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Top 10 Online Grocery Stores in India

An online grocer is a physical supermarket or grocery store that takes online orders, and a different e-commerce business sells groceries. Usually, this service has a delivery fee attached to it. Online grocers are known as traditional supermarkets that have developed internet platforms to serve their consumers better. Online grocery delivery services are prevalent in North America, Europe, and Asia urban areas. Mobile apps or e-commerce websites are used for online ordering.

Online grocery buying has become more popular due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Online food purchasing soared by 300% in the early months of the COVID-19 epidemic, significantly accelerating the rise of online grocers. Furthermore, 41% of online grocery customers were first-time users. Food purchasing activity before COVID-19 accounted for 9% of the market, but 63% of consumers globally made more online grocery purchases following the outbreak than before they were socially isolated.

If you live in India and need to do food shopping or already do it, you will realize that we are not exaggerating when we say it is difficult. The diversity of products is the largest issue; there is usually at least one unavailable item, necessitating multiple shop visits. We've compiled a list of India's top 10 online grocery businesses to help you solve this problem.

The best thing about these online grocery stores in India is that they have the most selection of goods, so you won't have to keep running back and forth to the store to see whether something is in stock. You will not only save time by doing this but also avoid traveling to 4 distinct locations, regardless of how far apart they are. It's only a click away.

People are aware of many grocery stores in India, but this can be a double-edged sword at times because increased customer demand can cause order delays or cancellations. Because of this, we have created a list of grocery stores with excellent customer reviews and a large selection of products for you.

1. StarQuick:

Top 10 Online Grocery Stores in India

Tata Group, India's biggest and most reputable industrial conglomerate, owns the online food retailer StarQuik. Indians already adore their brick-and-mortar stores under the moniker Star Mart.

The online store is similar to the online portal in that it provides a wide range of products, including groceries, kitchen equipment, utilities, pet care, and much more. The finest aspect of StarQuick is that it sells goods for less than MSRP. Additionally, they provide an express delivery service with a three-hour arrival guarantee.

StarQuik is different from other online grocery stores in that it picks up items from stores and distributes them to customers, as opposed to most other portals that pick up items from warehouses and distribute them. StarQuik assists in reducing the cost of logistics and warehousing.

2. BigBasket:

Top 10 Online Grocery Stores in India

One of the best and most reputable online grocery stores in India is where you can get various commodities like fruits, beverages, vegetables, household goods, eggs, essentials, groceries, and personal care items. These are just the beginning of the items you can get from this platform; there are more spices, gourmet foods, and dairy products. In addition to having a huge selection of products, BigBasket also provides discounts via coupons.

BigBasket offers a variety of delivery choices, including same-day, express, and regular delivery, in addition to its selection of goods and discounts. They also provide the option of signature packaging. In addition, BigBasket is accessible in so many locations, including Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and a host of others, placing it among the best online grocery stores in India.

3. Grofers:

Top 10 Online Grocery Stores in India

Another popular choice among Indians is Grofers, which is recognized as one of the country's best online food merchants. Grofers provides baked goods, cosmetics, electronics, baby care, pet care, and a huge variety of other goods in addition to groceries, fruits, vegetables, and other household items. The unique selling proposition of Grofers is that it links users to every local merchant selling groceries.

You will always be free to select the store from which you want to purchase the goods or services using Grofers and select and arrange the delivery times based on your needs. Several Indian cities, including Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Chennai, Chandigarh, Surat, and Jaipur, to mention a few, are included in Grofers' delivery service, similar to BigBasket's. As a result, it ranks among India's best online supermarkets.

4. Amazon Pantry:

Top 10 Online Grocery Stores in India

The largest e-commerce site on earth and the company behind prime music and films. Since Amazon Pantry has a lengthy history and a solid reputation, choosing them as your next online grocery store in India is one of those decisions you cannot go wrong.

