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Top 10 Mobile Brands in India 2021

In our nation, there are over 350 million smartphone users. In addition to professionals and residents of metropolitan regions, smartphone use is on the increase among non-professionals as well, who are now also beginning to use them in rural areas. Smartphones are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury, and the typical individual thinks about getting a new device every two years because of how quickly things are changing and developing.

The best mobile brands in India are fortunately able to meet the technical requirements of the nation's middle-class people and provide them access to top-notch technology. It's challenging for you to pick the best option because of the proliferation of several mobile phone manufacturers, each with its own unique selling pitch due to the growing demand for smartphones. Here is the list of the Top 10 Mobile Brands in India in 2021:

1. Samsung

Top 10 Mobile Brands in India 2021

Samsung is among the most recognizable names and is among the few companies that sell handsets in all price categories, including high, mid, and cheap. As a division of the Samsung Group, Samsung Electronics was founded in 1969. With a market dominance of more than 46% in India's mobile phone industry, it is among the country's biggest producers of tablets and smartphones. In addition to enforcing a strong worldwide code of conduct for all workers, Samsung is dedicated to abiding by local regulations and laws.

It regards ethical administration to be a means of encouraging teamwork among its different stakeholders, including clients, shareholders, staff members, business associates, and local communities, as well as a means of adapting to the quick changes occurring in the global business environment. In an attempt to rank among the most moral businesses, Samsung continues to practice fair and open company management while also training its staff and running monitoring systems.

A Samsung gadget is an all-arounder in terms of features and specs, covering everything from the cameras to RAM and battery life. To operate all of your essential business applications, though, you will need a smartphone with sufficient computing power. Your staff can multitask more effectively while on the move if their mobile devices have adequate memory. The best choice for you is Samsung if you anticipate eventually needing extra storage.

It offers the greatest storage at a reasonable price. If you need to watch something on the mobile outdoors, Samsung's bright display is comfortable to look at. There are now several mid-tier alternatives that provide lots of screen space, unlike in the past when you had to pay substantially more to buy a phone with a display bigger than 6 inches.

Whatever phone you decide on, it should be completely integrated with reliable mobile device management (MDM) solution to make it simple for your Technology staff to set up devices, access mobile security controls, and implement device security rules, and software systems across your fleet. As your company expands, your sensitive data will be safeguarded by a defense-grade security platform like Samsung Knox, which is integrated into Samsung devices from the chip up.

2. Xiaomi

Top 10 Mobile Brands in India 2021

In 2010, Xiaomi was founded with the motto "innovation for everyone." Given that its high-end devices combine with cutting edge technology, it is one of the top mobile brands in India. The Redmi Note 4 was formerly released by Xiaomi, and it quickly rose to the top of the list of smartphones that people in the nation bought. They still have the same influence on the sector. With their devices, which come equipped with top-notch hardware, software, memory, storage, and internet services, they make technology more accessible to the average person.

Xiaomi is renowned for providing more features and specs than they sell and price their products at. To safeguard the user's privacy, they do provide you the chance to withdraw your consent if this is not something with which you are comfortable. Xiaomi has returned to the market with a camera quality that is rather competitive, and they have added outstanding features for a more imaginative user experience to bring back the fun factor. Super Macro Shots, which may be enabled on the camera, produce stunning effects while capturing macro photos.

You may snap screen captures and scroll to the bottom of any website hands-free by just sliding the 3 long fingers in a downward manner on your screen! You will get the greatest smartphone available from the company at a competitive price. It has exceptional camera quality. In the present market for smartphones, battery life is not really challenged. Moreover, Xiaomi offers a ton of highly practical features that allow it to compete with other mobile phone manufacturers and, in many cases, outperform them.

3. Apple

Top 10 Mobile Brands in India 2021

In 1976, Steve Jobs and his colleagues founded Apple Inc. in a basement. Since it first began making personal computers, it has expanded to make almost every kind of device, including music players and mobile phones. The top mobile phone manufacturer in India includes Apple's iPhones. Since many years ago, Apple has dominated the smartphone market and continues to be the most desired brand.

