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Top 10 Spotify Artists

Spotify is an online music website and app that uses Licensing videos and songs for anyone to listen to. The user base of Spotify is enormous, with millions of users listening to music daily, and you can choose millions of minutes of content to listen to on Spotify. The app also runs simultaneously on all the listener devices to give a smooth and richer experience.

Spotify Connect feature can play the same song seamlessly on different speakers and devices with no lag, such as switching from speakers to earphones or from mobile phone to speaker without pausing or stopping the song. Spotify is free to use, although the premium services charge their users monthly.

Almost all music creators online want to publish their content on Spotify because of heavy demand and a large consumer base. There are various ways to rank different creators on Spotify based on their content viewers per month, year, or number of live podcast listeners. Due to heavy traffic and many users and artists, the top 10 positions of the Spotify monthly streams keep changing rapidly, so the list will be shuffled or completely changed anytime.

1. The Weeknd

Top 10 Spotify Artists

The Weeknd has over 89 million monthly listeners overall. This musician and singer from Canada are professionally known as the weekend, but his real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye. Starting in Toronto, Canada, he has been a very successful singer and record producer on Spotify and has won 4 Grammys and 3 MTV awards, totaling 154 professional awards.

He recently demoted famous singers from the top position and bagged number 1 on the online songs platform. His most famous songs currently listed on Spotify include creeping, which has 86+ million listens worldwide. Some other songs are:-

  • Blinding Lights
  • Starboy
  • I Was Never There
  • Call Out My Name

2. Justin Bieber

Top 10 Spotify Artists

Justin has 84.33 million monthly listeners. The musician and rapper Justin Bieber is a Londoner born in 1994 in Ontario. He was born in a relationship, his parents never married, and his mother, Mallette's parents, raised him. Graduating in Stratford, he learned to play many musical instruments like trumpets, guitar, piano, and drums.

In a local singing competition, Bieber gave his performance, which was recorded by his mother and uploaded on the internet to share with their friends and family. This is rumored to be the first-ever debut of Justin on the internet as a musician. Little by little, his popularity grew as his videos were posted frequently, and he became well known. He later performed in front of Avon Theatre, playing a rented guitar on the steps.

His career began in 2008 when the marketing lead of "So def recordings" was surfing on the internet and found the video of Justin Bieber uploaded in 2007 by accident, and was impressed by it so much so that he tracked down the Avon Theatre and somehow contacted his mother, Mallette after getting her information from Justin's school, asking about him everywhere.

Scooter Shawn started recording demos and samples with Justin in Atlanta, Georgia after others convinced her mother to let Braun take Justin with him. He signed a deal with Raymond Braun Media Group. Allegedly, Justin Timberlake also wanted to sign Bieber up but was unable to do so, and it is said that the two Justin confused the people, which led to the problem.

Justin presented the 52nd Grammy in 2010 and released "Baby" in January. As we all may have heard, Baby was an international success and left the world yearning for Bieber's voice, chatting number five on America's Billboard top 100, topping the Canadian boards simultaneously. Bieber became the youngest to top the US Billboard 200.

During Puberty, his voice broke and changed how he sang, it is said to be a significant threat to his musical career, and he had several problems in live performances. After that, his image deteriorated in public due to several significant screw-ups from him, which he blamed on his breakup with Selena Gomez. His images and videos of him puking on stage, peeing in a bucket, doing explicit acts with escorts, and some very controversial statements made this a public disaster for him. His recent image has changed drastically since his debut, and now it's more familiar with rappers and gangster-like celebrities like Snoop Dogg. His most popular releases on Spotify include

  • STAY with 2.2billion monthly listeners
  • Peaches with more than 1 billion listeners
  • Love yourself
  • Mistletoe

3. Ed Sheeran

Top 10 Spotify Artists

Ed Sheeran has 82.6 Million Monthly listeners. This fantastic singer with a beautiful voice and an impressive portfolio of songs is world famous for his songs like "shape of you" and "perfect". He has told the media that his idol and inspiration for music has been Eminem, and he collaborated with him later to release a song. Ed Sheeran started his career when he was eleven and wrote songs. His older brother Matthew also works as a music composer. He was born in West Yorkshire, England.

He then shifted his residence to London and then did several small stages works at different places with another English singer, "Passenger", and then enrolled in the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford to study music but left nearly the same year to support another hip hop singer "Just Jack" and later, a different singer called "Example" and he kept regularly posting his music and videos on social media all the time, this made his gradually gain popularity and become famous on the internet, his videos also gained the attention of several famous musicians.

