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Top 10 Raiders in Pro Kabaddi 2022

Kabaddi is a fast-paced and physically demanding sport, which typically makes it exciting and entertaining for audiences to watch. The pro kabaddi league 2022 started on October 7 and lasted until December. Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad took the hosting for the league.

Kabaddi fans are dynamic; some enjoy the game's physical and strategic elements, while others are drawn to the fast-paced and dynamic nature of kabaddi matches. Some fans also appreciate the cultural significance of the sport in certain regions, such as in Haryana, where many kabaddi players came from and made their name at the national and international levels.

Top 10 Raiders in Pro Kabaddi 2022

Initially, it started as a rural sport in the early 20th century, and now, it is one of the world's most exciting and sponsored games. Every year, several trophy matches and leagues are played.

The Pro kabaddi league is the most popular match or tournament. The fans are already waiting for it to happen next year in 2023.

Pro kabaddi league 2022

The ninth and most exciting season of the Pro Kabaddi League was the 2022 Vivo Pro Kabaddi League. Season 9 started on October 7, 2022. Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad hosted the competition, while Mumbai hosted the playoffs. The top six teams proceeded to the playoffs after playing every other team twice. Season 9's player auction took place in Mumbai on August 5, 2022.

The tournament's schedule was released for the remaining competition on September 21, 2022, and October 11, 2022. In the championship game, Jaipur Pink Panthers(33) beat Puneri Paltan(29) to win their second championship. Besides many Indian players, some of the international players also took part in the league, earned lots of titles, and vowed to their huge fan base in India and abroad through defending and raids strategies in the matches. It was a huge money-making league for its sponsors, such as tata group, byju's, mFine, and A23.

Twelve teams participated in the pro league 2022; the Jaipur Pink Panthers Team took the trophy back home.

Top 10 Raiders of Pro kabaddi 2022

As the player with the highest raid points in PKL 9, Arjun Deshwal of the Jaipur Pink Panthers took home the green sleeves. Arjun led Jaipur to its second PKL championship after the initial 2014 season victory with six raid points over Puneri Paltan. With 296 raid points and 17 Super 10s to his credit, he also won the Most Valuable Player of the Season accolade.

With 279 raid points and 16 Super 10s in 23 PKL 9 games, Bengaluru Bulls player Bharat follows Arjun in second position.

Naveen Kumar, the captain of Dabang Delhi, concluded the PKL 9 season in third place with 254 raid points and 16 Super 10s, while Narender, the New Young Player of the Season, finished in fourth place with 243 raid points and 15 Super 10.

This season saw two players from Patna Pirates, one from Jaipur Pink Panthers, Bengaluru Bulls, Dabang Delhi K.C, Tamil Thalaivas, Bengaluru Bulls, Bengal Warriors Gujrat Giants, and Haryana Steelers each in the top 10 raiders list

With 238 raid points and 14 Super 10, Bengal Warriors skipper Maninder Singh finished in fifth place. UP Yoddhas' Pardeep Narwal, Gujarat Giants' Parteek Dahiya, Patna Pirates' Sachin and Rohit Gulia, and Haryana Steelers' Manjeet are the other raiders that made the top 10 list.

1. Arjun Deshwal, Jaipur Pink Panthers

Top 10 Raiders in Pro Kabaddi 2022

A young 22-year-old kabaddi player from Muzaffarnagar, UP, secured the highest number of raids in the pro kabaddi league, with a total number of raids counting 296 raid points.

From his initial career phase in kabaddi, he was a very good enthusiast and a strategic player who played all his steps with utmost raids.

In the 2021 season 8 pro kabaddi league, he was the most expensive and highest-auctioned player.

2. Bharat Hooda, Bengaluru Bulls

Top 10 Raiders in Pro Kabaddi 2022

In Pro Kabaddi League 2022 season 9, playing for the Bengaluru bulls, he scored 279 raids in 9 matches and took his name in the top 10 raiders list with an overall rank of 2nd highest raider.

But, still, after his huge efforts, the Bengaluru bulls could not make it out after the semifinals.

Bharat Hooda frequently entered situations with a relaxed, careless demeanor. He would then surprise the defense by pulling points with his powerful, lengthy levers after catching them off guard.

Bharat Hooda would have conducted a massive raid until the opposition realized what had happened. He possessed a keen touch for escape and was sleek and graceful, making him one of the season's most deadly raiders.

