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Top 10 Inverters in India

In today's world, electricity is a need. With the introduction of new and cleaner technologies, such as electric cars, it is possible to argue that energy is a vital resource as any other. However, being a developing country, India is yet to realise the full potential of electrical energy. We continue to have regular power outages, particularly in cities and rural regions. At the same time, electricity fluctuation is a common problem for many residents because of the high-power usage in metropolitan areas.

This rising need for power generation brings with it a slew of new obstacles. However, if we ignore bulk electrical production and focus on a minor issue, our homes have always had high power costs, particularly during the summer. Furthermore, voltage fluctuation is standard in practically every home due to a tremendous load of electrical equipment. As a result, a higher proportion of families are gradually converting to storing inverters at their houses.

Need of Inverter

Is an inverter, however, necessary?

  • The presence of inverters has resulted in relatively minor voltage fluctuations.
  • Two out of every five houses experienced much reduced to insignificant electrical dangers even during power outages.
  • Their energy expenses and power usage per unit have significantly decreased.
  • Electric appliance maintenance has been more straightforward since then.

That is why having an efficient inverter at home is critical. It not only ensures a continuous supply of energy, but it also helps your electrical equipment to last longer.

Below is the list of the Top 10 inverters that are ruling the Indian market.

1. Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Pure Sinewave Inverter

Top 10 Inverters in India

The Luminous Zelio is one of the most efficient and best UPS inverters in India, with features such as power backup/battery charging time display in hours and minutes, hassle-free battery water level maintenance, MCB protection, and a bypass switch that keeps supplying output from the grid even when the Home UPS fails.

The minimal harmonic distortion makes this inverter almost noiseless. The pure sine wave output makes it very efficient and helps save on power costs; without question, it ranks first on our list of the best inverter for a house.

This Luminous inverter is driven by a 32-bit DSP, which is supposed to charge batteries optimally by calculating backup and charging time. It also has an LED display that shows the backup time, setting time, mode, battery water level, and other information. The inverter has two operating modes. In UPS mode, the inverter keeps the output voltage stable between 180V and 260V to safeguard sensitive appliances and gadgets. The battery usage is minimised in Eco mode to enhance backup time.

2. Microtek UPS 24X7 HB Hybrid Sinewave Inverter

Top 10 Inverters in India

Microtek Gen-Next UPS 247 is built on HYBRID technology, a perfect blend of Digital and Sinewave technologies that offer noiseless operation, rapid charging, increased load, longer battery life, and longer battery life backups.

It is a high-end device with several features such as an in-built bypass switch and IBGM (Intelligent Battery Gravity Management) Technology. It has a button for selecting the battery type and a switch for selecting the voltage range. All Microtek UPS 247 Series Models are built on IPS Technology and conserve power. Every UPS 247 becomes free in three years, making this inverter one of India's top inverters for household usage.

The Smart Overload Sense function is included with this Microtek UPS. It resets the UPS when the load is reduced and turns it off when overloaded. A built-in circuit breaker protects electrical equipment, among other safety measures. Users may choose between a conventional voltage range of 100V to 300V and a limited voltage range of 180V to 260V.

3. V-Guard Inverter Sine Wave/Appliances, 900VA

Top 10 Inverters in India

V-Guard is another electrical appliance business that has long been a household name in Indian households. This product's most outstanding feature is its Battery Gravity Builder. Offering overcharge and severe drain protection maintains the inverter's battery healthy and enhances its life.

The gadget has a Battery Water filling reminder to prevent any last-minute dangers. It also features selector switches for different performance levels. The inverter may work with any battery ranging from 80 to 230 AH.

This inverter model supports two batteries and has a good inrush load management capacity. It might be a flat plate battery or a tubular SMR or VRLA battery. Last but not least, this inverter is built with a digital signal controller-based architecture that ensures pure sine wave output.

4. Amaron Pure Sinewave Inverter

Top 10 Inverters in India

Power outages are inconvenient and disrupt daily living. If you're looking for a good and attractive inverter for your home or office, choose this Amaron 880 VA Pure inverter. It is entirely quiet, and when it detects a power outage, it switches softly to battery mode. In this manner, you are unaware of a power outage.

It has an 880VA capacity and, being a Sine Wave inverter, provides excellent power backup for all of your equipment. Amaron's inverter employs Sinewave technology. The gadget contains both visible and audible indications and an overload alert. As a result, with this handy inverter, you may say goodbye to damp, dark, and sluggish power outages. So, it uses less energy. Most advanced inverters in India for homes also contain a transformer, which increases the inverter's lifetime by lowering power usage.

5. V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 Sinewave Inverter

Top 10 Inverters in India

The V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 has a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to tailor its operation to your specific requirements. It includes many features, including an appliance mode that can operate large loads of up to 1000W (Electric Iron, Coffee Maker, Toaster), a Turbo Charge mode for super-fast charging, and mute/unmute the buzzer, and the ability to choose performance mode.

The Smart inverter series is simple to connect to your smartphone. After registering your device on the V-Guard Smart app, you can regulate the power, monitor the backup time, switch between modes based on your requirements, analyse power cuts and duration, and charge up to 30% quicker with Turbocharge.