In 2011, he released a song called "The A team," Later, his album was called "+," pronounced as a plus. This song was the third-best performer in England and eight best overall; it was also the best debut song which featured Sheeran as the single male lead. This album, plus itself, made more than a hundred thousand sales in England before the year's end. After two years, in 2013, it was also nominated for Grammy awards.

His songs were featured in many places in 2012, like "The Vampire Diaries", and later, he contacted Taylor Swift. They banded together for many songs he co-authored, and he became the opener in stadiums and arenas across America for Taylor Swift's album named "The Red Tour". His song "I see fire" was used in "The Hobbit" as a famous end sequence. In March 2014, Ed started to prepare and plan for his next album and series of songs and opened the song named "sing" to the public after a charity concert, but the music was very different from Ed Sheeran's usual style. People suspected that it would lose him a lot of listeners and fans and constrict his fan base. He released an acoustic and ballad song called "one" to prevent this. He successively released his album "x" or multiply. "Thinking out Loud" was another hit released by him, which listed him in the second spot of 'The Billboard Hot 100' ranking in the United States, where the number one spot was taken by 'Uptown Funk' which is a world-known success. It also was streamed 860 million times worldwide on Spotify. Ed Sheeran is known as the wonder boy who rose to extreme heights with his latest album" ÷" called divide, which was another instant hit. It was the third in speed to be ranked in the history of American music in 2017 and was later taken over by "reputation" by Swift. The songs "Castle on the Hill" and "Shape of You" were also record-breaking, with "Call on Me" being his recent latest song.

4. Ariana Grande

Top 10 Spotify Artists

Ariana has 82.3 million monthly listeners. Ariana Grande was born into a very well-to-do family in Florida. Her debut as a singer is said to be on the field of football when she sang the American National anthem before the match. The first album she recorded was a grand success and ranked number ten on US Billboard hot 100 and then gained number nine for the next two weeks in 2013. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

She was also ranked fourth as the music's Hottest Minor in 2013 by Billboard Magazine. Ariana's music style is R and B with light and Pop music. Her songs also use essential EDM, and she learned sound engineering and audio synthesis from Mac Miller; as stated by her in an interview, she occasionally releases funk and explicit songs like Thank you, Next, and Sweetener. Her musical influences are Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. She also credits her path to success to Madonna and other female singers.

Her public image has been on a gradual slope as she was called "Age Appropriate" early in her career but later became something of a Diva, her videos and language in songs have also gone more 'modern' and 'free'. Her latest high-hitting songs on Spotify include:

  • 7 rings
  • Positions
  • One last time
  • Save your tears
  • Santa tell me

5. Taylor Swift

Top 10 Spotify Artists

The well-known and world-famous singer Taylor Swift is a sensation on the Spotify platform, and in real life, her cult followers are huge, and she is never unheard of in the teen and music community. She recently crossed 82 million monthly listeners. Her full name is Tailor Alison Swift, and her identity is as an American singer and a world-known songwriter who has said multiple songs written by herself and had millions of listeners. Their singing career started when she was 14 and shifted to Pennsylvania; Austin's younger brother is an actor who has played several minor roles in movies. Her outstanding achievements in the world of music include Brit awards, 14 MTV music video awards, and 84 current Guinness World records, and she holds the title for most Billboard music awards won by a woman. She also has 11 Grammy awards under her name. Her last most-listened songs on Spotify include:

  • "Anti-hero" with 380 million plus views on the site.
  • Lavender haze
  • Midnight rain
  • Snow on the beach
  • Maroon

6. Sam Smith

Top 10 Spotify Artists

Sam has 74 and a half million monthly listeners over the world. Samuel Frederick Smith is a renowned singer from London, who has had so glad and songs that became top charters as soon as they got released, from" In the Lonely Hour" to "Money on My Mind" and then "Lay on Me" where all three on the Billboard top 100 list of America while being the toppers in the United Kingdom.

The lonely hour also stood 3rd after Taylor Swift's" 1989" and Ed Sheeran's multiply. The next single, "I'm not the only one," was ranked third in the UK and fifth in the United States. His recent songs have gotten a little lighter, and he has changed his recent look to the flashier version of himself. His latest release is "unholy" with Kim Petras. His most popular releases on Spotify include

  • I'm not the only one with 1.4 billion listeners last month
  • Stay with me
  • Too good at goodbyes
  • Unholy

7. Drake

Top 10 Spotify Artists

He has 68.2 million monthly listeners. The Rap and Pop icon Drake is a well-known singer from Ontario; his father, Dennis Graham, worked as a drummer for the country. Singer Jerry Lee Lewis; also collaborated with a Canadian singer to produce a song called Drake's dad. Drake is a citizen of two countries, the United States and Canada. His father fell into drug-related charges after his divorce when Drake was five.

