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Conjunction Examples

What Is a Conjunction?

A conjunction is a word or phrase that connects two or more words, phrases, clauses, or sentences.

Conjunctions are invariable grammar particles that may or may not exist between the elements they combine.

Conjunction Examples

Conjunction Types

Conjunctions come in a number of different forms and serve varied functions within sentence patterns. These include;

Coordinating Conjunctions

These are also referred to as coordinators, coordinate or unite two or more statements, main clauses, words, or other parts of speech that have the same grammatical significance.

For, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so are the most common coordinating conjunctions; recall them with the mnemonic device FANBOYS.

Coordinating Conjunction Examples:

  1. James was the first to stand and was awarded a gift.
  2. Russ and Robins went fishing.
  3. Sleep quickly or be ready to get late for the test tomorrow.
  4. Robert did not work hard, so he did not win.
  5. He is depressed but not shattered.
  6. Rita and Shaun were both here yesterday.
  7. Shaun performed well, but he was defeated.
  8. Perform to your true ability, or you will be eliminated from the group.
  9. Watson and Warner are in great shape.
  10. Alexander is in great shape, but Robin isn't.
  11. Life is full of difficulties, yet no one chooses to die.
  12. Neither Maria nor Monu attended yesterday's function.
  13. I went to sleep, for I was fatigued.
  14. I warned you, but you didn't listen.
  15. You must either listen to me or go.
Conjunction Examples

Subordinating Conjunctions

These conjunctions, also referred to as subordinators, connect dependent clauses with independent ones.

Subordinating Conjunction Examples

  1. My dad thinks that I will be a journalist.
  2. He always encourages me because he trusts in me.
  3. He works tirelessly so that he can offer all we need.
  4. I believe him because he is a reliable employee.
  5. My existence will be graced if I accomplish his desires.
  6. They will always be there for me, whether I win or fail.
  7. I began composing when I was eight years old.
  8. Everyone was curious as to how I was able to write such tales at such a young age.
  9. I was perplexed as to why folks would shower me with praises.
  10. I didn't really feel nice about it as I was always shy.
  11. I didn't have as many buddies until I got into university.
  12. I often sat alone and pondered numerous things while others roamed and enjoyed.
  13. I didn't even speak to them lest they would insult us.
  14. Though I attempted to be easy with them, participants did not like me.
  15. Nobody could tell us where we could buy fresh peanuts.
  16. Ala and Soni became my great buddies after I had enrolled in university.
  17. They approached me as soon as I walked into the class.
  18. It had been a lot of years since someone had approached me on their own.
  19. They were much elder than I was.
  20. They were so friendly that I couldn't help but smile.

Correlative Conjunctions

These conjunctions act in pairs to connect phrases or words of comparable value inside a sentence.

Correlative Conjunction Examples

  1. Both Seema and Shali went to the concert.
  2. NeitherShalu nor Shalini knows the truth.
  3. Not only Shalu but also Shalini will miss us.
  4. I had no sooner gone for sleep than the bell rang.
  5. The more you work hard, the more you can accomplish in life.
  6. I had hardly slept when they came.
  7. Sam and Shaun both attended college.
  8. Sam and Shaun both have no idea I'm leaving today.
  9. Not only will Sam miss me, but also will Shaun.
  10. Both I and my girlfriend were concerned about how they would react.
  11. The kids are both reasonable and sentimental.
  12. She would wait to see me off whether she had classes or not.
  13. They not only adore me but also hold me in high regard.
  14. I give them both respect and compassion.
  15. I would rathersleep than roam out in the sun.

Conjunctive Adverbs

While some instructors do not teach these vital aspects of speech with conjunctions, they are worth mentioning here. These adverbs always link one clause to the next and are used to demonstrate sequence, comparison, cause and effect, and other relations.

Conjunctive Adverb Examples

  1. Pooja kept chatting during the lecture; therefore, she got in trouble.
  2. She walked into the shop; however, she couldn't find something she wanted to purchase.
  3. I really like you; in fact, I believe we must be good buddies.
  4. Your puppy broke into my lawn; in addition, he destroyed my dahlias.
  5. You're my buddy; nonetheless, I feel as though you're benefiting from me.
  6. My automobile costs are costly; on the other hand, I really like driving such a wonderful automobile.

Irrespective of their types, let us have a look at some more Conjunction Examples

  1. Though it was cold, they went for a swim in the lake.
  2. Kindly remain at home till the evening.
  3. Unless it is too congested, I will go to the market.
  4. I stayed up until eleven o'clock, waiting for her.
  5. I was watching television when she walked in.
  6. You are welcome to visit whenever you like.
  7. She ate in the restaurant, where there was a tabletop.
  8. She is quite entertaining, whereas he is super boring.
  9. We are willing to meet you wherever you choose.
  10. I stress about whether he'll be a nice person.
  11. I found this story which was very vital.

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