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Top 10 Red Wines

Red Wine is one of the most popular types among all types of wine. Dark-colored grape varieties are used to make red wine. The wine's hue can range from deep violet, typical of young wines, to brick red and brown for older, which is typical of young wines, to brick red and brown for older red wines. Most purple grapes have greenish-white juice, with the red coming from anthocyanin pigments found in the grape's skin.

Red wine is produced largely by removing the color and flavor components of the grape flavor. Red wine is still produced in wineries, much like in the wineries of ancient Greece and Persia. Dark-colored grapes are gathered, pressed, squashed, fermented, and blended before being separated from their skins. Red wine manufacturing is still straightforward, even though better containers, presses, and cellars have greatly improved quality and productivity.

White wine and red wine are prepared similarly, but there is one significant distinction. Usually, a tank or vat is used to ferment the mixture of grape juice and skins. To separate the juice from the skins of white wines prior to fermentation, they are pressed. As the yeast ferments the juice into alcohol, the skin contact during the manufacture of red wine allows the juice's pigment, flavour, and textural elements to be incorporated. Red wine's colour is primarily derived from its skins, while its juice is primarily derived from its pulp.

Several weeks after the original green colour of the grapes has changed to a dark crimson or blue-black hue during a process known as veraison, red wine grapes are ready to be harvested in late summer to early October. The grape clusters or bunches are removed off the vines by vineyard workers. The de-stemmer/crusher then passes the clusters through, removing the whole grape berries from the stems and sometimes giving them a gentle push to release the juice.

Before any alcohol is produced, some winemakers extract color and flavor ingredients from the skins by cooling the must for a day or two, a procedure known as cold soaking. Then, yeast is introduced to begin the fermentation process. In the sweet fluid, yeast cells begin to grow and break down the sugar into alcohol, heat, and carbon dioxide. Winemakers place the must onto wine presses, which strain the skins to extract what is known as pressed wine by separating the skins and seeds from the juice.

The majority of red wines require aging before being bottled and distributed. Winemakers add aromas, tastes, and textures to the wine by using barrels. While neutral vessels like previously used barrels or containers made of concrete or clay are appreciated largely to soften a wine's texture, new barrels give more powerful spicy smells and increased flavours. Racking, fining, and filtering are used to clarify red wine while it is aging.

Just before a wine is bottled, sulfur dioxide levels are frequently finalized. Before the empty bottles are filled with wine, corked, and labelled, oxygen is removed from them. Winemakers today have a much wider range of alternatives, methods, and tools than their historical forebears. However, the goal remains the same: to take sweet grapes and let yeast turn them into delicious red wine.

Red wine has also been associated with heart health when consumed in moderation for a long. The combination of alcohol and certain antioxidants in red wine may help ward off coronary artery disease, coronary artery disease, the condition that causes heart attacks. However, uncertainties remain regarding any associations between red wine and fewer heart attacks.

The red wine market is currently valued at close to 190 billion dollars, and by 2030, it is predicted to increase to 230 billion dollars at a compound annual growth rate of 5%. Red wine comes in various varieties that satisfy the palates of consumers, from novices to experts. It must not be easy to pick with so many options, so here are the top 10 red wines currently on the market.

1. Cabernet Shiraz

Top 10 Red Wines
  • Name of the winery- Sula winery
  • Location of the winery- Nashik Valley, Maharashtra
  • Price- ₹ 950 for 750 ml
  • Alcohol percentage- 13.5%

It only takes one sip of Cabernet Shiraz by Sula to understand why this red wine is hailed as India's best-selling one. A pleasant, medium-bodied red wine from Sula called Cabernet Shiraz goes equally well with grilled meats and hard cheese. An excellent wine to have on the side of meals. Its color is a deep, rich purple, and its perfume is intriguing, blending smoky, spicy, and blueberry and blackberry notes. Blackberry and anise seed scents may be detected in this wine with a deep burgundy hue. It has flavours of raspberry, pomegranate, caramel, and clove and is mild to the palate. It has a noticeably peppery aftertaste.