His single, Take me There, won a Grammy Award and "Best Rap Album" in 2012. Drake's career in the western world started when an agent found and enrolled him as an actor in a teen drama called Degrassi: the next generation. The show is stated to be the only source for his mother and Drake in tough times when his father was in prison, and they were very poor. Drake decided to self-release a mix tape, room for improvement in 2006, and made roughly 300 dollars in royalties, selling 6000 copies. Those days, to now having a net worth of 380 million US dollars, Drake's journey has been very long.

He has collaborated with many famous artists of the modern music era, like Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Eminem. His most-heard songs on Spotify are all explicit; some are listed below:

  • Jimmy Cooks
  • Wait for you
  • Rich Flex
  • Major distribution

8. Rihanna

Top 10 Spotify Artists

Rihanna has 67.45 Million monthly listeners. Born in Barbados in 1988 and raised in Bridgetown, Rihanna is a global household name and a well-known figure among musicians.

Rihanna had many head scans and CAT scans as a kid due to her headaches; after reaching high school, she formed a three-girl trio and auditioned for Evan Rogers, who was a record producer, he commented that as soon as he heard Rihanna, he forgot about the other two girls and took her with him to his hotel to record some samples and demo tapes to send to the record companies, later scheduling a meet up with her mother to ask for permission and debut her in the Music world, but the demo recording took approximately a year as they could only record during Rihanna's school holidays. The records were received at Def Jam Recordings, where they were heard by none other than Jay-Z, who was skeptical but accepted to invite her to audition for Def Jam as the CEO of Def Jam. She was introduced to Antonio Reid, who was the boss of Jay-Z and asked him to make sure she didn't leave the premises before a deal was signed. Rihanna aborted all further meetings with other record labels and left Barbados with her mother to live in the United States with Evan Rogers and his wife. Her most popular releases on Spotify are

  • This is what you came for
  • Umbrella
  • Love on the brain
  • Needed me
  • Lift me up (black panther)

9. David Guetta

Top 10 Spotify Artists

David Guetta has had 66.128 million listeners on Spotify. His work as a music producer and professional disco jockey has made him famous around the globe in the world of music. David is a French man.

Starting in Paris as a DJ, David loved House music and started his parties and club nights where he mixed music for the audience live. David released his first album, name just a little more love, in 2002, a hit single starring American singer Chris Willis, whom David met in France when Chris was on vacation. David and Chris jointly started work on the album in 2001. Following his first album, David released his second album named, The Guetta Blaster in 2004, which had popular songs like money and stay, which featured Chris again the world is mine, and in love with myself with JD Davis.

David has been awarded the Best International DJ of 2007, Best House DJ of 2008 and successive years, and Top EDM artist of 2013, and has recently released a lot of new singles that are heard on Spotify all over the world like:

  • Titanium
  • I'm good
  • Love Tonight
  • Crazy what love can do
  • Don't you Worry

10. Harry Styles

Top 10 Spotify Artists

Harry has 63.6 million monthly listeners. Harry, an Englishman born in Worcestershire and raised in Cheshire, had an interesting start in the music world; he auditioned for the seventh edition of the British competitive singing show named x factor and was nominated for singing renditions of hey, soul sister and Isn't she lovely after Simon Cowell suggested the song wasn't right for him. He later failed to progress in the competition. He and four others who failed created a band tutored by Simon, who later participated in the group's category of the show and finished third in the finals.

He released sign of times and was listed first on the UK singles chart and number four on US Billboard hot 100. Styles also acted as a soldier in the award-winning Christopher Nolan movie Dunkirk. His second album, named fine line, was also pretty successful in the UK and the American music industry as it opened at number three in the UK (the first single named lights up), and other songs ranked sixth and fourth.

His next album, Harry's House, was also very successful, opening at the peak of both UK and US charts and being the fourth longest runner on the top in chart history. Harry sings Rock and does concerts and shows. He rarely sings light music and prefers pop and trap songs. His attire seems classic and old, usually which was 90s fashion once, with neon and bright contrasts. He is known to have dated Taylor Swift back in 2012. Harry's recent popular songs on Spotify are as follows

  • Watermelon sugar
  • As it was
  • Adore you
  • Falling
  • Late night talking

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