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Pronoun Exercises

Pronouns are a significant subclass of nouns. They are classified as a subclass of nouns because they can occasionally be used in place of a noun in a phrase.

Pronoun Exercises


Peter got a new job.

Children should limit their media consumption.


He has a new job.

They should limit their media consumption.

Furthermore, we also encompass the pronoun it in this category, despite the fact that it does not normally relate to an individual. Each of the three personal pronouns has a singular and plural form:

Just like in the case of 1st Person - I and we come under singular and plural forms, respectively.

Whereas in the case of 2ND Person - You and You are used for singular and plural forms, respectively.

Also, in the 3rd Person- he/she/it And they come under singular and plural forms, respectively.

Pronoun Exercises

These pronouns have an additional set of variations; these replace or substitute the nouns. In all the three cases the noun is substituted by the pronouns with the appropriate pronouns.

In the case of 1st Person - me and Us. Whereas in the case of 2nd Person, you and you. Also, in case if 3rd Person him/her/it and them is used in Singular and Plural forms respectively.

The first group of forms (I, you, he) represents the SUBJECTIVE CASE, while the second set (me, you, him...) represents the OBJECTIVE CASE. The distinction between the 2 cases is with how they can be utilized in statements.

For instance, in our first instance, we state that he can take the place of Peter.

Peter got a new job- He got a new job.

It is extremely crucial to note that He cannot replace Perter in I gave Peter a new job position. As in this case, we have to utilize the objective form of Him, so the sentence will be I gave him a new job position.

Pronoun Exercises

Other Types or Forms of Pronouns

Aside from the above-mentioned types, there are various other types of pronouns as well like;

  1. Possessive Pronoun- mine, yours, hers, ours, theirs - This white shirt is mine.
  2. Reflexive pronoun - myself, himself, ourselves, themselves, etc. - She injured herself playing basketball.
  3. Reciprocal pronoun - each other/ one another - They really love each other.
  4. Relative pronoun- that which, who, whom, where - The novel you gave me was really interesting.
  5. Demonstrative pronoun- this, those, these, that - This is a new bicycle.
  6. Interrogative pronoun- who, what, when, where, etc.- What did he tell you?
  7. Indefinite pronoun- anything, something, somebody, etc. -There is something in my bag.

Understanding Pronouns can become super easy if you use them and practice them.

So let us have a look at a few pronoun exercises for a better understanding of the concept.

Pronoun Exercises - Part 1

Highlight the pronoun and then specify the type of Pronoun

  1. Paul and I went to see an arts festival collectively.
  2. All the pens are theirs
  3. He does all his household chores by himself.
  4. Which is your cat?
  5. These policies of the banking industry appear to be unjust to us clients.
  6. The queen herself offered the sweets.
  7. Heading to the live show together was more enjoyable for Reema and me than either of us going single.
  8. My youngest daughter is 4years old; I drive her to school every day.
  9. Sheela and Andy really love each other.
  10. Neither of them encouraged him to dance.

Note: Please try and identify the pronouns on your own, see the answers when you are unable to recognize them.

Answers to Pronoun Exercises - Part 1

  1. I is the personal pronoun
  2. theirs- possessive pronoun
  3. Himself- reflexive pronoun
  4. which -Interrogative
  5. These- demonstrative pronoun
  6. herself come immediately after the queen, so it is an emphatic pronoun
  7. Us personal pronoun
  8. her- object pronoun
  9. each other- reciprocal pronoun
  10. neither- distributive pronoun
Pronoun Exercises

Pronoun Exercises- Part 2

Please fill in the blanks with the correct pronouns

  1. Did you ask Neena or _______ (I or me)
  2. Father gave ____(we or us) more candies than he gave to Seema and Sahil.
  3. _____(we or us) are going to the adventure park.
  4. Where is Divya? I haven't seen ____(she or her)
  5. 5.Tell ______(they or them) to stand apart.
  6. The cat was so hungry to I fed ______(them or it)
  7. That notebook is hers; this is _____(my/mine)
  8. With ___(who or whom) are you residing?
  9. ____(who/when) will Rahil return?
  10. The old man often speaks to _____(his or himself)

Note: Please do not see the answers until you are unable to find the answers.

Answers- Pronoun Exercises Part 2

  1. Me
  2. Us
  3. We
  4. Her
  5. Them
  6. it
  7. mine
  8. whom
  9. When
  10. himself
Pronoun Exercises

Pronoun Exercises - Part 3

Please state the name of the type of pronoun in the asterisks

  1. I am not going to drink *this*
  2. *None* came to the party.
  3. *Somebody* is planning to go with him.
  4. *Which* path should I choose?
  5. We shared our suggestions with *one another*
  6. I purchased *myself* a new mobile phone.
  7. This is Seema's book, and that is *mine*.
  8. Lilly is traveling, *she* will meet us next well.
  9. She *herself* cooked the meal.
  10. He calls *me* every day.

Note: Please do not see the answers until you are unable to find the answers.

Answers- Part 3 Pronoun Exercises

  1. This - Demonstrative pronoun
  2. None- Indefinite Pronoun
  3. Somebody- Indefinite Pronoun
  4. Which - Interrogative Pronoun
  5. one another - Reciprocal Pronoun
  6. myself - reflexive pronoun
  7. mine-possessive pronoun
  8. she- personal pronoun
  9. herself- emphatic pronoun
  10. me- object pronoun

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