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Top 10 Martial Artists In The World

Martial Art is one of the types of fighting sports that are usually take up due to numerous reasons like self-defence, being fit, as a leisure activity or hobby or to boost one's confidence. At the same time, the individual who practices or teaches the same to others is known as the martial artist. Some of the renowned forms of martial art or sport include punching (Boxing or Karate); Kicks or Kicking (Kickboxing or Taekwondo); Hold and Throw, which comprises sports like Judo or Wrestling.

Top 10 Martial Artists In The World

With the globalisation of martial arts, the historic discipline is gaining popularity in several cultures. One of the primary reasons why martial arts is so prevalent is that it can help people in a variety of ways. It makes you more active, helps you learn self-defence, and makes you more disciplined. Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Wushu, and Mixed Martial Arts are some of the most popular forms of Martial Arts. The movie industry is also responsible for the massive popularity of martial arts. It has produced significant martial artists who have elevated the art to new heights, as well as the popular imagination.

Leading film actors such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li are just a few examples of artists who have effortlessly highlighted their art even at the expense of their wellbeing.

Vidyut Jammwal, a Bollywood actor, has recently been added to the list of the world's best martial artists. The action star is doing the country proud, and we are now optimistic that the Indian type of martial arts will gain prominence around the world in the near future.

Martial Arts is a fighting mechanism that is used for a number of reasons, including self-defence, armed services, and law enforcement. Martial Arts are normally linked with Asian types of self, but the word martial is much more European than Asian in the source, as it can be directly traced to the Roman War God Mars. Top 10 Martial Artists In The World 2021 is the one of the popular martial arts subject right now as best martial art performers around the globe are refreshed every year.

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1. Bruce Lee

Top 10 Martial Artists In The World

Bruce Lee is ranked first among the top 10 martial artists in the world in 2021. Lee Jun-fan (27 November 1940 - 20 July 1973) was a Chinese martial art performer, star, film maker, martial art teacher, and philosopher. He founded Jeet Kune Do, a fusion martial arts ideology that draws from various combat disciplines and is largely praised for laying the groundwork for modern mixed martial arts (MMA). Commentators, critics, the media, and other martial artists regard Lee as the most prominent martial artist of all time and a popular culture emblem of the twentieth century who filled the gap between East and West. He is credited with changing the way Asians were portrayed in Movies. Lee's first exposure to martial arts came from his dad, who taught him the fundamental concepts of Wu-style t'ai chi ch'uan. Lee had become engaged in Hong Kong gang conflicts during his adolescence, which resulted in regular street fights. Wing Chun was the most influential on Lee's martial arts development.

2. Jackie Chan

Top 10 Martial Artists In The World

Jackie Chan is ranked second in the list of the top 10 martial artists in the world in 2021. Chan Kong-sang was born 7 April 1954. He has been an eminent Hong Kong entertainer and martial artist named for his slapstick acrobats, fighting skill, quick wit, and groundbreaking stunt, which he usually does on his own. He studied Wushu and Hapkido and has performed, acted from the 1960s, in more than 150 films. He is among the most well-known action movie artists of all time.

Chan is an incredible, talented and impactful celebrity amongst others around the globe, with a large global fan base in both the east as well as west hemisphere and has been honoured with numerous awards and accolades- Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

3. Vidyut Jammal

Top 10 Martial Artists In The World

He is ranked third among the top ten martial artists in the world for 2021. This heartthrob and celebrity is born on 10 December 1980 and is an Indian movie star and exceptional stunt artist who primarily appears in Hindi action movies. He is known for starring in action films such as the Commando series, but he is also a skilled martial artist who has explored the art of kalaripayattu since he was three years old. Vidyut was recognised one of the best 6 martial artist in the world in 2018.

This Indian performer and stunt artist has been a dreamboat for many young female fans who were delighted to learn that he is now ranked third in the world among martial artists. He has played several eminent roles in movies in India and is best known for his action roles.

4. Jet Li

Top 10 Martial Artists In The World

Next on the list is Jet Li. He is ranked fourth on the list of the best ten martial artists in the world in 2021. Li Lianjie (born 26 April 1963), affectionately known as Jet Li, is a China Singaporean movie actor, movie producer, martial artist, and former Wushu champion. Li earned his debut national title for the Beijing Wushu Team after 3 years of practice and learning with renowned Wushu master Wu Bin. After quitting professional Wushu at the age of 19, he proceeded on to become a well-known performer in China, starting his career in the movie Shaolin Temple (1982).

The celebrity has made appearances in a number of highly lauded martial arts blockbuster films, including Zhang Yimou's Hero (2002), Fist of Legend (1994), and the 3 initial movies in the Once Upon a Time in China trilogy (1991-1993), wherein he played local star Wong Fei-hung.

5. Steven Seagal

Top 10 Martial Artists In The World

Steven Seagal is ranked fifth on the list of the top ten martial artists in the world in 2021. Seagal has taken birth in Lansing, Michigan. As an Aikido 7th-dan black belt, he started his adulthood as a martial arts instructor in Japan and became the nation's first expatriate to run an aikido school. He eventually relocated to Los Angeles, California, where he worked in the same industry. Above the Law, Seagal's first film was released in 1988, and he had been in four great movies by 1991.

