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Top 10 Cartoons in India

Children enthusiastically complete their homework to sit in front of the television and watch their favorite cartoons during after-school hours as well as in their holidays.

Some famous animated programs have maintained their timeless status and are still watched by children and adults alike. These animated series left a lasting impression on us as they were full of adventure, lessons, magic, and joy. You'll surely want to watch them all again after knowing their names.

Look at the following list of some of the top cartoon programs in India to rekindle your love of cartoons:

1. Tom and Jerry

One of India's most popular cartoons is Tom and Jerry, a classic animated series that has maintained a reputation following among viewers of all ages.

Top 10 Cartoons in India

The story's straightforward premise revolves around a recurring motif: Tom, a big, grey, naughty house cat, sets off on an adventure to persistently pursue Jerry, an infamous small brown mouse, to trap him.

They (Tom & Jerry) together lead us through a succession of amusing battles, comedic mayhem, and the hilarious damage that ensues during this cartoon program. The best part is that despite being rivals, they often help each other out when they are in danger, which shows their true friendship as well.

The background music and excellent sound effects replace the dialogue of the cartoon to create an overall enjoyable experience. This program hardly uses dialogue or voices in its episodes.

The show was so well-liked by viewers that its creators decided to turn it into a movie. The movie was released in 2021 under the name "Tom & Jerry: The Movie". Decades after the show's debut, it is still one of India's most-watched cartoon programs.

2. Doraemon

One of the most popular animated series among children in India is Doraemon, which has its roots in Japan. The story's main character is a techno-cat or robot named Doraemon, who travels to the present to assist Nobita (another character who is human-alike) in dealing with his humorous misfortunes, such as his poor grades and the frequent bullying he receives from the infamous boys Gian and Suneo. Doraemon has a storehouse packed with gadgets from the 22nd century.

Top 10 Cartoons in India

Doraemon is always there to save Nobita with his incredible magical tools like a "Bamboo Copter" that can be worn on the head to fly at any time, an "Anywhere Door" that can transport anyone anywhere as per his thoughts, a "Time machine" that can help travel people into the past and the future and even more. In addition to being converted into a media franchise and anime series, the Doraemon series has also been recognized as a "cultural icon" of Japan and has won several awards.

3. Chhota Bheem

A young, strong, brave, and bright village kid from Dholakpur is the star of this Indian television animated cartoon series, Chhota Bheem. He wears an orange dhoti and uses his magical powers and skills to save his fellow villagers from conspiracies, robberies, and other mysterious village happenings.

Top 10 Cartoons in India

It had its television debut in 2008, and since then, kids have praised it a lot, gaining a lot of fame and popularity. Kalia, who is hostile to Bhima because she is jealous of his fame, is his enemy. Kalia constantly schemes to humiliate and dethrone Bheem with the help of his sidekicks, twin brothers Dholu and Bholu, but their schemes are always unsuccessful. Chutki, Raju, and Jaggu are Bheem's buddies. Together, they work to solve issues affecting the village by uncovering mysteries and battling forces that wish to harm Dholakpur or its citizens.

They frequently get into problems due to their pranks, yet they always manage to get out. Laddus, Bheem's go-to energy-booster snack, and his insatiable thirst for them make him stronger and more intelligent for his adventures. Multiple television shorts based on the narrative have also been produced.

4. Oggy and the Cockroaches

Another popular animated series in India is Oggy and the Cockroaches. This cartoon series first began as an animated children's comedy series in France. The narrative centers on the lazy human cat Oggy who prefers to watch TV and eat all day, and the three cheeky cockroaches Joey, Dee Dee, and Marky, whose comedic antics and mischief are a source of humor.

Together, the cockroaches often try to raid Oggy's refrigerator when Oggy is not looking, and then they run after each other, a common plot device in animated television. In 2013, the film named "Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Movie" of the same cartoon program or television show was well received by the audience. Other adaptations come in the form of computer games, short digital films, publications, etc.

Top 10 Cartoons in India

5. Mr. Bean

This humorous British animated series debuted on television in 2002 and is probably known to every person, young or old. It is an adaptation of Rowan Atkinson's role in the sitcom of the same name, which Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson created.

Top 10 Cartoons in India

A brown teddy bear, Teddy lives with the title character Mr. Bean, a meticulous bachelor. The plot continues as Mr. Bean repeatedly gets into problems due to his eagerness to make everything around him tidy. He does this by combining straightforward problems with complex solutions. The main enemy in most episodes is his wicked landlady Mrs. Wicket (along with Scraper, her dreadful one-eyed cat), who he must outsmart.

