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India's Top 10 E-Rickshaws

The e-rickshaw industry has seen a growing demand in India, which is widely utilized. Electric rickshaws (three-wheelers) are quite popular in India since they are a cost-effective mode of transportation for daily journeys. In India, the two-wheeler category is more popular than the three-wheeler or four-wheeler segments. However, there are still a large number of e-rickshaws on India's highways. Lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries are used in a lot of electric rickshaws.

Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute made one of the earliest attempts to create electric rickshaws in the late 1990s, and they gained widespread about 2011. Every day, almost 60 million Indians ride an e-rickshaw, making it the world's second-largest collection of electric vehicles.

Let's take a look at the top ten electric rickshaws in India.

1. Mayuri E-Top Rickshaw

India's Top 10 E-Rickshaws

In 2015 the Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, had given approximately 35000 e-rickshaws in Uttar Pradesh. Mr Nitin Gadkari inaugurated Mayuri, India's first e-rickshaw. Since the company has started its production of e rickshaws, it has released various other models: The Mayuri e-cart loader, Mayuri school van, Mayuri Grand, Mayuri Deluxe Plus, Mayuri rubbish cart, and Mayuri Pro Super Plus.

E-rickshaw Mayuri Deluxe

The speed of the Mayuri Deluxe rickshaw is 25km/hour. It features a brushless DC motor with a maximum output of 1000 watts at 48V. It requires 8 hours of charging, and a full charged e-rickshaw can travel around 90 to 100 km.

2. Jezza Motors

India's Top 10 E-Rickshaws

A group of young entrepreneurs from Kolkata started Vani Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. The company was founded in 2014 to manufacture different models of e-rickshaws. It is a brand of Jezza Motors. One of the most famous models of e-rickshaw manufactured by the company is SuperJ1000. The features distinguishing Jazz motors' e-rickshaw from other companies are SMPS AXIOM charger, 1000 watt motor, Exide ER100 battery, bright reflector lamp, and alloy wheels.

Jazz e-rickshaw has a range of 100 kms when fully charged, and it has a speed of 55 km. It requires 9-10 hours of charging to function fully. Its unique features are a baggage carrier, advanced metallic paint coating, metal step cover, metal top, and a camera.

3. Vehicles from Udaan

India's Top 10 E-Rickshaws

Udaan Vehicles was founded in 2015 and is one of the top manufacturers of battery-powered rickshaws and rickshaw loaders. It has e-rickshaw loaders and electric passenger rickshaws.

The e-rickshaw is an electric passenger vehicle. It is fitted with a resistance motor of 1000 watts and can travel a distance of 75-125 km when sufficiently charged.

4. Thukral E-Rickshaw

India's Top 10 E-Rickshaws

Thukral e-rickshaw is an electric rickshaw producer and exporter (tricycles). Thukral Dlx, Thukral ER 1, Thukral Grand, are some of the models of e-rickshaws that are available.

DLx Thukral

It has a 1390-watt motor that is driven by a 130-amp-hour battery. It comes with an 80-kilometre range on a full charge of 4 hours.

5. Vidhyut E-Rickshaw

India's Top 10 E-Rickshaws

Kalinga group is a well-known company that deals with operated battery and electric vehicles. Kalinga is the first company in India to be recognized by the Government of India under this category. Vidhyut e-rickshaw is the smaller part of the Kalinga group dealing with the manufacture of e-rickshaws. The other vehicles manufactured by the company include electric freight, freezer vans, passenger, ambulance, auto, trash vans, etc.

Passenger Vidhyut

It has a 1.2 kW Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) with a peak output of 2.4 KW and a peak speed of 40 kilometres per hour. It includes two battery types: a 60V 110AH Lithium-Ion battery and a 5-12V 140AH Tabular Lead Acid battery.

6. E-Rickshaw Big Bull

India's Top 10 E-Rickshaws

It is one of India's most well-known e-rickshaw firms. It is famous for manufacturing many different models of e-rickshaw. Some of them are; E-Rickshaw-Eco, E-Rickshaw-B1, E-Rickshaw-B2, E-Rickshaw-B3, and loader. They also company manufactures motorcycles scooters apart from the e-rickshaws.

E-Rickshaw Toto

Its e-rickshaw has a 750-watt engine with 50-60 kms. It has a range of 25 kms.

7. Bahubali E-Rickshaw

India's Top 10 E-Rickshaws

The Bahubali e-rickshaw is remarkable in that it weighs just 203 lbs. It has a 48-volt 1000 watt brushless motor with a range of 80-90 kilometers, a payload capacity of 400 kg, and four-person seating.

8. E-Rickshaw Goenka (GEM e-rickshaw)

India's Top 10 E-Rickshaws

It is fixed with a motor of 1 kilowatt and has a speed of 25 kms per hour. When fully charged, it can travel approximately 90 km and has can hold up to 500-kgs of weight.

9. E Simha Harmatech E-Rickshaw

India's Top 10 E-Rickshaws

The company was founded in 2018 by an individual proprietorship manufacturer. They have created a variety of e-rickshaws based on their battery capacity. Their e-rickshaw is equipped with a motor of 850 watts, 1000 watts, and 1250 watts, thus giving a superb performance. It requires 7 to 8 hours of charging and can bear the weight of 5000 kg or 4-5 persons.

10. E-Rickshaw Queen

India's Top 10 E-Rickshaws

Queen e-rickshaw is a leading producer, exporter, and supplier of 4-seater electric rickshaws, battery rickshaws, automotive components, and industrial spares. The e- rickshaw is a popular mode of transportation for passengers to get to their destinations.

The Queen e- rickshaw is a popular mode of transportation for travellers to go to their destinations. It is equipped with a motor of 900 watts and shows a maximum speed of 35-30 km per hour. It requires an efficient charging of 4 to 6 hours and can bear the weight of 4-6 people.

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