In the 1992 film Under Siege, he portrayed Navy SEAL counter-terrorist professional Casey Ryback. Seagal appeared in three further feature movies and the straightforward film The Patriot at the end of the 1990s. His career thereafter switched to largely direct-to-video films. He has since participated in movies and tv series, namely Steven Seagal: Lawman, in which he played a standby deputy sheriff.

6. Wesley Snipes

Top 10 Martial Artists In The World

This performer is ranked sixth on the list of the best ten martial artists in the world in 2021. Snipes born on 31 July 1962 and is an amazing martial artist, performer, and movie producer from the United States. His notable movie appearance comprise of New Jack City (1991), White Men Can't Jump (1992), Passenger 57 (1992), Demolition Man (1993), U.S. Marshals (1998), and the Marvel Comics character Blade in the Blade film trilogy (1998-2004). (2015).

He was also selected for an Independent Spirit Award the role of Best Supporting Male. This was for his performances in The Waterdance and received the Volpi Cup for Best Actor for his efforts in One Night Stand.

Snipes commenced his martial art lessons while he was 12 years of age. He is a Shotokan Karate 5th-degree black belt and also has the Hapkido 2nd-degree black belt. He has also studied Capoeira with Mestre Jelon Vieira, as well as kung fu at the USA Shaolin Temple, as well as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing. Brooke Ellis, Snipes' buddy and instructor, coached him in fighting while he was in New York.

7. Jean-Claude Van Damme

Top 10 Martial Artists In The World

This star is ranked seventh on the list of the best ten martial artists in the world in 2021. Jean-Claude Camille Franois Van Varenberg was born on 18 October 1960. This renowned star is a Belgium performer, director, fight choreographer, and former martial artist famed for his martial art action movies.

Van Damme entered the National Center of Karate in Belgium only at the age of 12. This was under the guidance of Claude Goetz. Van Damme studied for four years and gained a berth on the Belgian Karate Squad; he then trained with Dominique Valera in comprehensive karate and kickboxing.

Van Damme began his professional karate journey in Belgium at the age of 15. From 1976 through 1980, Van Damme has 44 wins and 4 failures in semi-contact tournaments and non-tournament competitions.

He was active participant of the Belgian Karate Team that emerged victorious in the European Karate Tournament on 26 December 1979, at Karate Tournament in Brussels. He came in 2 position at the Challenge Coupe des Espoirs Karate Tournament in his first trial and moreover he outlasted 25 competitors during the 3 day tournament and the entered in the finale to team member Angelo Spataro.

8. Donnie Yen

Top 10 Martial Artists In The World

Donnie Yen is ranked eighth on the list of the best ten martial artists in the world in 2021. Donnie Yen Ji-dan is a Hong Kong China actor who was born in 27 July 1963. He is a renowned martial artist, movie maker, composer, action choreographer, stuntman, and numerous global wushu competition winner. Yen is a well-known Hong Kong entertainer.

Since the early 2000s, Yen has been generally recognised for introducing mixed martial arts (MMA) into common Asian cinema by staging MMA in several of his movies. Zhang Weili, the very first Chinese UFC champ, claims that Yen's movie encouraged her to MMA.

Yen has demonstrated proficiency in Tai Chi, Boxing, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, Hapkido, Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Wing Chun, and Wushu. Yen, one of Asia's most successful film artists in the early 2000s, is routinely one of the highest-paid performers in the region. In 2013, Yen made HK$220 million (US$28.4 million) from 4 movies and six adverts.

9. Tony Jaa

Top 10 Martial Artists In The World

Tony Jaa is ranked ninth on the list of the top 10 martial artists in the world in 2021. Tatchakorn Yeerum is a Thai martial performer who was born on 5 February 1976. This artist, fight choreographer, stuntsman, filmmaker, traceur, and erstwhile Buddhist monk commonly recognized globally as Tony Jaa and in Thailand as Jaa Phanom. Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior (2003), Tom-Yum-Goong (2005), Ong Bak 2: The Beginning (2008), Furious 7 (2015), and SPL II: A Time for Consequences (2016) are among his films (2015).

Jaa started training in Muay Thai at a local temple when he was 10 years old, and at the age of 15, he asked to be a protg of stuntman and action movie director Panna Rittikrai. Panna then told Jaa to go to Maha Sarakham College of Physical Education, where he had done his graduation.

10. Johnny Tr Nguy?n

Top 10 Martial Artists In The World

Johnny Tr Nguyn is ranked tenth on the list of the best ten martial artists in the world in 2021. Johnny Tr Nguyn is a Vietnamese-American fight choreograph, movie star, martial artist, and stuntman best known for his work in the Vietnamese movie industry.

He participated as a martial artist for the United States national team before becoming a stuntman in Hollywood, appearing in movies such as Spider-Man 2 and Jarhead.

Aside from his career in Vietnamese cinema, Nguyn has had minor roles in important Thai (Tony Jaa's Tom-Yum-Goong) and Indian movies (7aum Arivu and Irumbu Kuthirai).

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