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Top 10 Malls In India

India is expanding its market and is one of the world's largest shopping destinations. Every year, many brand-new retail malls make their public debut. Street markets and bazaars dominated the Indian retail sector and made a large portion of sales up until 1990.

However, after 1990, the country saw the rapid emergence of mall culture, especially in significant metropolises. Before a few years ago, people had to decide whether to go to the movies, shop or relax on vacation. But today, it's possible to finish all of these tasks at once, conveniently, and with a lovely experience. Not to mention the numerous restaurants offering a wide range of delicacies intended to capture the interest of all foodies.

India's mall space was estimated to be 100 million square feet in 2015 by sources worldwide. Traditional markets are still preferred by shoppers who are worried about their costs even though the fact that malls are spreading across the country. The retail boom in India is anticipated to undergo exciting growth in the coming years, as it is the third largest economy in Asia and has the most shopping complexes.

With yearly growth rates of 25-30%, organised retailing was predicted to reach $30 billion by 2012 and $75 billion by 2017. Investments in the retail sector are expected to rise at a rate of five to seven percent each year in the future years. India now has more than 500 retail malls, up from zero in 2000, a dramatic increase in just ten years. In the last ten years, mall construction has increased significantly nationwide. From 50 malls in 2004, there were 450 malls in 2011, and it is expected that this number will continue to increase over time.

1. The Great India Place

Top 10 Malls In India
  • Opened in 2007
  • Architect- Unitech group
  • Area- 1,000,000 square feet
  • Located in Sector 38-A, Noida

The Great India Place, one of the largest malls in India, is a one-stop location for a fun-filled family shopping and entertainment experience. Numerous top national and international brand outlets are there, serving the demands of daily thousands of tourists. Some of the most well-known and sought-after brands in the world can be found at TGIP Mall.

Modern Carnival Cinemas may be found at TGIP. There is enough for more than a thousand people in the six-screen multiplex. It is renowned for offering an exotic environment, cutting-edge technology, and the highest standards of customer care to assure unrivalled cinema viewing experiences. The visitors also enjoy some of the best eating experiences thanks to TGIP.

Here, among many other things, you can unwind after a long day of fun or shopping by indulging in your favorite cuisines. You can choose from every renowned dining establishment here, starting with the food court.

2. Express Avenue Mall

Top 10 Malls In India
  • Opened in 2010
  • Architect- Express Infrastructure Private Limited
  • Area- 1,750,000 square feet
  • Located in Pattullos Rd, Express State, Chennai

Chennai has recently evolved itself into a shopper's paradise by providing a wide range of shopping experiences jam-packed with entertainment activities and great prices. Express Avenue Mall is one of the biggest example of this evolution. Express Avenue Mall, the second-largest mall in South India, was developed and masterfully designed by Mohit Gujral.

This 11-acre eco-friendly facility was constructed with "shopper-tainment" as the priority. Express Avenue, close to the Royapettah Clock Tower, is a trendy place that goes beyond being just a mall. One would want to return there every weekend because of the entertainment, dining, shopping, and nightlife it offers.

The biggest gaming arcade in South India is located there. CRAASH is the coolest attraction in this mall. It is a place where both children and adults can engage in dedicated gaming experiences. CRAASH is superior to online game sites since it has virtual reality (VR) rides, a snow wonderland, a cricket arena, and so much more.

The Express Avenue Mall is very popular among shoppers. The mall caters to shoppers of all types, whether brand chasers, bargain hunters, or window shoppers, with its almost a hundred clothes retail establishments.

3. Phoenix Market City

Top 10 Malls In India
  • Opened in 2011
  • Architect- Benoy Architects
  • Area- 1,190,000 square feet
  • Located in Clover Park, Viman Nagar, Pune

Phoenix Marketcity Pune is a comprehensive, multipurpose complex that offers shopping, dining, entertainment, movies, and much more for a well-rounded quality of life. Phoenix Marketcity Pune seeks to improve lives in changing times as Pune transitions from a conventional, historic city to a commercial powerhouse.

They strive to please consumers by offering a variety of services and the ideal brand combination. With such appropriate zoning and a suitable retail mix, it is the only premium shopping centre in Pune. Each level is created to complement the various brands and merchandise. The mall's shop area features a variety of beauty salons, lifestyle goods, and casual and sportswear brands in edgier and more dynamic styles.

