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Top 10 Tollywood Movies

Indians have a vast diversity, there are many types of languages, cultures, literature, and drama, and the people of India have a great fascination for Cinema. Even if the government wants to spread a message for some noble cause or inform the citizens of topics like Female Infanticide, Dowry, Child Marriage, superstitions, and many more.

If we talk about Indian Cinema, there are many languages; according to it, their film board is also different. The famous film board of India is Bollywood; other than that, there are many others like Tollywood, Pollywood, and many more.

As mentioned earlier, Bollywood dominated the Indian film Industry. Still, nowadays, the trend has shifted toward the Tollywood film Industry, which is very popular because of its unique content and good acting. Primarily Bengali movies were part of Tollywood movies, but later on, Telugu movie creators also used the name Tollywood.

1. R.R.R

Top 10 Tollywood Movies

The list of Top 10 Tollywood movies is predominated by this Huge Blockbuster movie R.R.R. (Rise, Roar, and Revolt); the famous Tollywood director directs this movie S.S. Rajamouli moreover, also the screenplay is done by S.S. Rajamouli. The movie is produced by the famous producer D.V.V Danayya. The Star cast of this movie is N.T. Rama Rao Jr, Ram Charan, Ajay Devgn, Alia Bhatt, Shriya Sharan, Samuthirakani, Ray Steveson, Alison Doody, and Olivia; cinematography R.R.R. is done by K.K. Senthil Kumar, A. Sreekar Prasad has completed the editing of R.R.R. M.M. Keeravani gives all the melodious songs of R.R.R. The production house of the movie R.R.R. is D.V.V. Entertainment. R.R.R. is Distributed by Pen Studios (North India), Lyca Productions (Tamil Nadu), K.V.N. Productions (Karnataka), H.R. Pictures (Kerela), Variance Films, and Sarigama Cinemas (United States). The movie is officially made in the Telugu language. The movie was made with a very expensive budget of 550 crores, making over 1200 crores worldwide.

The plot of R.R.R. (Rise, Revoke, and Revolt) is the story of freedom fighters of India, Alluri Sitarama Raju (Charan) and Komaram Bheema (Rama Rao), their friendship, and at last, their fight. In the movie, Ram Charan plays the role of a British Army Officer who is seeking a chance to rob the weapons of East India Company and give them to their revolutionary villagers who lost their fight in the past because of lack of arms and ammunition. On the other hand N.T. Rama Rao Jr is playing the role of a head of a community trying to free a girl from her community whom a British Army general has forcibly kidnaped. Ultimately, they united against the East India Company and killed the British General.

2. Magadheera

Top 10 Tollywood Movies

This huge Blockbuster movie is made by a legendary film director better known for his high-budget movie S.S. Rajamouli. Moreover, the screenplay of this movie is also done by S.S. Rajamouli. V. Vijayendra Prasad writes the story of this movie, and M. Rathnam gives the Dialogue for Magadheera. Allu Aravind and B.V.S.N. Prasad were the producers of this movie, and Geetha Arts were the production house for Magadheera.

The stars in Magadheera were Ram Charan, Srihari, Kajal Aggarwal, and Dev Gill. K.K. Senthil Kumar has done the cinematography of Magadheera. The famous Kotagiri Ventakeswara Rao edits the movie, and the M.M. Keeravani gives all the melodious songs for the movie; Geetha Arts are the production house for Magadheera, and Geetha Arts are the official distributor of the movie Magadheera, the movie was officially made in Telugu language. The budget of this movie is 38 crores, and the movie made 150 crores worldwide.

Top 10 Tollywood Movies

The movie's plot was based on a warrior story who wholeheartedly loves the princess of his kingdom, the Queen also liked him, but the army commander of their kingdom also loved the Queen. Still, the Queen was in love with that brave warrior, and the king liked him, but their unit had a strange legacy. Their commander got killed in the battle after killing a hundred enemy warriors, which was a major concern for the king because he didn't want to see his daughter living a life of a widow. After all, at that time, the life of a widow is very miserable.

As the Army Commander thought the king would make her daughter marry that brave soldier, he made a treaty with their enemies that he would help them conquer the palace, and in return, he would marry the princess. When the enemy, Afzal khan, knew about the strange legacy of the unit of that warrior, he felt fascinated and promised that if he killed his hundred soldiers, he would release him and the princess. Also, the battle began, and the warrior stuck to his words, killed his hundred soldiers, and unfortunately died. The movie got an 8.9 rating then, and even now, viewers like to watch this movie on various O.T.T. platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Movie flix, and many more.