All Apple fans agree that the company's products are worth every cent, despite the fact that their pricing policy is questionable. As of the most recent iPhone update, the corporation must inform customers of their privacy policies and the methods they employ to acquire data. Despite knowing where or how the information will be used, Android just requests data permission and discloses information about privacy.

As with the iOS 14.5 release, other applications are unable to monitor users' internet behavior. Before utilizing a user's data anyplace, the applications must request their permission. On websites and in other applications, no one can follow a user's online activity using an iPhone. As opposed to third-party websites like clones or clickbait, iPhone applications are offered via the Apple App Store. Rather than freely installing the app from any place like it is with Android, the applications must be available in the store if the user wishes to utilize them.

When someone tries to enter or copy a password for an account, the iPhone immediately notifies users. No one can access the clipboard since Apple will instantly issue a notice about it. Several hidden features are available on the iPhone. Users will be alerted, for example, by a green or yellow notification dot whenever any app opens the camera or microphone. With the concealed choices available, spying on users is challenging for anybody.

4. One Plus

Top 10 Mobile Brands in India 2021

OnePlus, a smartphone brand from China has completely revolutionized the Indian market. Brands that sell luxury phones for blatantly high pricing are having a difficult time as a result. The greatest mobile manufacturer in India is One Plus, recognized for its flagship handsets with top-notch features and performance but mid-range pricing. The One Plus device, manufactured by the Shenzhen-based business, emerged in the Indian market in 2014.

The quality, functionality, and affordability of One Plus's electronic devices are well-known. The primary and selfie cameras on OnePlus smartphones are excellent. These phones have several feature-rich back and front cameras. One of the best features of your OnePlus phone is the camera. It will assist you in taking the sexiest images possible that will make everyone envious.

The primary camera system for OnePlus has four lenses. You may anticipate that OnePlus phones will have batteries that are at least 4,500 mAh in size. This implies your phone will last you a complete day without requiring a recharge. Many consumers like OnePlus phones because of their long-lasting batteries and support for rapid charging. The dual speakers on OnePlus are powerful, loud, and sharp.

You will discover that viewing movies and listening to music on your phone are both immersive experiences thanks to the high-quality speakers. Both noise cancellation and Dolby Atmos capabilities are available with these dual stereo speakers. Because of seamless Bluetooth communication, connecting your OnePlus smartphone to any external speaker is simple. Several audio formats are supported by OnePlus smartphones. Even the greatest smartphones are vulnerable to spills and mishaps, according to OnePlus.

If your smartphone drops on the floor or into a scalding bowl of soup, it will still be harmed even if it has the fastest CPU or 8 GB of Memory. OnePlus provides extended protection options that will continue to look after your device even after the usual warranty term has passed in consideration of this. These policies cover losses brought on by liquids, breaks, and drops. Choosing one of these programs is a certain method to keep your OnePlus phone secure.

5. Vivo

Top 10 Mobile Brands in India 2021

The Dongguan, China-based Vivo Electronics Company is one of the top mobile phone manufacturers worldwide. The business has captivated customers in the mid-range area of the mobile market with its low-cost Android phones' excellent features. One of the most popular mobile phone manufacturers in the nation is Vivo, which has a market share of 2.7% worldwide. The brand's camera is one of its finest differentiators that aid in the penetration of the mobile market. It also has a better standard of performance and design.

Vivo has earned a spot among the top five mobile phone makers in India. Vivo is a company that is relatively new to the market and sells affordable smartphones, particularly for young people in the nation. An exciting buy is a new vivo smartphone. You can already picture all the selfies, games, and relationships your phone will let you create as you go through the setup procedure. Unfortunately, most users only make use of a tiny portion of their phones' capabilities.

Interruptions are not enjoyable if you take your gaming seriously. You may automatically decline phone calls and block email previews in real-time. Devices with a more recent Funtouch OS, such as the vivo V19, have access to Game Assistant, a user interface for gaming mode. You may also benefit from the game's countdown clock, which notifies you when the next quest is about to begin. Apps may be hidden so they don't show up on the phone's home screen by activating the app lock feature. You can simply decide to enter the setting menu & activate them in order to gain access to them.

