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Top 10 Pokémon

Pocket monster commonly known as pokemon is a franchise developed by Santoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugmori in the year 1995. The media franchise works on the fantasy world where humans live together with powerful creatures called pokemon. The creatures are set to take different sizes, shapes, and evolution. It began as a series of video games and expanded rapidly to other big.

1. Mewtwo

Top 10 Pokemon

Mewtwo is one of the strongest and powerful creatures among all the living pokemon. It is even the most powerful pokemon among the natural and mutagenic. Mewtwo is created by the evil team rocket. It is Clone Da developed from the ancestor Mew and further manipulated by Giovanni. Its appearance is the same as the original mew along with a hint of mutated humanoid feature to its feline characteristics. The body's appearance is purple and has three fingers on each hand. Mewtwo releases a mild purple-colored aura at its full power strength. It is later evolved into two stronger versions called X and Y.

2. Rayquaza

Top 10 Pokemon

Rayquaza is a flying dragon type of Pokemon mega evolved in generation 3. It is commonly referred to as sky-high pokemon. This pokemon is known to have lived for more than millions of years.

Rayquaza appears as long green snaky Pokémon. It has a body of serpentine and has yellow eyes with pink lining on the mouth. In the mega evolved form, it has a delta-shaped jawline, long fusiform body. It shows more aggression, strength, and power being mega pokemon. One of the interesting powers of Rayquaza is the ability to float and control speed, direction, and levitation.

The very features of all Rayquazas are the presence of sharp claws on the hands, sharp teeth, and a good constricted body. However, it is not evident that energy whips and tentacles are used as weapons in any of the battles.

Mega Rayqyuza doesn't know to require any boosting anchor to mega evolve, unlike other pokemon. It boasts a 780 base stat in total and is only battled by the powerful Mega Mewtwo. Rayquaza being a mega flying pokemon, can travel through the ozone layer and even on higher altitudes in the atmosphere. It is very feasible that the pokemon need little oxygen to live or no air at all.

3. Lugia

Top 10 Pokemon

Lugia is an intense, enormous, legendary pokemon with floating features. The appearance of Lugia is beautiful due to the presence of silver-white feathers over the dorsal side of the body, the underneath belly is covered with blue feathers. The pokemon has around 8-10 fins over the back, which stand erect on flying. But the fin settles flat on the back in the water and on the land. The fins are used for navigation in the air while flying and demolish in the water to reduce surface resistance. It has two strong legs with three toes on each foot and has two wings with large beautiful feathers. The eyes of the Lugia are masked with two blue appendages and two same-sized spikes at the end of the long tail.

4. Pikachu

Top 10 Pokemon

Pikachu is the lead face of the Pokemon franchise as the pokemon is adorable, powerful, and strong. It is small, yellow, and has electrifying powers. Pikachu is known for its companionship as it has never left its owner Ash in any situation. Ash has one of the strongest pokemon in the world but Pikachu has always been the important one among all. Ash got his first pokemon Pikachu from Professor Oak's laboratory. At first, they had difficulty in getting along with each other but later they became close friends that one can do anything for the other.

5. Zekrom

Top 10 Pokemon

Zekrom is a black, draconian and humanoid looked pokemon. Zekron contains floating, mammalian, and dragon-like characters. It is known as pokemon of ideals because zekrom makes up one-third of Tao Trio. Tao trio has kyurem, reshiram, and zekrom. It is a strong attacker as well as defender. Zekrom has great electric moves.

6. Ho-oh

Top 10 Pokemon

Ho-oh is a legendary pokemon based on phoenix, a creature of Greek mythology known as the Firebird (capital of Arizona). The phoenix represents the symbol of longevity, restoration, rebirth, fire, and death in many different cultures. Thus, ho-oh also states the same beliefs, as it rebirth from its ashes, which proved the reincarnation believes. It has also used its power to reincarnate Raikou, Entei, and Suicune as they die in ecruteak city's burned tower happily.

7. Palkia

Top 10 Pokemon

Palkia is a huge, bipedal water pokemon with draconian qualities. The major portion of the body is of light pink-grey-white color with purple linear sections.

The arms and shoulders of the Pokemon are covered with huge sharp blades and have five narrow nails on each hand. The shoulder has a round plate that has a large pearl on the center. It is used for defense while battling. Wings are also present on Palkia's back they are not used for flying but it does levitate.

8. Giratina

Top 10 Pokemon

Giratina is a huge, ghost like dragocian Pokemon with a look of big sauropod. Its body is a mix of black, gold, grey, and red colors. It has six legs and has projection like ribs coated with gold and also has beautiful gold horns on the top of the head. The ventral part of neck has five red stripes and six black stripes. Black stripes are present on its back which is extended to the legs. It has black wings with red spikes like proturbance called Girasol. These are the characteristics of the altered form of Giratina. The original form of Giratina is more like a serpentine. The height of the Pokemon is 14'9" and it comes under the category Renegade. Its foremost ability is to control pressure. Giratina is known to be a God of Death and Afterlife. It is winged, numerous limbed serpentine Pokemon. Giratina is considered to be violent and vainglorious creature. The two other gods palkia and dialga are its brothers.

9. Dialga

Top 10 Pokemon

Dialga is known to be one of the four principle gods, it is considered to be the God of Time, Future and Change. Dialga has four legs with blue appendages studded with diamonds in steel plating. The Pokemon is a brother of Giratina and twin brother of Palkia and son of Arceus. Its appearance is a combination of dragon and horse. It has blue and grey metallic scales on the chest and back. Dialga has two horns on its head, two fangs beside mouth, small tail and four legs. It resembles a type of dinosaur. It is steel Pokemon to control time and give solid directions to the new universe.

10. Kyurem

Top 10 Pokemon

Kyurem is an ice coated, hunch back Pokemon with draconian appearance. It's body has small arms and heavy legs along with chipped horn and teared wings. The wings are covered with ice and are attached to the blades on the back of shoulder. Kyurem has two other forms also to clump with Reshiram and Zekrom.

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