3. Major

Top 10 Tollywood Movies

The Major movie was directed by the versatile director Sashi Kiran Tikka. Adivi Sesh wrote the script for the movie Major. The official producer of this movie was Mahesh Babu, Sharath Chandra, Namrata Shirodkar, and Anurag Reddy. Sony Pictures International Productions, G. Mahesh Babu Entertainment, and A+S Movies were the official production Company of this movie. Vamsi Patchipulusu completed the Cinematography of this movie, and Kodati Pavan Kalyan and Vinay Kumar Sirigineedi edited the movie. The official distributors of Major are Sony Pictures Releasing and Sricharan Pakala, which give many melodious songs for this movie.

The starring of Major is Adivi Sesh, Prakash Raj, Sobhita Dhulipala, Saree Manjrekar, Revathi, Murali Sharma, and Anish Kuruvilla. The movie was officially made in the Telugu language, the budget of the movie was only 32 crores, and its overall box Office collection was 66 crores.

The "Major" movie is a biopic of the life of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, the hero of Operation Taj Hotel and popularly known as Operation 26 - 11, where Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan showed his ultimate bravery and single-handedly killed many Terrorists and protected life of many innocent people.

In the movie, it is shown that Major Sandeep belongs to a middle-class family. His father doesn't want his son to join the defense forces, as his father always takes Sandeep along with him to let him watch the Republic Day Parade of the Indian Navy because his Uncle was in the Navy so from there, he generated that zest for joining Indian Navy, also in the movie Sandeep's Love story is also shown and the sacrifice of his love for his duty.

When Sandeep was in class 12th then he decided to join Indian Navy, so he gave the N.D.A. exam and after clearing S.S.B. when he got a letter that he is not able to join the Indian Navy because of his weak eyesight, his Heart was completely broken when he find that letter, but later he decided to join Indian Army and after completing his training he joined Elite Indian Force that is N.S.G. (National Security Guard) he was later appointed as the Trainer in the N.S.G. there he was preparing the Commandos for the nation, and when he came to know about the terrorist attack at Hotel TAJ then he find it as a chance to fulfil his dream to fight against the terrorist, usually the trainers are not appointed for a mission but due to Sandeep's request his commanding officer send him to that mission, and there Sandeep show his incredible bravery and at last ordered his unit to go back and he himself went forward and killed them all and died in the cross firing Major Sandeep Unikrishnan was given the India's highest peacetime gallantry award Ashoka Chakra posthumously on 26th January 2009. The movie got 8.3 stars on various O.T.T. platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, and many more.

4. K.G.F. Chapter 2

Top 10 Tollywood Movies

This blockbuster movie is directed by the legendry director Prashant Neel; the stars in this movie are famous south Indian actor Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, and the famous Bollywood stars Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon. This movie is available on various O.T.T. platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime videos.

The movie was made with a 150-crore budget, making 1228.3 crores worldwide. Its worldwide share is 625.4 crore, and its domestic net was 872.63 crore. K.G.F. Chapter 2 is officially made in the Kannada language and layer dubbed into other languages. This movie has an 8.4 rating among all entertainment platforms.

This movie was the second part of K.G.F. Chapter 1, and it creates suspense among the viewers about what will happens after Garuda's death. After the release of K.G.F. chapter 2, the crew people they don't need any promotion for the success of their movie; one major reason for the success of K.G.F. chapter 2 is the simplicity and the warm behavior of actor Yash towards their fans.

Sanjay Dutt played the role of the lead Villain in this movie, which was also one of the reasons for its success. The evergreen film actress Raveena Tandon is playing the role of prime minister in this movie, and their fans are curious about her role in K.G.F. chapter 2. The movie was put on number 1 by the viewers for the best thriller in 2022. Their fans widely followed Rocky's hairstyle and beard style in the movie.

5. Pushpa

Top 10 Tollywood Movies

Pushpa is a super hit blockbuster movie directed and written by the famous director-writer Sukumar; Naveen Yerneni and Y. Ravi Shankar officially produced the movie. The star cast of this movie is famous south Indian actors Allu Arjun, Fahadh Faasil, and Rashmika Mandanna.

Their fans widely follow the style of Pushpa (Allu Arjun); his famous dialogue "Mai Jhukega Nhi Saala" is very famous among his fans; it was the first time when Allu Arjun was seen in such a raw character, and even the famous star Rashmika Mandanna was seen in a very raw look in this movie. Pushpa movie has a very melodious song by Devi Sri Prasad the movie is the first part of the story, and its second part is on the way; the director and the writer have left suspense for the viewers about what will be the next step of that inspector and then what will be the reaction of Pushpa against him.

