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Assertive Sentence Example

A declarative or assertive sentence is one whose main purpose is to declare something. In other terms, such statements make a declaration or assertion to the audience or reader. They usually conclude with a full stop (.).

Assertive Sentence Example

Definition of Assertive Sentence

An assertive sentence is a simple sentence that proclaims any sentence to be a statement, occurrence, any event, experience, thought, or scenario; as a result, an assertive sentence is also known as a Declarative Sentence.

Types of Assertive or Declarative Sentences

  1. Affirmative or Positive Sentences: These sentences convey a positive or affirmative tone.
  2. Negative Sentences: These sentences convey negative vibes, feelings, and emotions.

Affirmative Sentences- Assertive Sentence Examples

  1. Netaji Subhash Chandra is India's glory .
  2. Shivaji was a courageous soldier .
  3. India is a sovereign country .
  4. Calcutta is home to people from diverse communities .
  5. Germany was vanquished in World War II .
  6. The sun comes up towards the east .
  7. Varanasi is regarded as the world's oldest city .
  8. Ancient Greece was Europe's glory .
  9. The cyclone caused the deaths of 200 individuals .
  10. Babu Rajendraprasad was India's 1st President .

Negative Sentences - Affirmative Sentence Examples

  1. Man cannot survive in the absence of water .
  2. No individual is entirely free .
  3. Mahesh is not exceptionally bright .
  4. No individual can live indefinitely .
  5. The sun does not rotate around the earth .
  6. Nobody cares about Bappa .
  7. I'm not terrified of dying .
  8. There is no joy in the absence of pain .
  9. Sunil babu is a nonsmoker .
  10. My mother did not sleep last night .
  11. The blind are unable to see .
  12. There is not a single cloud in the sky .
  13. You have no logic .
  14. Do not walk in the heat .
  15. Do not experiment with flames .

Assertive Sentence Examples - Type 3

  1. A selfish man has no sense of self-esteem .
  2. The sky is clear .
  3. This girl is very studious .
  4. Deenu is not feeling well .
  5. I'm no longer employed .
  6. Bibas did not arrive on time .
  7. It rarely rains in the winter .
  8. The pen is stolen .
  9. Shiana missed the train .
  10. Today, my dad is feeling a little better .
  11. He is only eleven years old .
  12. I can't read a single word of Hindi .
  13. He couldn't walk the trek because he was too tired .
  14. Eve was compelled to eat the fruit .
  15. Man cannot survive without air .
  16. I couldn't stop crying .
  17. There was nobody in the village who did not adore Sumi .

Assertive Sentence Examples - Type 4

  1. Have you seen our new professor? I haven't, no .
  2. Was there a workstation on the platform? There wasn't any .
  3. Do you dislike watching films? No, I don't .

As a negative determiner, assertive sentences examples - Type 5

  1. There was no person in the house. (Not any man )
  2. There was no bread at the supermarket. (There was no bread )
  3. No gate to the shop was open .
  4. There is no book(s) on the desk .
  5. No regulations were noted in their workplace .

Assertive Sentence Examples Type 6

Fewer, fewer, more, and better

  1. No fewer than five pupils were present .
  2. I would charge no less than seventy rupees for this task .
  3. I am requesting no more than what they owe me .
  4. This novel is no better than what I finished the day before .
Assertive Sentence Example

Assertive Sentence Examples Type 7

Nobody, no use, no matter, no one, no good, no more than .

  1. It's no use to expect him to be consistent .
  2. The kid is no good; all your useful tips will not enhance his behavior .
  3. You will not triumph no matter how hard you try .
  4. It is no more than what I should be doing .
  5. Nobody other than you can protect him from misfortune .
  6. No one was concerned about his destiny .
  7. Dishonest people do not succeed no matter how many tricks they play .
  8. Nobody stayed back with her .

