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Affirmative Sentence

Affirmative sentences could be compound or complicated sentences.

Affirmative Sentence

What Is an Affirmative Sentence? - Definition and Meaning

As the name implies, an affirmative sentence is a language pattern that confirms a statement, a daily action, an idea, a request, or spontaneous thinking. In the simplest terms, an affirmative sentence is a positive statement.

As per the Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar, an affirmative sentence refers to one that "states that a thing is so; answers 'yes' to a question made or implied." The Merriam-Webster Dictionary implies an affirmative statement as one that "asserts that the fact is so," and an affirmative statement implies to a statement "is positive and does not comprise a negative word."

All That One Must Know About Making an Affirmative Sentence

It is straightforward to construct an affirmative sentence. All that is essential is to make sure the statement is good. If you are thinking about what an affirmative statement's sentence structure is or what type of sentence it is, here's your answer.

As far as it is positive, an affirmative sentence could be declarative or assertive, and it may either be simple, complex, or compound.

As an example:

  1. I took a flight to Kolkata .
  2. Fizaa likes cocoa crepes .
  3. Ravi ran into some of his high school pals in the mall last night .
  4. My father embraced me as immediately as he saw me .
  5. Shaun is a surgeon at St. Joseph Medical Hospital, and Lea is an IT expert .

It should be noted that all of the preceding statements can be regarded as affirmative.

The Distinction Between Affirmative and Negative Sentences

Learning the distinctions between affirmative and negative sentences can simplify things for you.

So, here is the difference that lists the criteria that distinguish an affirmative sentence from a negative sentence.

Positive or Affirmative Sentence

  1. A positive sentence is defined as an affirmative sentence .
  2. It can be either an assertive or declarative sentence with no negative words .

For instance,

  1. I enjoy chocolate desserts .
  2. I love to do shopping .

Negative Sentences

  1. A negative sentence is one that conveys a negative thought, behavior, or viewpoint .
  2. It's a statement that includes the word 'not' following the verb .

For instance,

  1. I dislike chocolate pastries .
  2. I hate to do shopping .

Transforming an Affirmative Sentence into a Negative Sentence - Step-by-Step Instructions with Examples

Converting a statement from positive to negative is as simple as adding 'not' or the contraction 'nt.' Look over the following points to discover how to perform them correctly.

The first step is to identify the statement's key or main verb.

Once you've done that, add 'not' after all variants of the 'to be verb (am, is, are, was, were). Sentences containing modal verbs (will, would, shall, should, can, may, might, and so on) can be rendered negative by inserting 'not' between the modal auxiliary and the primary verb.

Sentences with supporting verbs such as 'have,' 'has,' and 'had' can be made negative by introducing 'not' after the helping word.

When using verbs like 'have,' 'has,' and 'had' as primary verbs, you must employ the verb forms 'do' accompanied by 'not' and 'have' to make the statement negative.

All positive sentences with 'do' forms of verbs (do, does, did) as the primary verb can be converted to negative by putting 'not do' after the verb.

A positive statement with one main verb could be converted to a negative sentence by utilizing different versions of the 'do' verb (do, does, and did) accompanied by 'not' and the main verb.

In a statement with two verbs - one or more auxiliary verbs and the main verb - place 'not' between the aiding verb and the primary verb.

For instance

I am a doctor. (Affirmative or positive sentence )

I am not a doctor. (Negative Sentence )

We are glad. (Affirmative or positive sentence )

We are not glad. (Negative Sentence )

Affirmative Sentence

Examples of Affirmative Sentences

  1. They enjoy cricket .
  2. I am a huge fan of chocolate .
  3. Rahul suddenly ran into a school friend .
  4. I've got a puppy .
  5. My brother purchased fifty different types of fighter fish .
  6. On the side of the street, there is a three-story house .
  7. Hugo is the new boss .
  8. London is UK's capital .
  9. My smartphone has two screens .
  10. The teacher handed us our grade sheets .
  11. It has been pouring since the morning of yesterday .
  12. My best mate is Maki .
  13. She is dressed in a blue maxi .

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