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Preposition Sentences

A preposition is a vital part of English Grammar. These are employed to depict the connection or the relation between the nouns or the pronouns in the sentences. Also, to show the link between other words in the sentence. So, it is essential that the nouns or pronouns must always follow the preposition in the sentence. The verbs can never follow it.

Preposition Sentences

A statement or a sentence without the preposition doesn't make any sense. Various types of prepositions are utilized in the English Language, which adds the details and makes the sentence complete and meaningful.

Prepositions can be utilized to depict the locations, timings, directions, causes, and possession.

Types Of Preposition

Before we get into the usage and preposition sentences, let us quickly have a look at some of the major types of prepositions.

Prepositions are classified into three main categories: time preposition, place preposition, and direction preposition.

Time prepositions include words like before, after, during, and until. They are used to aid in showing when something occurred, occurs, or will occur.

Place prepositions include words like around, between, and against; and these are used to showcase or express the position or the place.

Direction prepositions include words like across, up, and down. These are less complicated and are easier to understand in comparison to other two categories. This type shows how something moves and often indicates the movement's direction.

Each form of the preposition is essential in its own way.

Preposition Sentences

Preposition Of Time

Let us have a look at a few preposition sentences using preposition of time;

  1. She studies in the afternoon.
  2. The atmosphere is mostly cold in December.
  3. He was born in 2002.
  4. They leave for work at 8:00 am
  5. We even work on weekends
  6. They have been in Agra for 2 weeks.
  7. I will be free by 5:00 pm
  8. You can visit our office from 10 am to 7 pm.
  9. The school are closed from May to June.
  10. She will be a doctor within 3 years.
  11. Christmas is on Saturday this year.
  12. I am planning to learn swimming during my summer vacation.
  13. The store is closed until Saturday.
  14. I will reach around 10:pm
  15. I first went to France in 2010.

Preposition Of Place/ Position

Let us have a look at a few preposition sentences using preposition of place/ position;

  1. The laptop is on the table.
  2. Hopefully, we will meet at crossroads again.
  3. The kitty is sleeping in the basket.
  4. We have hung the same painting on our bedroom wall.
  5. The summer cooler is in the jug in the refrigerator.
  6. The kids are enjoying in the garden
  7. The children are at the entrance to the adventure island.
  8. The kitty is under the desk.
  9. They ran outside the party hall.
  10. They are waving at us from below the building.
  11. The eagle flew over our terrace.
  12. He was standing patiently at the ticket counter.
  13. Please keep your valuables safely inside the almirah.
  14. He dropped the pencil on the ground.
  15. Put the plate over there.
Preposition Sentences

Preposition Of Direction

Let us have a look at a few preposition sentences using preposition of direction;

  1. She walked to the marketplace.
  2. Don't make noise, quietly just walk into the house
  3. Drive onto the lawn and park the bike here.
  4. They are cycling across the river.
  5. It is scary when the metro passes through the underground tunnel.
  6. Jill went up the hill to fetch the water.
  7. The stone came rolling down the hill.
  8. She had placed her mobile below the mirror stand.
  9. They asked us to wait behind the store.
  10. They all were standing beside me.
  11. My house is very close to the workplace, thus making my routine easier.
  12. The people started running towards the exit when the alarm rang.
  13. Please be careful, don't jump off the fence.
  14. The kitty climbed onto the couch.
  15. The hospital is next to the mall.

Apart from these, there are also phrase prepositions and participle prepositions.

Preposition Sentences

Read on to have a look at some of these preposition sentences.

Phrase Prepositions (include the preposition, object, and the modifier of the object)

  1. I arrive at the seminar on time.
  2. The match was canceled after the heavy storm.
  3. We hope to meet before the function.

Participle Prepositions (These end with ing or ed)

  1. Considering his expertise, he performed quite well.
  2. The kitty kept following him.
  3. He said the proper meal was not provided.

Note: Prepositions are indeed very essential for any sentence, but it is also essential to be mindful of them while using them in the sentences. Remove the preposition from the sentences if it seems unneeded. This results in clearer and more concise writing.

Preposition Sentences

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