This movie was made with a budget of 160 crores, and it made 485 crores Worldwide; its worldwide share is 195.6 crores, and its national net was 270 crores. The Plot of Pushpa movie was about a poor man who is very much determined to earn money but not at the cost of his self-respect, so he starts working for a Red scandal wood syndicate which is a criminal organization, and later takes many risks over his life he becomes the head of Red Scandal wood syndicate.

6. Kantara

Top 10 Tollywood Movies

This Huge Blockbuster movie was directed and written by Rishab Shetty, and Vijay Kiragandur produced this movie. As we talk about the staring or the cast of Kantara, Director Rishab Shetty played the lead role in the movie, followed by actor Kishore, Achyunth Kumar, Sapthami Gowda, and Pramod Shetty. The Cinematography is done by Arvind S. Kashyap and edited by K.M. Prakash and Pratheek Shetty.

In Kantara movie B. Ajaneesh Loknath has given many melodious songs; Hombale Films production house produced the movie Kantara. The movie was made with a very normal and lame budget of 15 crores, but it made 383.2 crores Worldwide; its worldwide share is 184.9 crores, and its national net is 296.9 crores.

One major reason for the Huge Blockbuster of this movie is the great fan following and the popularity of director, writer, and actor Rishab Shetty.

Rishab Shetty mentioned in his interview that he performed all the stunts in the movie and spent many years planning for this movie. After performing in cinema houses, this movie is available on various O.T.T. platforms like Disney + Hot Star, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. The movie work around a Hindu Religious plot where a King who has everything from a great empire to a healthy family, he has everything, but still he was not able to sleep properly, so he goes out from his palace in search of peace; there he finds a Kola stone which gives warmth to his Heart, so he tries to convince the tribal people to give that Kola stone to the king. In its return, the king had to give a huge piece of land to the tribals, and whenever the king's ancestor tried to occupy that land, the curse of Kola stone killed them.

7. Beast

Top 10 Tollywood Movies

This great Huge Blockbuster movie "Beast" is outstanding and incompatible; the director of this movie is Nelson, and also it is written by Nelson, the production of Beast is Sun Pictures, and Kalanithi Maran produces it; the starring of Beast is legendry south Indian actor Vijay, Pooja Hegde, and Selvaraghavan, Manoj Paramahamsa has completed the cinematography of Beast, the movie is edited by R. Nirmal.

The official distributor of Beast is Red Giant Movies, and Beast is officially recorded in the Tamil language. Its melodious song that spellbound the viewers in various social media apps worldwide is Anirudh Ravichander.

Beast was released at a time when every producer and production house was afraid of the failure of his film because of K.G.F. part 2. Still, the actor Vijay and the producers have confidence in their film, and the craze of Vijay among the public is outstanding. The movie worked on the theme of a trained raw agent Veera Raghavan who, a few months back, was on a mission to neutralize the terrorist activity at the borders by capturing terrorist Umar Farooq. During his mission, when Veera and his team had to shoot to capture Umar Farooq, they accidentally shoot an innocent child, and because of this guilt, Veera feels depressed. He decided to leave R.A.W. and start living a normal life with his friend.

Once, he was in a marriage ceremony where he liked a girl, and they both started dating each other. The girl was working in a security agency and convinced Veera to join his security agency. One day Veera and his girlfriend were in a shopping mall, and unfortunately, that mall was hijacked by some terrorists, and they were demanding the release of terrorist Umar Farooq; when the national security agencies came to about this, they were planning a mission to save the people and then Veera somehow managed to establish a connection with security forces, and they allowed Veera to plan a mission against those terrorists, after two hours of mission Veera single-handedly save the hostages, but till then government released Umar Farooq. After a few months, Veera went to the base camp of Umar Farooq and neutralized him; he came back to India by flying his Jet, the enemies chased him for a few hours, and then he finally managed to come back to India along with terrorist Umar Farooq.

8. Bahubali the Beginning:

Top 10 Tollywood Movies

This is an all-time epic Telugu movie directed by the famous versatile director S.S. Rajamouli who himself completed the screenplay of this movie; Vijayendra Prasad wrote the story; Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni officially produced the movie, and Arka Media Works was the official production company for this movie. K.K. Senthil Kumar has completed the cinematography of this movie, and Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao has done the editing of Bahubali at the beginning.

M.M. Keeravani has given many melodious songs to this movie. Bahubali, the Beginning, is officially distributed by Arka Media Works in Telugu; Global United Media in Malayalam; Studio Green, Sri Thenandal Films in Tamil; Dharma Productions and A.A. Films in Hindi. The staring of this movie includes versatile actors Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamannah Bhatia, Ramya Krishna, and Nassar. The movie was made with a budget of 180 crores, officially earning 650 crores.