3. Naveen Kumar, Dabang Delhi K.C.

Top 10 Raiders in Pro Kabaddi 2022

Naveen Kumar Goyat, one of the youngest players and captain of the Dabang Delhi Team, has secured 3rd position in the total number of 254 raid points in season 9, 2022 Pro Kabaddi League.

The man who is always seen motivating his co-teammates has given Astonishing performances while doing the most aggressive performance among his team members.

His performance and speedy raids can be seen in domestic and foreign mats while playing for the Indian Kabaddi Team. His fans positioned him as 'Naveen Express,' which completely suits his playing style. Born in Haryana, the most athletes and sportsperson-producing state, he was always fond of kabaddi and started playing kabaddi very early.

4. Narendra, Tamil Thalaivas

Top 10 Raiders in Pro Kabaddi 2022

With 243 raid points in 23 games, Narender of the Tamil Thalaivas had a strong rookie season. In 2022, Narender was the team's leading raider with 15 Super 10s and four Super Raids. Playing for the Tamil Thalaivas, he has always been a furious player who always gave edges to his teammates with his fierce raids strategy and speed with his opponent player.

5. Maninder Singh, Bengal Warriors

Top 10 Raiders in Pro Kabaddi 2022

Playing for the Bengal warriors, the man who is also a national icon and national player of the Indian kabaddi team is rated fourth position regarding the total number of raids in the league. The captain and the lead raider of the Bengal Warriors had scored a total of 238 raids points. This season his performance was a lot more than expected, and he had raided and earned the winning title for his team in many matches in the league.

The national kabaddi player is also a police officer of the state police service. Maninder Singh, also one of the fastest right-handed raiders, had shown remarkable raiding strategies and fastness in the matches.

6. Pradeep Narwal, Bengaluru Bulls

Top 10 Raiders in Pro Kabaddi 2022

Slipping from 1st position in the most raids in the 2021 pro kabaddi league, the kabaddi player from the UP Yoddha team has secured 6th position in the most raids in the 2022 pro kabaddi league.

His raid points rose to 220 after playing in 22 matches this season. The national player started his kabaddi journey with the Bengaluru bulls team. He has also played for other teams, such as the Patna Pirate, the UP Yoddhas, and the Indian National Kabaddi team.

7. Parteek Dahiya, Gujrat Giants

Top 10 Raiders in Pro Kabaddi 2022

Playing for the Gujrat Giants in season 9 pro kabaddi league 2022, the all-rounder and strategic raider Parteek Dahiya has given 178 raids for the team and came to 7th position in the top raiders of the league. He played 19 matches in which his speedy moves and fruitful raids have always given a fair chance to his team to win over their opponents. Coming from the all-rounder category in his team, he has established himself as a more accurate raider. Earlier, he was playing for Patna pirates in the season 8 pro kabaddi league, where he could not make a fair winning, but this season gave him a fair chance, and he proved that in the season 9 league.

8. Sachin Tanwar, Patna Pirates

Top 10 Raiders in Pro Kabaddi 2022

Sachin has emerged at number 8th in the top raider of the 2022 season 9 pro kabaddi league. His ambiguity made him in the top 10 raiders list in the previous and this season.

He earned 179 points in the league and raided 176 times in 20 matches. Also, his tackle strike rate in the tournament was nicely raised to 21%. He is also a member of the Indian national kabaddi team, and his raids strategy has excited all his fans while watching him in the comfort of his home.

9. Manjeet, Haryana Steelers

Top 10 Raiders in Pro Kabaddi 2022

Manjeet, who played for Haryana Steelers, has got his name in the top 10 raiders list with his energetic and markable playing style. He scored a total of 149 raids in 22 matches. His strike is above average,54%, and his tackle strike, 42%, shows his remarkable playing norm.

Manjeet has been a responsive raider for the team throughout the whole tournament. His fans were more surprised by his raids in the match with Patna Pirates when he landed the team victorious with 10 points against the team.

10. Rohit Gulia, Patna Pirates

Top 10 Raiders in Pro Kabaddi 2022

Playing for the Patna pirates, Rohit Gulia scored 148 raids in 19 matches. His strike rate in the league remained at a surprising 51%, and a tackle strike rate of 0%. He is an all-rounder for the team. Patna pirates managed to win the first match in the 32nd match of the league against Delhi K.C. with his raiding. Beyond anything else, the player is mostly known for his Do-or-Die raids strategy.

He was also the youngest captain in the pro kabaddi league tournaments. He started his professional kabaddi career in 2018 with season 5 pro kabaddi league with an average start. Still, his passionate and speedy raids have made him into the top 10 raiders list.

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