Deactivating your gaming accounts allows you a bit more anonymity. With its twin front cameras and quad cameras on the back, the Vivois a strong smartphone that will assist you in taking stunning images of all kinds. This phone will provide you with the functionality you want thanks to its quick processing power and quick charging capabilities.

6. Oppo

Top 10 Mobile Brands in India 2021

Oppo is a Chinese consumer technology company with its headquarters in Guangdong. It was founded in 2004. The company has introduced a lot of significant electronic devices, like as smartphones, Blu-ray players, and other devices. Opp once again shares a category with Xiaomi and Vivo. Their camera, though, is what distinguishes and appeals to people about them. Their outstanding camera and shot quality helped them advance through the rankings. New tech is one of the reasons OPPO phones are so well-liked.

The phones made by OPPO are brimming with features you won't find on other gadgets since the company is always at the forefront of technological advancements. The OPPO Find X, for example, was among the first smartphones to include a pop-up camera. As a result, the design was almost completely bezel-less, providing you a larger screen without compromising any functionality. One of the most well-liked user interfaces is the ColorOS software from OPPO.

For owners of OPPO phones, it provides functionality and customization options that make it a fantastic option. With ColorOS, consumers have even more control over the photo settings on OPPO phones, which are well recognized for their excellent camera skills. The interface has a basic, clean design that makes it incredibly user-friendly. Unlike Apple, OPPO does not adhere to the high pricing and single-segment philosophy. You have a wide range of alternatives when shopping for an OPPO phone. There are always options available to you, regardless of your financial situation.

When the Oppo R5 was first introduced, it was the world's thinnest smartphone, and the company has had the strongest sales quarter in India so far. It is among the greatest mobile phone brands in India and has overtaken Micromax's market share. So, keep OPPO in mind if you're shopping for a new phone. With its state-of-the-art technology, practical software, and attractive designs at reasonable costs. They will undoubtedly like the fantastic experience provided by OPPO phones.

7. Motorola/Lenovo

Top 10 Mobile Brands in India 2021

A worldwide technology corporation with offices in Beijing, China, and North Carolina, Lenovo has headquartered in China. The company also makes workstations, tablets, phones, servers, electronic storage devices desktops, and other products. It is recognized for producing some of the greatest mobile brands in India.

In order to expand its product line in the Indian market, Lenovo introduced its smartphones under the Motorola name. Once Lenovo bought it, Motorola once again climbed the corporate ladder. It now utilizes the Google-developed Android operating system. The most rational technology is available in its sensible phones.

Lenovo mobile phones include a wide range of features for smartphones that may be customized to meet your requirements. Lenovo offers some of the greatest Android phones on the market at costs that are favorable to your pocket, whether you're searching for stunning screen displays, high-quality cameras, or incredible battery life. You can surely do more than just conversation on these smartphones!

For a long time, Motorola phones have provided a streamlined software experience that makes them simple to use, comparatively responsive, and ideal for those who prefer to rely on Google applications and services over those of other companies. Motorola simplifies the process of customizing your smartphone compared to the many tools that are already included with Android. The Moto app is to blame for it.

It's important to get acquainted with the Moto app since it's the key to many of the tricks and tips on this list and is already integrated into all current Motorola phones. To be able to skip to the next or previous song without ever pulling your phone out of your pocket, use the music player on your phone. You may accomplish this using another option in the Moto app. By holding the volume up or down buttons, you may use this function to go to the next or previous track, respectively.

Motorola also provides a variety of gestures for swiftly accessing device features. For instance, by making two chop motions while holding the phone, you may rapidly access the flashlight. If you often use the flashlight on your smartphone, you'll need to keep in mind that this motion is an option. Motorola Mobility, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lenovo, develops and produces all of the mobile phone brands.

The Nokia phone shook the nation with its inexpensive and superior features, but the phone only functioned for a year. The Motorola phone offers high-end similar functions at a minimum price that it was unable to achieve previously. Yet, Moto phones have had a flawless operation for over a year. For your Android, it offers the most recent updates. In the end, the Indians were only drawn in by the American brand name.

