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Top 10 Submersible Water Pumps in India

Submersible pumps in India are growing more sophisticated by the year. Earlier, it was too costly to install a submersible pump at your home or elsewhere. With the recent developments, you may locate a submersible pump everywhere, whether in a house, a business facility, or elsewhere.

Many firms provide submersible pumps, but it may be challenging to pick among the many options accessible to us as consumers. This article will go over what submersible pumps are, using this for, how many different kinds of submersible pumps are available, and how to pick the best one for you. Finally, we will go through the ten top submersible pumps in India that we have discovered.

What is a Submersible Water Pump?

It is used to extract water from a river or inside the soil. It should be wholly immersed in water. Furthermore, submersible pumps feature a hermetically sealed motor tightly connected to the pump body. They are highly efficient since they do not use much energy because pumps are immersed; therefore, they do not need to pump water in, and water comes inside with its pressure.

Armais Arutunoff installed the first submersible pumps at an oil field in 1928. He was an engineer for an oil distribution system. Pleuger Pumps pioneered the concept of the submersible turbine pump in 1929.

Advantages of Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are no different from any other product. They have their own set of pros and downsides.

  • Design of Submersible Pumps
    Submersible pumps are constructed in such a way that when submerged in water, the pump does not leak or cause a short circuit.
  • Covers Less Distance
    Submersible pumps have a shorter range of operation than non-submersible pumps. This is due to the fact that it applies direct pressure via the hose to extract the water.
  • No Priming Required
    Non-submersible pumps, such as jet pumps, need priming prior to operation, while submersible pumps do not require priming prior to operation since they do not require any priming when operating.
  • Placed inside the water
    Submersible pumps are those that are submerged in water. As a result, they provide an extra benefit that aids in the effective pumping of water.

Disadvantages of Submersible Pumps

  • Break-in Gasket
    With submersible pumps, the most typical issue to deal with is a gasket that has failed or has come loose. It will result in the leaking of the pump, which may cause it to malfunction.
  • Difficult to find issues
    Due to the fact that the pump is totally submerged in water, it is difficult to locate the source of the malfunctioning, and it takes extra time to repair it.
  • Price
    When it comes to submersible pumps, the only thing that matters is the price, and if the pump fails, you might suffer a significant financial loss.

Types of Submersible Pumps

There are many distinct kinds of submersible pumps that are used in wells and tanks, the most common of which are as follows:

i) Deep Well Pump

In municipal organizations, deep well pumps are the most often used. These are designed to function underwater. This means that the pumps are totally immersed in water.

ii) Stainless Steel Pumps

Stainless Steel Pumps, as the name implies, they are very resistant to acids and alkalis. Pumps of this kind are capable of efficiently transferring both warm and freshwater. Additionally, when the pump is operating, it should be totally submerged in water.

iii) Bottom Suction Pumps

Bottom suction pumps are mostly used in the mining, dewatering, lake, pool, and river construction industries. These pumps are designed to be used in an emergency situation and feature a large head. Furthermore, as compared to other pumps, they are rather simple to install.

iv) Oil Filled Pumps

Pumps that are filled with oil are mostly utilised in water lifting, irrigation, and businesses, as well as in homes and other residential areas. The oil-filled designation refers to the fact that oil is required to cool the heading motors. These pumps prove to be of great help in cold areas with low temperatures because oil does not freeze, so this pump functions efficiently.

v) Water Cooler Pump

Water cooler pumps are often used in industrial settings, agricultural irrigation systems, and residential settings. These pumps should also be submerged at all times while in operation. Freshwater is required to cool the hot engine, as indicated by the name of the water cooler.

vi) Mixed and Axial Flow Pump

Flow pumps with a mixed and axial flow are mostly utilised in drainage systems such as sewage drainage, water treatment in pump stations, and river drainage.

Uses of Submersible Pumps

The following are some of the uses of submersible pumps:

i) Irrigation

Submersible pumps are mostly utilised for irrigation of agricultural areas. Furthermore, it is the ideal solution for land irrigation since it has the capacity to irrigate large areas of land. It is possible to use water from the lake or river, as well as water from a borewell, for irrigation.

ii) Using wells to pump water

When it comes to pumping out water from wells, submersible pumps are also often employed. Using this method, water may be pumped out of deep wells efficiently and without wasting much electricity or resources.

iii) Drainage of water

Submersible pumps are also employed for the rapid drainage of water from any flooded terrain.

The following are some examples of general submersible pump applications:

  • Pumping Sewage
  • Industrial Pumping
  • Oil Industry
  • Deep Well Drilling / Borehole Pumps

How to Select the Best Submersible Pump?

When choosing the best submersible pump, there are numerous considerations to bear in mind. These are as follows:

  • Borewell Size
  • Head of the Borewell Submersible Pump
  • Outlet/Delivery Size
  • Discharge Rate of Borewell Submersible Pump
  • The Cooling System of Borewell Submersible Pump

Lastly, these are the procedures to take while selecting a submersible pump:

  1. It is critical to understand why you want a submersible pump as well as where you intend to utilise the pump.
  2. Determine the maximum flow rate that you want, as well as the discharge pressure. The discharge pressure is the maximum amount of pressure that the pump is capable of handling.
  3. The horsepower of submersible pumps is also taken into consideration while evaluating them.
  4. Finally, determine the magnitude of the discharge.