The plot of movie is about a warrior whose name is Shiva, the movie began by showing a wounded woman holding a new born baby in her hand, that lady was Shivgami Devi who is former Queen of the Mahishmati Kingdom, the Shiva was raised by the tribal community, in the movie Shiva was shown as a dedicated, powerful, and stubborn man, there is a scene in the movie where Siva is lifting the Shiv Lingam and put it under the fountain, and everyone is praising Shiva for that, as Shiva always try to climb to the mountain from where the water is coming and one day he successfully climbed the mountain and joined the rebellion group who were trying to free their Queen Devasena finally Shiva managed to escape with Queen Devasena, Katappa who is very loyal to the throne was forcibly been sent to catch Shiva and Bhalal Dev who is the present king of Mahishmati has sent his beloved son to kill Shiva in the assurance of Kattapa, and in that small battle Shiva killed the son of Bhalal Dev and at that time Kattapa see the face of Shiva and fall in his foot as Shiva is the identical copy of his father Bahubali and at that time Shiva came to know about his reality and the movie ended with a question when Shiva asked to Kattapa that who killed his father and Kattapa replied that he killed that brave warrior and after that the movie ended, and this question that why Kattapa killed Bahubali if he love him that much, this creates an suspense among the viewers and because of this the movie prove to be a Huge Blockbuster and hence got 8.9 star rating on various O.T.T. platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee, Voot, and Disney + Hotstar.

9. Bahubali the Conclusion

Top 10 Tollywood Movies

Bahubali the Conclusion, popularly known as Bahubali 2, one of the reasons for the success of this movie is the suspense of why Kattapa killed Bahubali again. S.S. Rajamouli directs this legendry movie, and S.S. Rajamouli also does the screenplay; V. Vijayendra Prasad writes the story; Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni produce the movie; the official production house for this movie is Arka Media Works, K.K. Senthil Kumar has done the Cinematography of Bahubali the conclusion.

Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao and Tammiraju edited the movie, M.M. Keeravani gave many melodious songs for this movie, the starring of this movie include the versatile actor Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamannaah Bhatia, Ramya Krishna, Sathyaraj, Nassar, and Subbaraju. The official distributors of the movie are Arka Media Works (Telugu), K Production (Tamil), Global United Media (Malayalam), and A.A. Films (Hindi). The budget for this movie was 250 crores, and its official box office collection was 1810 crores.

The plot for this movie is same as Bahubali the beginning and the movie began by showing the story of Bahubali from the starting showing his brave steps his strategies behind every battle his popularity among the common citizens, his love story with Devasena, how he helped their country at the time of war and after this help Devasena fall in to love with Amrendra Bahubali and they do marriage with each other and Bahubali went back to Maheshmati along with Devasena, their Bhalal Dev and his father were making plan to grab the throne from Bahubali and at the end when Bhalal Dev became the king they sent the Bahubali and Devasena to Exile and even their they were getting fame and the common people were showing their love for Bahubali and Devasena and Bhalal Dev was making the strategy to kill Bahubali and he ordered Katappa to kill Bahubali in this way the suspense behind why Kattapa killed Bahubali reveal and at last Shiva the son of Bahubali killed Bhalal Dev and in this way the movie end. This movie rocks on almost all O.T.T. platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Disney + Hotstar, and Voot.

10. Karthikeya

Top 10 Tollywood Movies

The movie was written and directed by Chandoo Mondeti, Abhishek Agarwal, and T. G. Viswa Prasad produce the movie. The movie stars include Nikhil Siddhartha, Anupama Parameshwaran, Anupam Kher, and Adithya Menon. Karthik Ghattamneni has completed the cinematography of the movie. Also, the movie is edited by Karthik Ghattamneni.

Kaala Bhairava gave many melodious songs to this movie, and the official producer of the movie are Abhishek Agarwal Arts and People Media Factory; the movie is distributed by Zee Studios and E4 Entertainment (Kerela); the movie was officially released on 13th August 2022, the official runtime of the movie is 145 minutes, the movie is officially made in the Telugu language. The official budget of the movie "Karthikeya 2" is 15 crores, and 15 crore extra was for the promotion team, and the officially announced box office collection of the movie was 121.5 crores.

The movie made a huge profit without investing much in promotion; one of the main reasons behind the success of this movie is that the movie tries to tell the important lessons that we all can learn from the life of lord Krishna. The movie is also very famous on various O.T.T. platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more.

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