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Top 10 Schools in Delhi

With the top schools in Delhi, It is among the best cities to reside in India, with all the conveniences and services one could need. One of the top schools with quality education is one of the primary things that a family searches for when relocating to a new town. Delhi has some of the nation's top schools with premium education. Continue reading to learn more about the top schools in Delhi.

Education unlocks previously closed doors or opportunities. It assists you in reaching a stage where development is the only alternative, enabling you to learn and gain knowledge. It is vital to study in a school where education is delivered in the finest method possible.

India's capital, Delhi, has an immense focus on large-scale expansion and development. This union territory offers several excellent top schools in the countries with the finest educational system.

A good school not only paved the way for the development of the nation but also created individuals who are high in value, culture, approach and morals.

They set the way for the future development and growth of the nation.

We present you with a list of the top 10 schools in Delhi that are best in their education systems, teaching policy, comprehensive training, knowledge and much more.

1. Sardar Patel Vidyalya

Top 10 Schools in Delhi

This school stands at number one position in the top 10 school in Delhi list. Established on 14 August 1947, Sardar Patel Vidyalaya is nestled in Delhi's Lodhi Garden.

It has students from kindergarten to the twelfth grade. Its greenery, flora and fauna serves as the state's lungs and enhances its beauty. In the first six years of school, from Nursery to Class IV, the language of education is HINDI. At the same time, English is a required subject beginning in Class I.

Aside from academic subjects, there is a strong focus on environmental and social studies, music, artwork, crafts, and physical ability.

The school's library has a large range of resources that take into account the school's course material and study demands, as well as Wi-Fi. The school has wi-fi, and learners can access the internet, as well as the Hostel Facility. The school also has a scheme to Earn While You Learn, Sports activities, Cafetariaor canteen, good transport system and a mess area.

2. Modern School

Top 10 Schools in Delhi

Modern School, a highly esteemed co-ed school, founded in 1920, is consistently ranked among the top schools in Delhi and the country.

It is associated with CBSE and provides a curriculum ranging from sixth to twelfth grades. Being one of the top schools of Delhi, it employs experienced teachers and has a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:35. There are two libraries in the institution, one for juniors and one for seniors.

They also feature a medical facility, a cafeteria, and a CD library. The school even features a technological block that houses the Departments of Ceramics Designs and Pottery, Electronic & Robotic, Fashion and Jewellery Designing, Home Science & Interior, and Photography, to mention a few.

The esteemed school is located in Barakhamba Road, Vasant Vihar, Delhi.

3. The British School- New Delhi

Top 10 Schools in Delhi

One of the top schools in Delhi, it is located on Dr Jose P Rizal Marg, Chanakyapuri. The British school is regarded as one of the best foreign schools in the nation and Delhi.

This 57-year-old non - profit school has been delivering great education to varied non-native and local families by relying on the best elements of a multicultural community and was given the Top British International School Award in 2018.

With beautiful architecture, an excellent student-teacher communication arrangement, extracurricular programs, and even an air-purifying system, you will undoubtedly want to enrol your children here.

4. Shiv Nadar School

Top 10 Schools in Delhi

Another prominent school in the list of top 10 schools in Delhi is Shiv Nadar School. Shiv Nadar School has dominated the top educational centres of excellence for several years, and now it is believed to cause an enormous effect in the domain of K-12 school (Kindergarten to Grade 12) and education as they intend to create a pan-Indian sequence of decent and top schools that will serve children with a system to thrive and become statesmen in today's highly competitive environment.

For 14-16-year-olds, the school now offers the Cambridge International GeneralCertificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), so enrol your kids here for immense exposure, widening the horizon and developing the capabilities essential to thrive and accomplish their dreams/ goals.

This school has branches on the outskirts of Delhi, i.e. Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad, making it easily accessible for Delhiites.