2. Sette

Top 10 Red Wines
  • Name of the winery- Sette by Fratelli winery
  • Location of the winery- Akluj, Maharashtra
  • Price- ₹ 1,700 for 750ml
  • Alcohol percentage- 13.5%

The Fratelli wine Sette has successfully carved out a position by raising the bar for Indian wines. Fratelli is a premium domestic wine producer. With the release of roughly five vintages of Sette, the first of which was in 2009, the laudable Indian wine company has gloriously addressed the age-old question, "Can Indian Wines Age?"

This is an excellent red wine with deep flavors of smokey coffee and chocolate, finished with a lingering aftertaste. When you first smell the 2017 vintage, woody, smokey smells are present, followed by hints of tobacco and dark cherry. Smooth and delectable crimson and dark berries with a toasty spice and vanilla undertone on top. The finish and body are medium-plus. This red wine has been created to complement the vast range of Indian food while also being adaptable to a worldwide palate. It is a medium-bodied wine that maintains freshness and complexity.

3. Big Banyan Merlot

Top 10 Red Wines
  • Name of the winery- Big Banyan Wines
  • Location of the winery- Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Price- ₹ 750 for 750 ml
  • Alcohol percentage- 13%

The Big Banyan Merlot is a superb red wine that has heavenly smoothness and supple, velvety tannins. This medium-bodied wine has a plum finish that makes it stand out as a delightful, uncomplicated wine that any inexperienced enthusiast in India should try. The rich, healthy taste you will experience will eliminate any doubt you could have had while choosing the bottle.

It's the ideal wine to sip on a warm evening. The plummy finish of the wine shows how much the luscious berries used to make it enjoy the warmer climate of India. The wine is dry and medium bodied because of its smooth, velvety undertones. This wine pairs best with lightly spice Indian dishes.

4. Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz

Top 10 Red Wines
  • Name of the winery- Four seasons vineyards
  • Location of the winery- Baramati, Maharashtra
  • Price- ₹ 1,000 for 750 ml
  • Alcohol percentage- 13%

It ranks among the finest wines produced in India. It is an earthy, full-bodied red wine that is complex. This Four Seasons Reserve Shiraz is a rich, full-bodied red wine that offers exquisite smokey and earthy flavors with every taste. Each sip hits your tongue with flavors of tobacco, plum, a little tannic, fruity, and sweet. The Reserve Shiraz is gifted with flavors like sweet, dry spices, juicy blackberries, and smooth, well-integrated tannins.

This red wine from India is among the best on the market and has won numerous awards for its superb flavor and complex palate. It has an intense blend of plummy and ripe blackberry notes with an inky violet tint. A tantalizing aroma of warm fruits and dry spices welcomes your nose as soon as you swirl.

5. La Reserve

Top 10 Red Wines
  • Name of the winery- Grover Zampa vineyards
  • Location of the winery- Doddaballapur, Karnataka
  • Price- ₹ 1,050 for 750 ml
  • Alcohol percentage- 14%

Grover Zampa's La Reserve is a silky, intricate, and robust red wine. It has juicy crimson and black fruits in a flavorful perfume with spicy undertones. A highly palatable wine that is sure to please everyone. The first red wine established India as a major wine producer. This Shiraz-Cabernet wine production would not have been possible without Michel Rolland.

When one takes a sip of this beautiful red, soft tannins and flavors of chocolate, coffee beans, and vanilla will meet your tongue. The La Reserve's flavor profile is greatly influenced by the combination of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon used in its production. One of the most well-liked blends of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz in the category of Indian red wines.

6. Reserve Tempranillo

Top 10 Red Wines
  • Name of the winery- Charosa winery
  • Location of the winery- Charosa Village, Maharashtra
  • Price- ₹ 1,500 for 750 ml
  • Alcohol percentage- 13%

One of the finest red wines produced in our nation is the Charosa Reserve Tempranillo. A well-balanced wine with a superbly smooth and round finish, Reserve Tempranillo, ends the meal. This alcoholic beverage comes from the Charosa vineyard in Maharastra and is regarded as one of the best red wines made in the nation. The wine has a seductive dark cherry color and is richly flavored with coconut, vanilla, and raspberry.