Assertive Sentence Examples Type 8

a few, the least, a little, only, the same, another, much, more, many, the least

  1. Not many kids were in the house .
  2. Not more than 6 hours' aircraft took him to England .
  3. Not much is learned about john these times .
  4. Even after 6 weeks, not enough progress was made .
  5. Not a few of the reviewers were pleased by the novel .
  6. Gupta, Dutt, and last but not least, Yadav were attending the meeting .
  7. Not a little dip was crafted by his inspiring speech .
  8. He was not only a great instructor but also a great writer .
  9. The fact that you are heading there is not the same as his getting here .
  10. Rajan Chandra was the only leader/ Council to appear in an Indian meeting .

Assertive Sentence Examples Type 9

Assertive Sentences with the word "There's"

  1. There is not a single cloud in the atmosphere .
  2. In this town, there is a university .
  3. There are numerous kids in this lecture .
  4. There is no freshwater in this bore .
  5. In this town, there lived a wealthy guy .
  6. There stayed a poor person at the gate .
  7. There are numerous plants in this yard .
  8. There resided an old farmer in this community .
  9. There lived a monk under this canopy .
  10. There are several big villas in Kolkata .
  11. There are several big bodies of water in Kerala .
  12. There is no beverage in the tumbler .
  13. There is no fluid in the tank .
  14. There aren't many freshwater species in this water reservoir .
  15. Is there a college in your community ?
  16. Are there seventy lads in your school ?
  17. Is there a mosque in the area ?
  18. There are seven rivers in that area .
  19. In our institution, there is a bookstore .
  20. Was there not a single drop of rain ?
  21. Is there going to be a celebration tomorrow ?
  22. There is a station in the village .

Assertive Sentence Examples

Here are the examples of Declarative/ Assertive Sentences irrespective of their types;

  1. They must shift from this city soon .
  2. Asia has the most rapidly multiplying economy .
  3. We like burgers and French fries .
  4. There are 6 pears in the basket .
  5. He went to the park today .
  6. Streets are usually black in color .
  7. I waited in line for four hours because I'm such a big fan of hers .
  8. I like to eat Aloo chaat, Golgappe, and Papdi at wedding celebrations .
  9. We must move to our city early this week .
  10. Those suits are utilized to be ours .
  11. She objected initially but ultimately agreed to the project .
  12. They must take their raincoats since it's raining .
  13. If the liquid reaches 100 degrees, it boils .
  14. It's raining cats and dogs outside .
  15. My father gets up early In the morning and prepares tea for everyone .
  16. These are my formal suits for the occasion .
  17. Georgey was the first principal of the university .
  18. I and my brother don't meet each other any longer .
  19. Day after tomorrow, early evening, I will go for an evening walk .
  20. If you bake a cake, you must initially crack the eggs .
  21. I love eating Chinese and continental food .
  22. My new scooter is blue .
  23. Ginu brushes her teeth thrice a day .
  24. We danced and performed yesterday night .
  25. She doesn't learn French on Sunday .
  26. The kitty is running after her master .
  27. Her mother died when she was young .
  28. I can speak Chinese fluently in comparison to English .
  29. He loves roaming with foreigners on the weekend .
  30. This is an annoying musical tone that irritates me .
  31. Little puppy gets annoyed when there is too much noise .
  32. John likes to play cricket, but Sheena likes Table Tennis more in sports .
  33. Leena is not comfortable joining the job until she gets approval .
  34. He plays the piano, whereas she is a great drummer .
  35. I am looking forward to meeting them on the weekend .
  36. Aside from Mandarin, he also teaches Mathematics .
  37. She hugged and cuddled her kid to make her happy .
  38. The girl and the boy come from diverse backgrounds, so their rituals and customs are quite different from each other.
  39. Aleena is in love with Sheena's brother, Mathew .
  40. Sophie is an elegant and educated girl with good qualifications .

Thus learning the rules and concept of Assertive Sentences can help to make grammatically correct sentences.

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