5. DPS Mathura Road/ Rk Puram

Top 10 Schools in Delhi

DPS or Delhi Public School has been one of the best and top schools in Delhi for more than a decade. It has been consistently part of the top 10 list due to its educational programme, activities and curriculum.

They have various branches, comprising of main branches in Rk Puram and Mathura Road.

DPS Mathura Road was established in New Delhi in 1949. The DPS Society established the first school in Delhi at Mathura Road. Kids from pre-nursery to 12th grade are taught according to the CBSE curriculum. It is a co-educational school.

Whereas Delhi Public School, RK Puram was established in 1972, Delhi. It is a co-ed education school, day-cum-boarding private school accredited with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Their objective is to develop kids to reach their full potential and establish and fulfil their objectives in an environment of rich mentorship, pleasant and peaceful training, and honouring their motto "Service Before Self." DPS has been contributing immensely to the country's educational system, bringing out refined students and their true potential.

6. Shriram School

Top 10 Schools in Delhi

One of the best schools in Delhi, The Shri Ram School, is located in Vasant Vihar. There are classes from Nursery to 5th class in Delhi and from 6th to 12th class in Gurgaon. It not only provides its children with the highest amenities but also a very productive and innovative learning programme. Pupils are not assessed based on tests here; instead, they learn through exploring their surroundings and participating in numerous creative projects and activities.

These activities and projects are utilised to educate students on linguistic skills as well as basic mathematics and scientific ideas.

7. Vasant Valley School

Top 10 Schools in Delhi

It is one of the top schools in Delhi. The school is affiliated with CBSE and conducts classes from 1st to 12th class. In order to help pupils thrive academically, the school offers extracurricular activities such as debates, robotic systems, quizzes, music, and arts. The school was founded in 1990 and now has over 1300 students. It also offers a few of the top facilities in Delhi, so think about it for your little ones' education. This is one of the highlighted and top schools in Delhi, located in Sector C, Vasant Kunj.

8. Heritage Experimental School

Top 10 Schools in Delhi

This is one of the best and top schools with extraordinary schooling and activities. If you want to provide your child with a world-class educational experience, this school should be the first school for your consideration.

They pursue the PYP (Primary Years Programme) and the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) at the elementary and secondary levels. Heritage Experiential School, with its completely air-conditioned facility sprawled across 12 acres, a big swimming pool, basketball court, and football field, is guaranteed to provide your kid with an educational environment unlike any other.

9. Sanskriti School

Top 10 Schools in Delhi

One of the most liked and best schools of Delhi has an interesting story behind its establishment. In 1996, the Civil Services Society, composed of wives of Indian civil officers, developed and created the Sanskriti School. Nowadays, the school has approximately 2500 students and is segmented into Junior, Middle, and Senior schools.

It features very spacious classrooms, a library for each division (junior, middle, and senior), science laboratories, a home science laboratory, computer rooms, a mathematical lab, and so on. Students who study here not only gain knowledge but they also grow as great individuals.

The school is located at Dr S. Radhakrishnan Marg, Chanakyapuri, in one of the most elite places in Delhi.

10. Pathways World School

Top 10 Schools in Delhi

One of the top schools with one of the best facilities, activities and course programme. Pathways World School's locations are all beautiful academic institutions set among luscious nature. It has also been named the greatest International School chain in North India, with the best curriculum, facility, teachers, and career training.

Formed in 2013, this IB school uses the Multiple Intelligences approach created by Dr Howard Gardner of Harvard University and contains coursework from the International Baccalaureate Organisation of Geneva's Primary Years, Middle Years, and Diploma Programmes. Definitely a good choice for your child.

This school is perfect for complete educational upgradation and proper grooming of the child. They offer exceptional skills, training and curriculum, making it one of the most renowned and eminent schools in Delhi.

This is the list of the top 10 schools in Delhi on the basis of their quality of education, teaching faculty, activities, and facilities. These schools have been contributing immensely to the educational system of the country as well as the state.

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