This V-Guard inverter has a High-Performance Selector Switch, which allows customers to adjust the power output of the inverter as needed. There is also a Battery Gravity Builder, which is supposed to maintain battery health, resulting in a more extended backup. When it is time to top up the batteries with distilled water, the inverter will notify consumers.

6. Luminous LNXG1100&150ATB Solar Hybrid Inverter

Top 10 Inverters in India

The Luminous Solar 1800 is a robust hybrid inverter with a built-in charge controller of 40 A. It is India's most sophisticated solar system, prioritising the usage of solar power to reduce energy expenses. The solar inverter charges the battery from the grid and the solar panel.

If solar energy is available, the inverter charges the battery from the solar panel; otherwise, the inverter charges the battery from the mains/grid. If solar production is sufficient, it may set the battery and deliver solar electricity to the connected load; otherwise, it prioritises solar battery charging and supplies extra power.

You'll need to weigh its benefits and drawbacks for making the right decision. It also has a variety of settings, including Eco Mode, which allows you to save battery power in exchange for a longer backup duration.

7. Livguard LG900 Square Wave Inverter

Top 10 Inverters in India

Livguard inverters are built to meet the demands of all of your appliances. Our collection of inverters, equipped with artificial intelligent charging, can efficiently operate heavy devices and have a more extended backup period.

Other features include a built-in battery gravity booster and protection against severe battery drain. V-inverter Guard has a Bluetooth connection. Users may use this to sync their smartphones with it. Users will monitor the backup time, switch between modes, and even review power outages using the app. They will also be reminded to top out the batteries with distilled water. Another exciting change is the inclusion of an emergency charging outlet in the front panel, which will allow customers to charge intelligent gadgets such as cell phones.

8. Exide Technologies 850Va Pure Sinewave Home

Top 10 Inverters in India

An inverter has dominated this year's top inverter ranking with AISC (Auto Sense Intelligent Control), which detected the status of the battery and alerted the user. The safety feature and the performance combination make it one of the most advanced inverters for the house. PCB is used to construct high-quality protection. The inverter has a fast speed and a high-quality microprocessor, producing Grid Quality electricity equivalent to mains power. The AISC technology aids in the reduction of water topping by adjusting the charging current appropriately.

9. Luminous Zolt 1100 Sinewave Inverter

Top 10 Inverters in India

The Luminous Zolt 1100 is undoubtedly one of the greatest, if not the finest, inverter for home use in India, designed for all sorts of power outages with high charge acceptance and minimum maintenance, paired with a digital LED display for status of power back-up/battery charging time in hours and minutes. Equipped with an external MCB - An inverter with an MCB to safeguard your appliances from malfunctions and short-circuits caused by power surges or incorrect equipment usage.

It has the option of operating in UPS or eco mode. UPS output protects sensitive items such as computers by maintaining a voltage range of 180V to 260V. The voltage range is widened in Eco mode, minimising battery use.

Battery Compatibility: Single Battery/12 Volt; Supports a broad selection of batteries, including flat plate, tubular, and VRLA (SMF)

10. APC 850 VA Sine Wave Home 700-Watt

Top 10 Inverters in India

We Indians understand how inconvenient it is to have power outages. This problem is exacerbated significantly during the summer and rainy seasons for various reasons. The inverter offers a clean sine wave power backup compatible with household equipment such as home theatres, stereo sets, lights, fans, and much more.

This inverter is compatible with any flat plate or tubular battery. To charge the gadget, two 12V batteries will be necessary. The suitable battery size ranges from 80 to 180 AH. This inverter is shockproof and child-safe, with short circuit protection and a backup time of six to eight hours.

Choose the best inverter for home use.

Before delving into the specifics of what an inverter is, it is always a good idea to understand how an inverter works. If you seek the best inverter for home usage in India, we have compiled a comprehensive list to assist you in your search. Refer to the list after you've identified the appliance; it will make your life very simpler.

These two inverters listed below are equipped with a lot of features in an affordable price range.

Best inverter overall - Luminous 1500VA Zelio + 1700 Sine Wave Inverter

Top 10 Inverters in India

One of the most reputable manufacturers, Luminous, provided us with the 1500VA Zelio + 1700 Sine Wave Inverter, which is unquestionably the best inverter for home. It has an LED display and safety features like an MCB, and it cost just ₹8900. It is the ideal inverter for households in regions with frequent power outages.

Best Budget Inverter - Microtek Ups 24A-7 Hb 725Va Hybrid Sine Wave Inverter

Top 10 Inverters in India

It is the cheapest inverter on the list, with a price of around ₹4499. You spend less, but you get a heavy-duty inverter with all the necessary safety measures. As a result, it offers the most acceptable value for money.


It brings us to the conclusion of the descriptions of the ten greatest inverters. Inverters are an excellent investment that will extend the life of your equipment. We hope to help you search for the best inverter for your house. It would help if you chose the inverter for the house based on various criteria and demands. We hope that this article has provided you with the necessary knowledge to make an educated purchasing choice.

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