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Affirmative Sentence Examples

A positive sentence is defined as an affirmative sentence. A negative sentence is one that expresses a negative thought, behavior, or viewpoint. It can be either an assertive or declarative sentence with no negative words. It's a statement that includes the word 'not' following the verb.

Affirmative Sentence Examples

As a result, an affirmative statement is one that confirms (rather than denies) a notion.

As long as it is positive, an affirmative statement can be declarative or assertive, and it may be simple, complex, or compound. As an example: I went balloon flying. Freeda enjoys eating chocolate waffles.

How Should an Affirmative Statement Be Written?

A positive statement expresses the truth in a linguistic context. "I am alert," for example, is an affirmative sentence. It confirms that the speaker is alert. The verb must always come after the subject in such a phrase.

A positive form indicates the validity or truthfulness of a basic proposition, whereas a negative form communicates its untruth. "John is here," for example, is an affirmative sentence, whereas "John is not here" is a negative sentence. An adjective is the phrase "affirmative." It explains something.

Examples of Affirmative Sentences

  1. Do you feel I should buy a notebook today ?
  2. You should see your physician for a routine checkup .
  3. You seem exhausted; you need to get more rest .
  4. If you want to learn other languages, you should practice particular strategies .
  5. Every year, you go on vacation .
  6. The dog is occupying himself with his frisbee .
  7. The canyon is traversed by a river .
  8. She frequently ignores to bring her smartphone .
  9. At the workplace, we have financial problems .
  10. Last evening, we listened to the radio .

Affirmative Sentences On The Basis Of Tenses

Here are some instances of affirmative statements expressed in different tenses:

Here are the Tenses and the Sentences

1. Simple Present

I have a motorcycle .

2. Continuous Present

John is playing a game of soccer now .

3. Present Perfect

Those people have been there .

4. Present Perfect Continuous

I've been living in this house .

5. Past Simple

I lived in this residence .

6. Past Continuous

I was skating the board .

7. Past Perfect

He had put a lot of effort into this task .

8. Past Perfect Continuous

He had been observing me all the time .

9. Future Simple

I will undoubtedly go to Kolkata .

10. Future Continuous

I'll be playing sports .

11. Future Perfect

He will have completed the project .

12. Future Perfect Continuous

Designers will have been commencing .

Examples of Affirmative Sentences

Affirmative Sentences Examples

  1. In the afternoons, I watch television .
  2. She enjoys having home-cooked breakfast .
  3. In the morning, my dad reads the journal .
  4. Students show up for the class at 8 am .
  5. At 6 pm, my mother begins preparing the meal .
  6. I go to play soccer with my brother on Saturdays .
  7. Water reaches a boiling point of 100 degrees .
  8. Everest is the world's highest summit .
  9. Always keep things simple .
  10. It makes me extremely pleased .
  11. Perfection comes with practice .
  12. He comes here once a week .
  13. You should make a decision .
  14. Look for yourself .
  15. My son walks to kindergarten .
  16. I enjoy playing chess with my grandpa .
  17. I require a new residence .
  18. I'd like to employ a computer .
  19. The company publishes scientific articles .
  20. The train departs at 10:30 am .
  21. She is prone to forgetting her wallet .
  22. The trees in this area are quite tall .
  23. The train departs the platform tomorrow at 6 pm .
  24. I enjoy reading scientific papers .
  25. This weekend, we're going to play rugby .
  26. Every morning, I get up at 8 am .
  27. For lunch, I normally eat fried chicken .
  28. There are five vehicles in the parking lot .
  29. I am interested in history and economics .
  30. Every Wednesday there is an arithmetic lesson at university .


An affirmative expression is any excellent language or assertion that remains positive. "Planes fly," "Foxes run," and "Fishes swim" are all affirmative or confessing sentences where the subjects are performing a task and making a nice remark about the nouns in action.

A positive term, phrase, or sentence indicates the authenticity or validity of a core concept. In other words, the phrase "affirmative" is an adjective. It's significant. Affirmative is defined as confirmation, acknowledgment, or assurance of the validity, authenticity, or reality of anything. It can also be known as the process of reaching an agreement or consent. As previously stated, it is also a positive remark rather than a negative expression.

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