A bottle of Charosa Tempranillo is aged for 12 months in a year-old French oak barrel, and the flavor is dominated by fruity notes ranging from Raspberry to Plum. One of the underrated treasures of the Indian red wine industry is Charosa Reserve Tempranillo, a crisp, well-balanced domestic red wine.

7. York Arros

Top 10 Red Wines
  • Name of the winery- York winery
  • Location of the winery- Nashik Valley, Maharashtra
  • Price- ₹ 950 for 750 ml
  • Alcohol percentage- 14.3%

The signature wine of York Winery, a family-run Indian wine business that has rapidly built a superb reputation for itself, is Arros. York Arros is a blended Indian red wine with a strong dark chilli pepper flavour and a delicious paprika-like scent. After 13 months of aging in French and American oak barrels, it boasts a straightforward, easygoing flavor and a silky texture.

It goes well with a wide range of foods, including cheese and chocolates as well as spicy Indian cuisines like steaks and kebabs. Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are blended to make York Arros. The best barrels from the best vineyards go into making this York Winery trademark beverage. This wine has a smooth palate, good structure, and elegance from American oak barrels.

8. Revelio Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Top 10 Red Wines
  • Name of the winery- Revelio Winery
  • Location of the winery- Nashik Valley
  • Price- ₹ 1500 rupees for 750 ml
  • Alcohol percentage- 14%

Reveilo Wines, a family-run business run by wine enthusiasts, is praised for its selection of vegan wines that are meant to be enjoyed easily. When paired with dishes like sauced meat, aged cheese, hearty soups, grilled steak, and lamb chops, the Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon wine has a well-balanced flavor profile.

This is a young red wine with fresh acidity, a youthful blend of berries and cherries, and touches of smoke and spice on top that is incredibly palatable. It is an uncomplicated red wine with a quick finish and velvety texture, which places it in the group of Indian red wines with a smooth flavour.

9. KRSMA Sangiovese

Top 10 Red Wines
  • Name of the winery- KRSMA estate
  • Location- Hampi Hill, Karnataka
  • Price- ₹ 1800 for 750 ml
  • Alcohol Content- 13%

The Hampi Hills-based KRSMA estate has received distinction on a national and international level for pioneering the production of high-quality wine and their Sangiovese is no exception. The most famous and well-liked wine produced by KRSMA Estates is the Sangiovese. This is the first vintage from their vineyard to establish itself as a cutting-edge, new-world Sangiovese tailored to the tastes of Indian consumers.

This wine, which is made from fully ripe Sangiovese grapes, is a deep crimson color, complex in its own right, and fruit-forward on the palate and nose. This well-balanced, smooth red is best enjoyed on its own or with lighter fare like tomato sauce pasta. It is packed with a nice blend of delicious fruit flavors. This Sangiovese has a good quantity of tannins, is complex but clean, and has a flavour that is quite approachable. This deep crimson shade of full-bodied red with traces of purple mixed in with it.

10. Myra Cabarnet Sauvignon

Top 10 Red Wines
  • Name of the winery- Myra Vineyards
  • Location of the winery- Nashik Valley, Maharashtra
  • Price- ₹ 1500 for 750 ml
  • Alcohol content- 14%

Myra's Cabernet Sauvignon is a superb fruity wine with a medium to full body that is made to be simple to drink and savor. India's most recognisable crimson is also one that matures beautifully. Normally, Cabernet doesn't do well in Indian soils, but this one is quite the exception. Round, silky tannins and a well-balanced acidity distinguish this Indian red wine. This wine is fantastic to sip on its own or with some creamy pasta, Indian food, or both. You taste dark fruits and have a satisfying aftertaste with each sip of this wine.

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