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Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men

The shirt is an incredibly versatile item of clothing that gives off a defined appearance and functions effectively in all situations. Whether you're a professional boss or want to project a rough look, shirts will always be of assistance to you. You could put together so many distinct appearances with just one shirt. On our list of popular shirt brands in India, a tiny subset of the numerous shirt companies in India is represented. These companies are well-known worldwide for their broad product ranges and excellent quality. Here are the top 10 branded shirts for men.

1. Raymond

Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men

Raymond is an easy choice regarding the names of the branded shirts. The company has been making customized shirts since 1925, and since then, it has focused on offering outstanding Comfort and superior fitting. The company initially sold menswear but has grown to sell women swear. Because of this, Raymond provides a large variety of branded formal and casual shirts for men and women. The history of Raymond makes it unique. In addition to its readymade products, the firm offers a fabric selection. White, black, and various other colors are among the colors that Raymond has shirts in that will make you feel fantastic.

Additional Info:

Occasions: Casual, Semi-formal

Price: Rs.999 - Rs.3499

Fit: Regular fit, tailored fit

Sizes: 38 - 46

Features of the Raymond

  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Modern and slim-fitting
  • It has a solid pattern
  • Long sleeves with a cutaway collar and a button closure

2. Peter England

Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men

Only a tiny percentage of people know that Peter England is an Indian brand that the mighty Aditya Birla Group introduced abroad in 1997. The brand was formerly known for its high-quality garments for export to other countries, but the owner later presented it to India.

The fundamental and most significant characteristic of Peter England is that they utilize a unique clothing type that cannot be compared to any other brand. The fabric feels lovely, the fit is quite comfortable, and Peter England has a look that is appropriate for any occasion.

Additional Info:

Occasions: Formal, Casual, Business Casual

Price: Rs.343 - Rs.2299

Fit: Slim fit, Regular, fit, Super-slim fit, Comfort fit, Nuvo fit, Ultra slim fit

Sizes: 36 - 48

Features of the Peter England

  • Features long sleeves with button closure and a collared neckline
  • This solid pattern shirt can be worn as semi-formal attire with denim, sneakers, and a watch.
  • Regular and slim fitting
  • It is crafted with 100% pure cotton.

3. Allen Solly

Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men

Allen Solly is another company that produces branded shirts in India for both men and women. This uniquely British brand has made a name for itself in the clothing sector since it was introduced to India in 1993. The firm first manufactured western apparel for ladies but soon included men's clothing in its collections for formal and casual occasions. Allen Solly has many shirts available for different age groups. It is, without a doubt, among the best shirt manufacturers in India and has created a standard for shirts in the marketplace.

Additional Info:

Occasions: Casual, Formal, and Semi-Formal

Price: Rs 734 - Rs2922

Fit: Regular and slim fit.

Sizes: 38 - 48

Features of the Allen Solly

  • Features a minimalistic print with tiny Allen Solly logos all over
  • Have long sleeves, a classic collar, and a button closure.
  • Several options include slim, average, tailored, and sport fit.
  • Has a curved hemline.
  • Made with pure cotton fabric.

4. Louis Philippe

Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men

Your astonishment at this collection's selection and fit of formal shirts is certain. Louis Philippe is known for creating excellent men's clothing, and the business offers both conventional and contemporary clothing for today's men. This international brand was created in India in 1989, and over the years, it dominated the formal shirt and semi-formal clothing markets to become the most popular. It has expensive shirts that will give the impression that you are fashionable, and it is definitely among the best shirt brands in India.

Additional Info:

Occasions: Casual, Formal

Price: Rs.1100 - Rs.4999

Fit: Slim fit, Regular fit, Classic fit, Comfort fit, Straight fit

Sizes: S - XXL

Features of the Louis Philippe

  • This shirt offers optimum Comfort and is made with 78% cotton, 20% nylon, and 2% spandex.
  • The striped pattern adds a stylish edge to it.
  • It features long sleeves, a button closure, and a collared neckline.
  • This black shirt can be worn over denim jeans with wayfarers and white sneakers to create a casual look.
  • It features traditional, regular, and slim fitting.

5. Flying Machine

Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men

One of India's top shirt manufacturing companies is this one. Flying Machine, a firm that was founded in 1980, was the first in India to focus on clothing for young people that reflects the most recent fashion trends. It offers a superb range of casual shirts for both men and women. There are attractive designs, checks, stripes, and colored shirts with spread collars and bottom-down collars among its collection of shirts. The shirts are pretty priced and available in various colors and designs.

