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Top 10 Programming Language

You must study the appropriate programming language if you want to construct a mobile application, obtain certification for programming expertise, or master new abilities. The following sections will teach you about the top ten programming languages that will be in high demand among employers.

1. Javascript

Top 10 Programming Language

JavaScript is a high-level programming language that is a key component of the World Wide Web. 97.6 percent of all websites utilize it as a client-side programming language. Originally used exclusively to construct web browsers, JavaScript is now utilized for server-side website deployments as well as non-web browser applications.

Javascript, originally known as LiveScript, was established in 1995. However, because Java was such a popular language at the time, it was marketed as Java's "younger brother." JavaScript grew into a fully separate language over time. Nowadays, JavaScript is sometimes mistaken with Java, and while there are some similarities, the two languages are unique.

Javascript is the most widely used programming language in the world, and it is in great demand among a wide range of enterprises. Every year, the average Java developer makes roughly $111,660.

2. Python

Top 10 Programming Language

Python has become one of the most used programming languages worldwide. It is used in various applications like website development, machine learning, and also software testing software. Both developers, as well as non-developers, can use it easily with basic programming language. Being one of the most used programming languages, it is used to construct many well-known sites from Netflix to software like self-driving car software.

The reason why Python has become very famous in a very short period is its general purpose use nature. In very general tasks like web development, automation, data science, and another software programming, Python can be used for development.

3. Go

Top 10 Programming Language

In 2007, Go was created by Google as a programming software for many online applications and APIs. The major advantage of Go is its simplicity. It can be used in handling very large codebases and multicore network systems easily. And because of this nature, Go is emerging as the fastest-growing programming language of this decade.

The main purpose for developing Go (also known as Golang), is to handle huge projects and therefore programmers working on large projects find it pretty satisfying. Its features like syntax familiarity, modern and clear structure it is well stood upon the name of the brand that created it, is Google. Big IT organizations like Google itself, Twitch, Uber, and dropbox are now switching to it as their programming language. Because of its agility and performance, Go is becoming increasingly popular among data scientists.

4. Java

Top 10 Programming Language

Java is a programming language that is extensively used for developing client-server applications. it is employed by large corporations all over the world. The major advantage of Java is that it is considered as a loosely linked programming language that can be easily operated on any platform and can support Java. Because of this, Java is known as the programming language that allows its users to "write once and execute anywhere."

The major drawback is that it is not suitable for cloud-based apps. Also, a firm that is known to own Java, Oracle, charges a fee (license fee) from its users to use the Java development key.

5. C#

Top 10 Programming Language

It is a well-known programming language which is created by Microsoft. The major plus point C# gives its user is a more secure and quick nature. And because it is developed by Microsoft, it is compatible with it. It has the NET software framework which enables the user to create browser plug-ins, Windows applications, and mobile apps. A big code library, Shared codebases, and a range of data types are all available in C#.

The major drawback C# face is that it is not as flexible as other programming languages like C++. Furthermore, it has a steep learning curve, especially when it comes to error resolution.

The main application that can be developed using C# is windows and Microsoft application development. It has a NET framework resolution which enables it to be used on video game consoles and mobile devices.

6. C

Top 10 Programming Language

C is considered as one of the best programming languages for learning programming, along with Python and Java. It is the foundation of other programming languages because it is one of the first programming languages developed. It's also a simple language to debug, test, and keep up with.

The major drawback is being an older programming language, it is not ideal for the new technology like in mobile app and websites development. Furthermore, as compared to more recent programming languages, it has a complex syntax. C finds its utility mainly in hardware technology like medical equipment in health care and embedded systems in autos.

7. C++

Top 10 Programming Language

C++ is one of the extensions of C programming languages. The main advantage it offers to its users is that it is suitable for multi-platform and multi-device applications. Large numbers of libraries and C++ compilers have been created overtime by programmers.

The drawbacks of C++ are quite similar to C, that is, it has a plethora of features and a sophisticated syntax and therefore it seems confusing to beginners. Run-time checking, which is a means of detecting mistakes or faults while a program is executing, is likewise not supported in C++. C++ has a wide range of applications and is used in anything from computer games to mathematical calculations.

8. R

Top 10 Programming Language

R is a well-known programming language that has application in machine learning and statistical analysis. The major plus point a user has while using R is its adaptable nature. Due to its adaptability, a user can run it on numerous different platforms. Due to this advantage, it is in high demand and so many corporate and IT firms use this programming language to analyze their huge data.

One of the drawbacks of R is that it does not have very strict programming rules, unlike earlier and more established languages.

9. Swift

Top 10 Programming Language

A very well-known programming language developed by Apple is Swift. It is widely used for creating applications for Apple digital devices like Mac computers, iPhone, apple watch, iPad, etc. It has so many advantages like it executes the codes very quickly and it offers a legit syntax. Swift can be used both for server-side development and client-side development.

The obvious disadvantage programmers face is that it is only compatible with newer versions of iOS 7 and will not function with older apps. Another drawback is, the code can be unstable sometimes because it is still a young programming language. Swift is commonly used in iOS and macOS applications.

10. PHP

Top 10 Programming Language

PHP is a programming language that is preferred for server-side web development. Server-side web development is when a website regularly requests information from a server. It is an old programming language. Although not very popular today, still, it has a big ecosystem of users who have created various automation tools, libraries, and different frameworks. PHP code is also simple to troubleshoot.

The major drawback users face while using this programming language is its notorious nature. Because its fame is fading with the introduction of new and more reliable programming languages like Python and Java, many of its users are facing job insecurities.

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