Additionally, Mr. Bean has a girlfriend named Irma Gobb, with whom he frequently has issues. The program has been transformed into video games & short films, and critics have praised it highly.

6. Shin-Chan

Shin Chan has made children throughout the world laugh with its mischief, puns, and mischievous antics and banter, making it, without a doubt, the funniest cartoon show in India, as well as other areas of the world of all time.

Shin Chan, which originated as a Japanese manga series, began airing on television in 1992 and is still going strong today on various cartoon channel networks.

Top 10 Cartoons in India

Shin Chan's strange, improper, and awkward language use and his naughty behavior are the sources of much of the humor in the series. Shin Chan often tries to confuse his parents by returning home and saying "Welcome back" instead of "I'm home", a joke that keeps coming up.

Shin Chan's childish courtship with attractive female characters much older than him is also amusing. This cartoon program, translated into numerous languages and even released as a short film worldwide, is still one of India's top cartoon programs for children and adults.

7. Ninja Hattori

This cartoon program was initially a Japanese Manga series that was turned into an anime television series in 1981. Later, it was turned into a computer game and a live-action film.

Top 10 Cartoons in India

A young kid named Kenichi Mitsuba, who is eleven years old, his tiny ninja pal Hattori, and Hattori's ninja dog Shishimanu are the story's main characters. As a result of the former's stubbornness and laziness, he frequently finds himself in trouble; fortunately, Ninja Hattori comes to his aid.

As a close buddy, Hattori always monitors Kenichi and assists him with his troubles. Yumeko, a girl, is Kenichi's love interest, and Kemumaki (a Koga ninja), with his ninja cat Kagechiyo, often causes trouble for Kenichi to show his love for Yumeko, making himself Kenichi's main enemy.

This cartoon is also available on Amazon Prime Video in many Indian languages since 2016. Additionally, youngsters can purchase Ninja Hattori merchandise that is sold at many modern toy stores.

8. Phineas and Ferb

Created by Disney Television Animation, the cartoon named "Phineas and Ferb" is an American musical comedy and animated children's television program. The show's two main characters, Phineas Flynn and his stepbrother Ferb Fletcher reside in the imaginary town of Danville, where they embark on extravagant, impractical projects to fill their free time during the summer.

Top 10 Cartoons in India

They frequently irritate their sister, Candace, with their tasks. Their pet platypus, named Perry, a secret agent for an organization that only works with animals, is featured in every show episode.

The soundtrack to this animated series, which includes some of the most enduring songs ever written, is one of its distinctive aspects. It has received numerous honors, including Kids' Choice & Daytime Emmy Awards.

9. Roll No. 21

One of India's most watched animated programs is Roll No. 21, an original cartoon for kids produced by Cartoon Network. It is a contemporary rendition of the mythological conflict between Kansa and Lord Krishna. It is also known as Krish.

Top 10 Cartoons in India

Kansa has returned to Earth in the persona of Kanishka, the playful talker and head of the Mathura Orphan Ashram. Before ruling the world, he wants to obtain total student submissions.

Kris, Lord Krishna's reincarnation, complicates Kanishk's situation by preserving the goodness in every child. Kanishk calls forth several monsters & demons from the Paataal Lok to battle Kris.

Kris, however, continues to exterminate all the demons with ease, thanks to his cunning and mystical abilities. Kanishk's attempts are unsuccessful since Kris and his buddies can get beyond the challenges that Kanishk puts in their way. The program continues to draw viewers nationwide and has been turned into numerous successive short films for television.

10. Motu Patlu

It is another famous animated television program from India that Niraj Vikram created for the Nickelodeon channel. It made its television debut in 2012 and was adapted from the Lotpot comic strip.

Top 10 Cartoons in India

Motu and Patlu, two closest friends who reside in the made-up town of Furfuri Nagar, are the main characters of this cartoon. The more intelligent of the two, Patlu usually finds a solution to the issue that Motu most frequently causes. They also receive assistance from their pals to handle these issues, which frequently arise due to Motu's clumsy behavior.

The Don, a gangster who serves as their major foe, is constantly accompanied by Number One and Number Two, two large but feeble and stupid thugs. Like other shows, this show has also been adapted into short films for television and is well-received by children and adults.

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