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Determiners Worksheet

A determiner, also known as a determinative, is a term, or phrase which appears with the nouns or noun phrases and serves to indicate the context's relation to those nouns or noun phrases.

Determiners Worksheet

Some of the features of determiners include;

  1. Determiners appear prior to the adjectives at the start of a noun phrase.
  2. Determiners are terms that restrict or "determine" the noun phrases in some manner.
  3. Numerous determiners are "mutually exclusive," which means that they cannot coexist in the very same noun phrase.
  4. When we have more than one determiner, they must be used in a specified order.

Main Types of Determiners

  1. Articles - A, an and the
  2. Demonstrative Determiners - This/ That ( in case of singular) whereas These and Those in plural form.
  3. Possessive Determiners - These show the possession of something, and terms include my, your, his, her, its, our, their.
  4. Distributive Determiners - Every, each, all, half, both, either, and neither.

Pre-Determiners and Post-Determiners

Pre-determiners are those that are positioned before the main determiners, and post-determiners are those that are positioned after the main determiners.

  1. Quantifiers -all, every, much, many, most, etc.
  2. Numbers- These include cardinal and ordinal numbers like double, twice, triple, 3, 7, etc.
  3. Interrogative Determiners - Include question-forming terms like what, which, and whose.

Determiners Worksheet - A

Underline the determiners in the below-mentioned sentences.

  1. These kids stay near my home.
  2. Would you want some black coffee ?
  3. I haven't seen my best pal for several weeks.
  4. Our granny has many stories about good morals.
  5. There is little chance of their victory in this world championship.
  6. We must pay your rent by the first of every month.
  7. They do not have enough funds to purchase a home.
  8. This was the nun's first supper after fasting for many days.
  9. Helen stayed there the whole day.
  10. There is no reason to send any gifts.

Answers - Determiners Worksheet - A

  1. These - Demonstrative Determiners
  2. Would- Interrogative Determiners
  3. Several - Quantifiers
  4. Many- Quantifiers
  5. there, little, their = possessive determiners, quantifiers, possessive determiners
  6. every = distributive determiners
  7. enough = quantifiers
  8. many = quantifiers
  9. there = possessive determiners
  10. there, any = possessive determiners, quantifiers

Determiners Worksheet - B

Select the appropriate determiner from the options to form meaningful sentences :

  1. We must save (a little, many) for the picnic day.
  2. Would you like to have (much, some) water? Yes, would like to have (a little, a some).
  3. Are there (a lot, any) matches today? Yes, there are (much, some).
  4. Hemant is naughty, like (many, much) kids.
  5. (Many, Much) people make the same mistake consecutively.
  6. (Every, Many) girl is keen on dancing.
  7. Mostly, Mr. Sharma doesn't carry (more, much) cash with him. Although whenever he goes to meet his granddaughters, he carries (many, much) coins in his wallet.
  8. (A Lot of, Much) petrol got leaked from the car.
  9. 'How (much more, more) courage should I show? The kid asked.
  10. There is (much, a lot of) tiles here, Anna told Mike. "Let us take (a lot, a few)".

Answers - Determiners Worksheet - B

  1. A little
  2. Some, a little
  3. Any, some
  4. Many
  5. Many
  6. Every
  7. Much, many
  8. A Lot
  9. much more
  10. A lot

Determiners Worksheet - C

Recognize the error in the below mentioned sentences and correct them with appropriate determiners.

  1. Oh no! There isn't many food in the refrigerator, but I can cook something for you if you want.
  2. For a healthy body, one must consume more water and lesser tea.
  3. Do you have much novel? I have only got a few.
  4. Anita is consuming fewer potatoes and rice since she wishes to lose some kilos.
  5. Marta's aunt died few years ago.
  6. Hardik has little buddies because of his arrogant and boasty nature.
  7. The biker lost many blood in the road accident.
  8. The speech was extremely boring, and I paid much more attention to it.
  9. Sandra has provided us much good ideas.
  10. Helen didn't get some food for the outing, so I gave her a sandwich.

Answers- Determiners Worksheet - C

  1. Instead of many, the correct determiner is much.
  2. Instead of lesser, the correct determiner is less.
  3. Instead of much, the correct determiner is many.
  4. Instead of fewer, the correct determiner is less.
  5. Instead of few years, the correct determiner is a few years.
  6. Instead of little, the correct determiner is few.
  7. Instead of many, the correct determiner is much.
  8. Instead of much more, the correct determiner is a little.
  9. Instead of much, the correct determiner is many.
  10. Instead of some, the correct determiner is any.

Determiners Worksheet - D

In the following sentences insert the terms 'a', 'an', 'many', 'much', 'a few', or 'a little' wherever necessary :

  1. Sheena noted it on _____________ piece of paper.
  2. He wishes to make a note of it, give him _____________ marker.
  3. Hema bought _____________ orange and _____________ pear.
  4. We sat the bust stop and waited for _____________ traveller van for half _____________ hour.
  5. _____________ chair consists of 4 legs.
  6. I always like to have ______cream in my coffee.
  7. There were_______ chickens on his farm.
  8. Rather than getting bored, let us sing ________ songs.
  9. She makes sure to save _______ money every week.
  10. I saw ____ black bear at the zoo.

Answers - Determiners - D

  1. a
  2. a
  3. an; a,
  4. a; an
  5. a
  6. A little
  7. A few
  8. A few
  9. A little
  10. A

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