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Top 10 Projects for Beginners to Practice HTML and CSS Skills

Web development

To learn web development, we should know what language and skills we need. We can divide web development into two parts: one is the frontend, and the other one is the backend. The frontend is the part that can be seen by everyone on the browser, and the backend is the part that works behind the front end of any website. For beginners, the frontend is very easy to understand, and they can create various projects in the front-end development.

For frontend development, the basic skills are HTML and CSS. HTML means HyperText Markup Language, and CSS means Cascading Styling Sheet.HTML is the skeleton of the web page, whereas CSS is used for the styling of the web page.

These are the top 10 projects which every beginner should try to enhance their skills:

1. Web Page Containing Form

A Web Page that contains the form can be a good option for practicing the tags like the input field and different kinds of buttons like radio buttons, checkboxes, etc. Also, we can use the dropdown menu, and we can work with a little bit of CSS into the forms.

2. Landing Page

If you know HTML and CSS very well, then this project can be beneficial. We will create the header, footer, and columns in a very efficient way. In this project, we can practice the margin, padding, and CSS in a very good manner. This project will help the developer to practice the CSS grid and flexbox and appropriate colors to avoid overlaps between the components.

3. Event Website

To practice HTML and CSS in a very good manner, we can create a static web page for any event or conference. This page can contain the header with the proper title of the event and the name of the chief guests. We can use various links and register buttons to participate in the event. We can use CSS for a strong background.

4. Photography Site

We can create a photography site that will contain the photos captured by the photographer along with their contact details. We can use CSS flexbox to show the gallery of the images and can use the header and footer for the contact details of the photographer.

5. Technical Documentation

If you have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and the basics of JavaScript, then we can create the technical documentation page. This page divides the whole web page into two parts where one part contains the menu, and the other part will have the documentation. In the menu section, whatever topic is clicked, its description will be changed in the other section. We can use the bookmarks and basic CSS to implement this page.

6. Tribute Page

For your favorite person, you can create a tribute page where we will put his image and then use a paragraph or p tag. We can write down his description and achievements. We can use the list of his achievements with proper CSS for the background color.

7. Parallax Website

We can create a static web page with a parallax effect. In this effect, some images are used as background images, and some texts are written on them. When we scroll the page, the images are fixed, and they change after a few scrolls. We can use CSS properties and give the images proper margin and padding to create these amazing effects.

8. Restaurant Website

We can create a website for any restaurant using HTML and CSS, where CSS will be very important. With the CSS, we can set the unique background colors with images and also make the web page responsive using media queries. We can create an image gallery of food items using a CSS layout and grid.

9. Music Store Page

We can create a web page that will contain the collection of the music with the proper details. In the header section, we can make the menu section and add buttons and links for each song. In the footer section, we can add the details of each artist and their social media handles.

10. Personal Portfolio Site

This is one of the common and loved projects to practice HTML and CSS. We can create a personal portfolio where we can mention ourselves and our projects and mention our social media handles. We can also mention the project and their Github link in the portfolio along with the resume.

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