Amazon's safe and reliable delivery service is well-known to everyone, and Amazon Pantry not only offers some of the widest selection of goods-including groceries, beverages, snacks, household goods, produce, and other needs for cooking. It is also one of the best online grocery stores in India because they deliver to more than 100 cities there, which is a tremendous accomplishment in and of itself.

5. Nature's Basket:

Top 10 Online Grocery Stores in India

Another online grocery store in India is called Nature's Basket. This company is operated by Godrej and provides high-end options for ordering food items from various categories, including bakery, health, veggies, meats, fruits, confectionary, and a whole lot more. Godrej Nature's Basket also sells premium-quality dry fruits.

More justification is needed to include Nature's Basket among India's best online grocery stores. In that case, the fact that it is a World Food store where you can purchase products with flavors you've tasted overseas is likely the case. Consequently, you will find some of the most uncommon products besides basic goods. And even if you didn't venture outdoors, you may now sample the foods your pals used to boast about.

6. DMart Ready:

Top 10 Online Grocery Stores in India

Originated from a large national chain of physical stores, such as those in Mumbai, Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Bengaluru, among many other locations, for physical food buying online. DMart provides various products that may be purchased through their mobile app or website, including gifts and clothing, and groceries.

Due to its extensive product selection, which includes flours, grains, rice, dals, masalas, spices, cooking oil, ghee, fruits and vegetables, and even personal care items, DMart is one of the top online grocery stores. They also provide two different delivery services: home delivery and self-pickup. You can select the closest pickup location when self-pickup is available.

7. Reliance Smart:

Top 10 Online Grocery Stores in India

One of the most well-known grocery store brands in the country is Reliance. It is unnecessary to introduce Reliance Smart because it is among the top online grocery stores in India, covering most of the nation with physical stores and enjoying long-standing goodwill among consumers. The list of things that Reliance Smart sells is endless and includes a wide range of foods like fruits, vegetables, household goods, snacks, dairy products, and personal care items. Reliance Smart Bags' extensive presence in India-it began delivering in Mumbai and Pune and now does so among many other locations, including Chennai and Delhi-also contributes to its position among the top 10 online grocery stores in India.

8. Patanjali Ayurved:

Top 10 Online Grocery Stores in India

An online grocery store in India called Patanjali Ayurveda can ship goods to practically all of the country's postal codes. In addition, Baba Ramdev's product line is among the best-selling in the nation, fiercely competing with P&G and HUL. His extensive background in Ayurveda supports Baba Ramdev.

The only drawback of this website is that it only sells Patanjali items, which is everything else you can imagine. Though many moms across the nation appreciate these goods, don't let this discourage you. Additionally, Patanjali Ayurveda's "Swadeshi Smridhi Card" is accessible for just Rs. 100 once free and gives you discounts, free shipping, and numerous exclusive deals as you shop online at one of the top online grocery stores in India.

Along with the card, you also receive a life insurance policy with death benefits of Rs. 5 lakh and permanent disability benefits of Rs. 2.5 lakh.

9. Spencer's:

Top 10 Online Grocery Stores in India

The top 10 online grocery stores in India frequently include Spencer's, a well-known and reliable chain of supermarkets. Few people are aware that they are also accessible online, but they soon plan to expand their reach beyond the cities in North and South India, where they currently only operate.

On the other hand, the sheer range of available products makes Spencer's one of India's top online grocery stores. Fruits and vegetables, organic food items, bread, dairy products, foreign goods, meat, and the list are all examples of this.

10. Easyday Club:

Top 10 Online Grocery Stores in India

One of the best grocery stores in India is this one. Easyday Club is a development of Future Retail Limited's retail chain, which already operates in significant Indian cities and provides a large selection of products. Everyday Club, as its name suggests, operates on a membership basis and charges just Rs. 999 per year for various offers, including a 10% discount on purchases and home delivery.

Easyday Club is a simple decision when picking which online grocery store in India to purchase things from because it offers delivery services and has a presence in most Indian cities. In addition, the membership discounts more Future Retail Limited enterprises, such as Big Bazaar, Central, fbb, and even HomeTown, all of which give reductions of up to 10%.

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