Additional Info:

Occasions: Casual, Formal

Price: Rs.1000 - Rs.5999

Fit: Slim fit, Regular fit, Classic fit, straight fit

Sizes: S - XXL

Features of the Flying Machine

  • Crafted with 100% cotton fabric
  • Features long sleeves, classic collar, and button closure
  • Curved neckline
  • Black shirt with yellow and green checks
  • Slim and regular-fitting.

6. Tommy Hilfiger

Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men

This firm must be mentioned when evaluating the perfect shirt brand in India in 2022. Tommy Hilfiger clothing is the best option if you choose quality above price. The American corporation was founded in 1985, and the brand separates itself from its competitors with outstanding international styles. It also sells shirts, which are crucial for the summer, made entirely of organic cotton. Tommy Hilfiger Tailored offers a wide variety of bespoke shirts and a range of shirt fabrics.

Additional Info:

Occasions: Casual, formal, and semi-formal

Price: Rs 1849 - Rs5545

Fit: Boxy, Regular, Slim, Skinny, and Tailored fit.

Sizes: 36 -46

Features of the Tommy Hilfiger

  • Crafted with a blend of 60% linen and 40% cotton
  • Multicolor striped pattern all over
  • Slim and regular sizes
  • It features long sleeves, a mandarin collar, and a button closure.

7. Levi's

Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men

Levi's is one of the biggest names that has been used for clothing since the company's inception in 1853. The invention of denim jeans is linked to it. Blue jeans were first introduced and were immediately well received, helping to spread the concept of a western way of life with its associated cowboy image.

The Levi Strauss brand is recreated modern and fresh through a collection of high-end shirts and accessories. The American corporation did not take it easy after it had made a reputation for itself in the denim industry.

Additional Info:

Occasions: Casual, Formal

Price: Rs.639 - Rs.3599

Fit: Regular fit, Slim fit

Sizes: 36 - 52/ S - XXL

Features of the Levi's

  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Has a red and black checkered pattern
  • Comes with a front pocket
  • Features short sleeves with a classic collar and button closure.

8. BlackBerrys

Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men

This is one of India's top shirt brands available exclusively for men. It began to exist in 1991. It is owned by Mohan Clothing and is India's most popular shirt brand. The firm does not compromise the fabric quality. Additionally, it offers a variety of shirt designs that are suitable for many contexts and emotions. Blackberry apparel may be expensive, but it is worth the investment because the brand doesn't want to disappoint you. Additionally, it offers a wide range of fits that instantly make you stand out.

Additional Info:

Occasions: Casual, Formal

Price: Rs.839 - Rs.4599

Fit: Regular fit, Slim fit, Comfort fit, straight fit

Sizes: S - XXL

Features of the Blackberry

  • Long sleeves with classic collar and button closure
  • Comfortably fitted, slim, trim, fashionable, and comfortably equipped
  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Slim fit shirt with all-over print.

9. Wrangler

Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men

Another well-known shirt manufacturer you may trust for all of your everyday casual clothing needs is Wrangler. Because it always adheres to the current trend, this worldwide company, which began its adventure in 1947, is still in operation today with great success. The company sells a variety of colorful and beige shirts with various prints, pattern checks, and other designs. Providing the many options available to males, Men's shirts that are real, long-lasting, and both fashionable and comfortable are offered by the company. This brand can be an excellent choice for you if you're seeking a shirt company that provides a variety of alternatives for casual shirts.

Additional Info:

Occasions: Casual

Price: Rs 879 - Rs1979

Fit: Regular and slim fit.

Sizes: 39 - 48

Features of the Wrangler

  • Crafted with cotton fabric
  • Solid orange/peachy shirt
  • Button-down shirt with long sleeves and a cutaway collar

10. Arrow

Top 10 Branded Shirts for Men

Arrow is one of the well-known manufacturers of formal and casual shirts for men. In 1851, Arrow, India's first global clothing company, was established. The brand has raised the standard for quality ever since it was formed with its premium collection of men's clothes, which includes every shirt and other goods. Whether you're a cunning businessman or a corporate leader, the brand is now a popular choice for any man. Its shirts include half-sleeved, full-sleeved, printed, solid-colored shirts.

Additional Info:

Occasions: Casual, Formal

Price: Rs900 - Rs1500

Fit: Regular and slim fit.

Sizes: 38 - 44

Features of the Arrow

  • Made with a blend of cotton and linen to keep it lightweight and breezy
  • Has a long sleeve with barrel cuffs
  • Arrow shirts are a perfect example of elegance, so fill your wardrobe with their unique designs this season
  • Slim and regular fits
  • They are designed with button closures and collared necklines
  • One of the top shirt brands for men in India is this formal Arrow shirt, which goes well with grey pants, a black belt, and dress shoes.

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