India's Top 10 Submersible Pumps

A submersible water pump may last up to 15 years; however, selecting a pump that meets your needs and budget might be complex. Here's the list of the top ten submersible pumps in India that one can purchase online at affordable prices.

1. Waa Borewell Submersible Solar Pump

Top 10 Submersible Water Pumps in India

The Waa Borewell Submersible Solar Pump is an ideal option since it is simple to maintain, has a longevity and requires no fuel. It features a power range of 0.5 to 50 HP and a voltage range of 180 to 240 V. It is solar-powered and suitable for usage in small gardens, water storage tanks, and residential locations.

Price range: 5,400 INR and above.

2. Kirloskar KU4-OF Submersible Pumps

Top 10 Submersible Water Pumps in India

Kirloskar Submersible Pumps are well-known for their superior features and use in the home and industrial water delivery. Many industrial firms in India favour it because of its high-power range of up to 5.5 HP and low power consumption.

Kirloskar Brothers Co. has included several high-end made submersible pumps with innovative features to their list of top submersible pumps in the Indian market. Kirloskar's KU4-OF Borewell pumps are now in great demand for home and industrial water delivery. They are silently chosen for industrial facilities in India due to their low power consumption characteristics.

Price range- beginning at 50 000 Rs for a maximum of 5.5 HP.

3. Waa Electric Open Well Pump

Top 10 Submersible Water Pumps in India

Waa Open Well Electric Pump is a fantastic equipment for supplying residential and drinking water. This open well pump includes a 0.5-1.0 HP motor with B class insulation and a 200-240V voltage capacity. It eliminates the need for suction and priming and allows for noiseless operation.

4. Crompton Borewell Submersible Pumps

Top 10 Submersible Water Pumps in India

Crompton Borewell Submersible Pumps are a cost-effective option, featuring single-phase characteristics and a variety of HP sizes to pick. It features a 240V voltage capacity and a more excellent wear resistance.

5. CRI Single-Phase Borewell Submersible Pump

Top 10 Submersible Water Pumps in India

Individual homeowners in India choose the CRI Single Phase Borewell Submersible Pump. These borewell pumps have a 1HP restriction and operate at 2900RPM. It features a copper exterior surface and is rust-resistant.

The CRI single Phase 1 HP water-filled borewell submersible pump is a popular option among independent builders in India. Yes! CRI pumps spin at a rate of 2900 RPM. Price range: beginning at 11,000 Rs on IB with IB Cash incentives. It is a Tubewell submersible pump that weighs 15 kg, has a borewell size of 4 inches, and is rust-free due to its copper-made exterior surface.

6. V-Guard Neon Open Well Submersible Pump

Top 10 Submersible Water Pumps in India

The V-Guard Open Well Submersible Pump is both functional and cost-effective. It has a 0.5HP motor engine and a sturdy aluminium body. This submersible water pump is well-liked due to its robust construction and effective motor speed.

7. Havells W 2 - Submersible Open Well Pump

Top 10 Submersible Water Pumps in India

The Havells Open Well Submersible Pump is an excellent option for heavy-duty applications. The pump is reasonably priced and of high quality. Small farms, irrigation, artificial fountains, and water supply may benefit from a 0.5 HP motor and F class insulation.

8. Lubi LHL Horizontal Monoset Open Well Pump

Top 10 Submersible Water Pumps in India

Lubi LHL Open Well Pump is a 3-phase horizontal mono set electric water pump with a power range of 13AH - 10HP. This pump provides a high output while requiring a modest input level. The 25mm outlet size is adequate for drawing groundwater.

9. Grundfos Open Well Suction Submersible Pump

Top 10 Submersible Water Pumps in India

The Grundfos Open Well pump is a single-phase pump with a 1 HP power range of copper for anti-rust qualities. These pumps are self-priming, which reduces power use while supplying adequate water. Grundfos is the most recent submersible pump manufacturer in India. It has launched a new anti-rust single-phase suction open well submersible pump manufactured of copper for domestic use. You may put your complete faith in this brilliantly engineered water supply pump for continuous use. Unlike borewell pumps, Grundfos submersible open well pumps are self-priming, which means they use less energy while filling every tub in your house.

Price range: Starting at Rs 16,000

10. Jindal Oil-Filled Borewell Pump

Top 10 Submersible Water Pumps in India

The Jindal Oil-filled borewell pump is a single-phase pump with a power range of 1 HP and a water delivery capacity of 80 LPM. It is the most sold product due to its low price of Rs. 4000 and its long-lasting construction.

For about Rs. 4000, you can get a Jindal 1 HP power single-phase oil-filled borewell pump that goes up to 104 feet into the earth and has an 80 LPM water delivery capacity.


There is always a water demand; these pumps are a vital feature. They traverse less distance and may be employed in various pumping applications. One can choose India's top ten submersible pumps based on the pump's price, features, and efficiency. You may choose a pump that suits all of your criteria, such as application area, budget, pump size, and so on. Waa Motors & Pumps, a subsidiary of the Waaree Group, is India's leading maker of high-speed solar water pumps. Waa Motors & Pumps manufactures submersible water pumps that meet all of your needs in this area.

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