the tabletop.
  3. It is up to us to look for a solution.
  4. The ruckus originatedfrom within the arena.
  5. She never leaves home without her cellphone.
  6. The bird was perched atop the oak.
  7. The larva developed into a moth.
  8. I couldn't get out of the interview.
Preposition Examples

3. Prepositions that are compounded

Compound prepositions (or complicated prepositions) are made up of two or more terms that communicate location, usually a simple preposition and another term. Examples include in addition to, on behalf of, and in the midst of.

  1. She took the seat across from Claire.
  2. I agreed to meet on behalf of my corporation.
  3. We were smack dab in the middle of a hurricane.
  4. He has fitness class today in addition to his normal classes.
  5. He picked up the dime from beneath the chair.
  6. Aside fromsong, she also plays the guitar at the restaurant.
  7. My vehicle is parked just in front of the box.
  8. The climate will be good this season, according to Matt.

4. Prepositions of Participle

Participle prepositions contain endings like -ed and -ing. Words like considering, during, concerning, and provided are examples.

  1. Helen is interested in everything concerning animals.
  2. He performs one task during the afternoon and the other at bedtime.
  3. The cat kept following him indoors.
  4. All the relatives were present, including the friends.
  1. The headmaster was inquiring regarding her behavior.
  2. Considering his experience, john did an excellent job.
  3. He felt displeased with the scenario.
  4. The instructor said no chatting during the lecture.

5. Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional phrases (or phrase prepositions) contain a preposition, an item, and the object's modifier. On-time, at school, before lessons, and on the ground are some examples.

  1. I'll make it to the conference on time.
  2. The sporting event was nixed after the intense rainfall.
  3. Jack found his schoolwork under the The kids adored the presents from their relatives.
  4. He made progress with a little help.
  5. We began discussing the proposal before class.
  6. Helen left rust stains on the tidy floor.
  7. According to his desires, his ceremony will be personal.
Preposition Examples

Making Use of Prepositions

Prepositions are words that indicate a relationship. Without the use of a preposition, a sentence would be meaningless.

There are various types of prepositions employed in the English language which not only add information but also finish a sentence. Prepositions are used to convey information such as place, time, direction, causation, and possession.

Consequently, there is no accurate formula for choosing which preposition to employ with which nouns. Reading as much high-quality literature as can and paying attention to which combinations sound good is the greatest method of learning which prepositions fit with which phrases or terms.

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