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Top 10 Test Batsman

Cricket, also renowned as the "batsmen's game," has captivated and awestruck its fans with a plethora of magnificent strokes and footwork for generations. With only a willow at their disposal, the game's best batters rose to fame by consistently whacking the most fearful bowlers or standing firm in defending against the intimidating men with the cherry. A sport that has endured for millennia and possesses an unusual quality that unites its fans in an unbreakable bond. The batting technique is one such component of the game. With so much changing in cricket over the last era, batsmen have predominantly risen as the game's shining stars.

Top 10 Test Batsman

To score runs facing some quality bowlers, one will need extra skills, aptitude, and determination. Today's hitters recognize the need to display temperament in their formats, which presents a significant obstacle. These batters have made it to the list of the 10 finest batsmen across all generations due to their incredible averages and ability to rake in dependable accomplishments by having a single-handed influence on the team's results.

The standards of a minimum of 50 Test matches leads in the unlucky nonappearance of West Indian George Headley, also known as the 'Black Bradman,' and Protean Graeme Pollock, who have both bore the liability of their national sides, averaged nearly 60 in the Test matches they took part in.

1. Don Bradman

Top 10 Test Batsman

Don, the Great. Bradman's magic crafted him a benchmark in the cricket universe. He became an iconic batsman being evaluated against this flamboyant Australian, wrapping up with an average that has become the best-known sports record.He ascended to the pinnacles of sports with his miraculous stats by elevating the game he played, cementing his reputation as the absolute pinnacle of human success.

The right-hander appeared in 52 test matches, scoring an incredible 6996 runs at an unheard-of average of 99.94. Sadly, he was struck out for a golden duck in his concluding game, preventing him from achieving a stellar average of 100. As a result, his accomplishments are preserved in the chronicles forever.

2. Sachin Tendulkar

He is India's hero, the go-to man in times of trouble. Tendulkar's excellence lay beyond the record books and his logic-defying consistency. He has carried the responsibility of the mass Indian population for two and a half decades.

As a shy sixteen-year-old, Sachin, who confronted Wasim and Waqar in Faisalabad, began marking his prerogative in every country against every bowler and soon became the nation's identity and pride. Among his many hundreds, his most famous innings came versus Australia in 1998, known as the "Desert Storm." Far beyond his runs, his regularity was praised, as he reigned supremacy in the professional game for 24 years. Tendulkar, who was hailed as the God of cricket in India, is a fitting addition to the list of the world's top batsmen. His career concluded in 2013 after 200 Tests and 463 ODIs.

Tendulkar defied Akhtar's pace and Warne's wizardry with aplomb, arising as one of the finest the world has ever seen. Is he better than 'The Don'? That one is still up for debate.

3. Sir Jack Hobbs

The original 'Master' of cricket, Hobbs was a forerunner of the game, unveiled many shots to his collection. He was the first cricketer to average over 50 in Test cricket without professional coaching and the first batsman to be knighted by the Queen. Sir Hobbs is a vital influence for modern batsmen, having scored 199 hundred in competitive matches and seven Test hundreds after the age of 40, including a century at the age of 46. He scored 83 runs in the very first innings in his maiden match, assisting England in reaching a decent total. In the end, the batting superstar scored 5410 runs in 61 innings. His success percentage was 99.28 percent. The right-hander amassed 15 hundred, a number accomplished by only a few batters at the time. As a result, he is regarded as one of the industry's all-time greats.

4. Sir Vivian Richards

In 1974, Sir Vivian Richards was selected into the country's cricket team and began his cricket journey. He scored 8,540 runs at an average of fifty in 121 innings of test cricket. His personality and body movements terrified the bowlers throughout his rule, which came as no surprise to anyone. He got a lot of attention after smashing 291 runs versus England at the Oval in 1976.

In 187 One-Day International matches, he scored 6721 runs. The numbers are more significant than the value he places on his team. Richards was frequently thought to be a step ahead of his teammates. He was one of the rare batters who could make the opposing side fearful of him.

5. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is undoubtedly one of the best batsmen. His tenacity and desire to win matches in difficult and vital situations provide credibility to his captaincy. Even though he is yet to retire, his incredible statistics have earned him a spot on this list of the greatest batsmen. In 92 Test appearances, the Delhi-based cricketer has smothered 7547 runs.

India's former skipper has a remarkable 70 centuries in over thirteen years of international cricket. In ODIs, he's a modern-day great, particularly for his calm ability to chase down objectives. Kohli has amassed almost 12000 ODI runs at a strike rate of around 60.

6. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting, an Australian icon, won a slew of awards over his career. The Kangaroos won three World Cups in a row under his guidance. In 168 games for the national team after starting his career versus Sri Lanka in 1995, the erstwhile Australian amassed over 13,000 Test runs at an average of 51.85. Despite his retirement from cricket in 2012, he has etched an unforgettable mark on everyone's mind and heart. He is extensively viewed as one of the best batters in International cricket because of his flawless pull shot.

7. Brian Lara

One of the biggest left-handed pitchers in history, Brian Lara, made his West Indies debut versus Pakistan in 1990. The lefthander was a vicious batsman who relentlessly hammered the bowlers. He played in 131 test matches and amassed 11953 runs with a strike rate of fifty-two. He scored 10495 runs in 299 ODI matches, with a strike rate of 79.51.

The 52-year-old hero achieved multiple records during his career, the most significant of which was the highest individual Test match score of 400*. In 2004, Lara thrashed the English attack in Antigua, collecting 400 runs off just 582 deliveries. Creativity, precision, dominance, and attractive stroke-making characterized the innings.

8. Kumar Sangakkara

Sri Lanka's favorite batsman has quite a lengthy list of achievements. Kumar Sangakkara, another outstanding left-hander who made a name for himself on the international scene, represented Sri Lanka for more than 15 years. His propensity to lead throughout most of his Sri Lankan cricket career encouraged him to be at the forefront of events. Kumar made 287 in a memorable third-wicket partnership with Mahela Jayewardene against South Africa, sharing a massive 624-run partnership.

In 134 test matches, he scored 12400 runs at an average of 57. With 11 double centuries in Tests since the 2000s, Sangakkara still holds the record for most double centuries.

9. Sunil Gavaskar

India's batting hero Sunil Gavaskar has rescued his nation from embarrassment on multiple occasions. In his first series, the Mumbai-based batsman created heroics with the bat versus the fearsome West Indies in 1971. With a strike rate of 51.12, the top-of-the-order batter had a terrific career, scoring 10,122 runs.

He hit 34 centuries, including four double hundreds, during his illustrious international career with India.

His contributions were critical in the team's triumphs in several global matches, which was unusual at that time. As a result, his retirement in 1987 led to a serious blow to India's batting line-up.

10. Wally Hammond

England-based Sir Wally Hammond was regarded as the greatest batsman of his generation. His batting prowess was unmatched and unwavering. In 1927, he made his Wanderers debut against South Africa. Despite his 50-run performance in the first inning, the experts had a lot to look forward to. He amassed 7249 runs at an average of 58.46 in 85 Test matches. As a result, Hammond has remained in every cricket fan's heart to this day.

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