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Top 10 Video Editing Apps

There are many video editing applications available that allow you to edit footage on your mobile devices and make your videos look professional. But unless you know what your requirements are, it will be difficult for you to choose any application that has all the features that you need. Here are the best video editing applications around right now.

1. Quik

Top 10 Video Editing Apps

Quik is an official Go Pro app that is one of the best video editing apps for Android. With the help of the Quik app, you can remotely control your Go Pro device and make awesome videos in just a few taps. The app automatically edits most of the parts; however, it lets you customize fine details. In this application, you can go through your footage frame by frame to find standout still images. After your editing is completed, you can directly upload your edited photos or videos to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and many other applications. Most of the features in the app are available free of cost, but there are some in-app purchases that will get you extra themes and filters.

2. Filmora Go

Top 10 Video Editing Apps

Filmora Go is also one of the best free video editing applications that helps you edit online HD videos without a steep learning curve. It helps you create an impressive professional video with its easy-to-use themed filters and effects. You will get all the basic editing tools that will help you trim video, split video, adjust speed, change motion, add multiple titles, lip-sync your videos, and resequencing clips. It also lacks some features like multi-track editing or 4K support, but still, it is one of the best video editing apps available for free. In the paid version of this app, you will have access to high-quality preset templates.

3. Kinemaster

Top 10 Video Editing Apps

Kinemaster is a free and subscription-based full-featured video editing app for professional use. Its in-built graphics, stickers, transitions, clips, and other tools help you a lot to beautify your video. You can easily insert videos clips, graphics, animated pngs, transitions, and stickers in your video. Beginners might find it difficult to use, but all the professional editors will be able to use the app without any difficulty. In the free version of this app, you get a watermark in your video, and also few ads are shown, but if you switch to the premium version of the Kinemaster app, you will get no ads, and no watermark will be shown in your video.

4. Viva Video

Top 10 Video Editing Apps

Viva Video is an all-in-one video editing app for Android that has several advanced features that make it one of the best video editing apps. It provides a variety of video editing features, hundreds of special effects, stickers, themes, effects, and animated clips to give your video a professional look. This app allows you to directly upload your edited video to any social media platform. The app is full of video editing effects such as background blur, speed up or slow down video, and many more. After editing your video, you can export the video in your desired resolution like 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, etc.

5. WeVideo

Top 10 Video Editing Apps

WeVideo app is a super easy-to-use storyboard-style video editor that makes it easy, fast, and fun to create and share amazing videos. You don't have to be a pro to use it; you just have to upload the photos or video clips which you have to edit and arrange in any way you like. WeVideo pro version has even more benefits like no video watermark, high-quality graphics, expanded music library, etc. After editing your videos or photos with the professional tools of the app, you can directly share the edited content to your social media handles from within the app.

6. InShot

Top 10 Video Editing Apps

It is a powerful and easy-to-use app that is one of the best video editing apps. This app is free but comes with ads and watermarks in videos which can be removed by switching to the paid subscription. There are also some advanced features that are provided to the users who purchase the monthly subscription. It does not have many professional tools, but it provides basic yet powerful video editing tools that are good enough for users who want to test their creative skills. The interface of this app allows you to easily import, trim and edit your videos in just a few taps.

7. Power Editor

Top 10 Video Editing Apps

Power Editor is the best full-featured video editor that lets you create videos in 4K quality like professionals quickly and easily. It has powerful editing tools that are updated every month, which helps you in using the tools more efficiently. It lets you add music, transitions, themes, effects, eye-catching intros with animated titles, export videos in 4K, stabilizing video, and many more powerful tools. The pre-made templates available in the app help you to create your videos quickly and save time. With the premium version of this app, you will get exclusive premium content (themes, filters, templates, and transitions). The biggest advantage of taking the premium subscription is that you will have an ad-free and distraction-free editing experience.

8. Magisto

Top 10 Video Editing Apps

Magisto uses sophisticated AI technology that makes video editing fast and simple. The app smartly applies editing techniques such as video stabilizing, adding effects, and many more. This app allows you to add music directly from your phone and share your content on social media with a single tap. We can say that this is a semi-automatic app as we just have to select the photo and let Magisto's AI guide you further. To use this app, one does not require prior knowledge of editing as the smart AI will guide you at every step. With the help of the pre-made customizable templates available in the app, you can create multiple videos in very little time. The app has a feed where users can post the videos, which helps in enhancing the skills of the user by analyzing other videos.

9. VideoShow

Top 10 Video Editing Apps

It is a professional video editing tool with excellent editing features. There are plenty of premade templates that help in making quality content in just a few simple steps. The free version of this application has very limited tools, so if you want to edit videos professionally, then you will surely need some extra features, so for that, you need to switch to the pro version of this application. This application has an amazing photo editing function, with face recognition and many selfie filters with a lot of other professional editing tools such as fast and slow motion, video dubbing, and video reverse.

10. Adobe Premiere Rush

Top 10 Video Editing Apps

If you want an app in which you can quickly edit your video, then this application will help you a lot. You can also easily add any music to your video in just a few steps. In this application, you can easily shoot, edit, and share online videos. This app has a built-in professional camera functionality that helps you in capturing high-quality content from the application itself. Like all the other applications, this one also has limited editing tools in its free version, and to unlock hundreds of premium titles, overlays, and animated graphics; you have to purchase the pro membership of this application.


So, these were some of the most used applications which are known best for their professional video editing tools. By using any of these applications, you can easily edit good videos in no time by using your mobile phone.

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