8. LG

Top 10 Mobile Brands in India 2021

One of the biggest technological businesses and the biggest maker of phones worldwide is LG. While it is the nation's second-largest maker of televisions, the company also offers a variety of other technology products, including laptops, multimedia players, smartphones, and home theatre systems.

Every year, clever and cutting-edge phones are released by LG, one of the greatest mobile phone companies in India. These are still relatively new in terms of smartphones, but they are renowned for having realistic audio and video. The first iPhone was unquestionably a revolutionary product that changed the direction of the smartphone market. Yet, it is not completely true to say that it essentially reinvented the touchscreen for the smartphone age.

It's hard to believe that for a period of the two-year LG was the sole smartphone manufacturer to provide an ultra-wide-angle camera. Now, this function is a need for all smartphones, no matter the cost. The LG G5 introduced the ultra-wide lens in the spring of 2016, but Huawei, the next Android manufacturer, didn't start using it until the autumn of 2018. The ultra-wide trend was first adopted by Samsung in the spring of 2019 and by Apple in the autumn.

With the introduction of the G2, LG decided to remove the home button from the front of the phone, thus it had to develop a simpler method for consumers to wake the screen. Double-tapping the display to activate or shut it is still one of the favorite software applications to date. Compared to Apple's one-touch-to-wake feature, it wakes the device far more quickly, with less finger reach, and more securely than hitting a side-mounted power button. LG's decision to leave the smartphone industry is regrettable since for every failed marketing ploy, there were three to four really help.

9. Nokia

Top 10 Mobile Brands in India 2021

The last ten years have seen Nokia become one of the most well-known mobile phone brands. An international communications company with headquarters in Finland runs it. It was surpassed by the crowded mobile market in recent years when business was not as brisk. Yet, it recovered and made a new beginning with the Nokia 6, demonstrating once again why it is India's top mobile brand. The greatest features, top performance, and appealing designs are all packed into Nokia's devices, which now account for 8% of the global mobile phone market.

They made a return in 2018, and now, by 2021, it is anticipated that they will be even stronger than before. Offering exceptional efficiency, the most up-to-date AI picture experiences, and renowned durability supported by a 2-year guarantee, up to a 3-year OS update period, as well as monthly security updates. You receive a smartphone that is built to last when you purchase a Nokia model, together with Android functionality and up-to-date cybersecurity.

Nokia mobile devices combine cutting-edge Android technologies with a clean Scandinavian aesthetic. They're trustworthy, reasonably priced, and support the movement that is evolving towards more environmentally friendly methods. Simply said, you can feel comfortable using a Nokia phone. They go through quality checks that is more stringent than the industry standard, and thanks to years of Android improvements & security patches, the software is also durable over time.

10. HTC

Top 10 Mobile Brands in India 2021

In 1997, Cher Wang launched the HTC Corporation, which is still in operation today. One of the top mobile phone brands in India, it has its headquarters in Taiwan. With the release of their flagship device in 2008, HTC is credited with creating the first really fantastic smartphone running the Android OS. HTC is a leader in many aspects of technology, including smartphones. With top-notch characteristics, they provide outstanding handsets of the highest caliber. Dolby Audio BoomSound Hi-Fi is supported on the HTC 10.

The twin speaker configuration has distinct tweeter and woofer designs, as well as separate amplifiers for each. Don't get very excited, however, since it also includes a pretty substantial serving of the most recent iteration of HTC's Sense User Interface, which runs Android 4.1.2. This redesigned User Interface is far from standard Android, claims Computer World, and isn't even close.

BlinkFeed, a brand-new tile-focused interface, is shown when the HTC One initially powers up. This is a news and social networks update aggregation that resembles Flipboard a lot. The HTC One has two speakers that are located at the top and bottom of the screen, which provide a stereo impression when the phone is placed on its side to watch a movie. A unique feature of the phone allows it to function as a global remote control for a TV or media center.


Last but not least, keep in mind that there are a ton of options on the market, and the list of the top 10 brands above is only a brief snapshot of what is available. Choose wisely after assessing your requirements!

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