Additionally, it showcases the elegant and sophisticated designs of top worldwide brands. The food court and entertainment area offer formal, informal, and chill-out dining options in addition to necessities that satisfy the needs of the shopper's lifestyle.

4. DLF Mall of India

Top 10 Malls In India
  • Opened in 2016
  • Architect- Benoy Architects
  • Area- 2,000,000 square feet
  • Location- Sector-18, Noida

The DLF Mall of India, which has 2 million square feet of retail space, is the biggest mall in India. It has been deliberately separated into five zones that are stretched across seven stories, and it is brimming with great designer boutiques, mouthwatering dining establishments, and exciting entertainment venues.

With over 400 brands, including 100 fashion companies, 75 food and beverage options, and limitless entertainment options, it is the first destination mall in the country. It provides thrilling entertainment, a magnificent eating experience unlike any other, in addition to wonderful shopping exposure. DLF Mall of India's immense size and scope, imaginative zoning plan, convenient location, and strong linkages completely transform how retail is perceived in India.

The six floors and five zones of DLF Mall of India provide the ideal combination of retail options. Each zone is specifically designated for a different purpose. DLF Mall of India has set a number of firsts for the sector, including the debut in India of this revolutionary idea of "zoning."

5. Select Citywalk Mall

Top 10 Malls In India
  • Opened in 2007
  • Architect- Select Infrastructure
  • Area- 1,300,000 square feet
  • Location- Sector 6, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi

A prominent shopping destination in New Delhi is Select Citywalk. The 1.3 million square foot air-conditioned mall features a stunning outside landscaped area that gives it a distinctive atmosphere. It is a well-liked shopping centre due to the wide variety of brands it carries, as well as the numerous cafés, restaurants, bistros, and pubs. It has all the makings of a posh destination for guests: eye-catching decors, name-brand shops, a bustling food court, and a massive theatre.

Select Citywalk offers more than just retail space. You may buy, eat, socialise, celebrate, and make memories all in one place. With its events and celebrations, Select Citywalk also seamlessly combines culture and modernity. Every major celebration, from Ganesh Chathurthi to Christmas, Valentine's Day to Diwali, is well thought out and organised. The numerous different services ensure that the customer never feels the need to leave the shopping centre for anything, with the goal of always making for a convenient shopping excursion.

6. Ambience Mall

Top 10 Malls In India
  • Opened in 2007
  • Architect- Ambience Private Limited
  • Area- 2,100,000 square feet
  • Location- DLF phase-3, Sector 24, Gurugram

It is the first high-end destination mall in Gurugram, Ambience Mall offers fashion, dining, and entertainment all under one roof. It offers a very active, upscale, dynamic, & distinctive shopping & leisure environment. The Ambience Mall is a one-stop premium lifestyle destination for an all-inclusive retail experience, providing customers with a singular shopping experience with year-round immersive activities and dozens of international and domestic brands housed separately and within enormous flagship anchor stores.

They include a food court with a variety of cuisines, and there are also excellent dining establishments nearby. For all ages, there are several entertainment options here, just like for eating and shopping. On the fourth floor, Fun City for kids is the most well-liked attraction.

Smash and the well-known Ice Skating Rink on the sixth floor are available for older children. The PVR created by DesignEx is a significant innovation for the multiplex sector. The design strategy produces a lavish, spectacular, and tribute to the grandiose of cinema current mood.

7. Elante Mall

Top 10 Malls In India
  • Opened in 2013
  • Architect- Larsen & Toubro
  • Area- 1,000,000 square feet
  • Location- Industrial Area, Phase-1, Chandigarh

Chandigarh also referred to as the "City Beautiful," is one of India's most developed and well-planned cities. The city has so far drawn flak for its small number of malls and the presence of foreign businesses. The Elante Mall demonstrates that it is the best reaction to criticism.

The mall was constructed with strict, outlined environmental protection guidelines in mind. It includes 218 brands that are the mall's tenants. The mall's layout promises consumer comfort with all facilities and simple circulation around a central courtyard, well-planned service and utility sections, both vertical and horizontal circulation, and vegetation that includes both horticulture and plantation.

Anyone can be drawn in by the mall's great infrastructure and atmosphere. Spread throughout a big area, even though it is a little pricey, one can get everything they need in addition to a great spot to eat and entertainment for all ages.

8. UB City

Top 10 Malls In India
  • Opened in 2008
  • Architect- Thomas Associates
  • Area- 1,600,000 square feet
  • Location- Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru

Since The Collection, UB City in Bangalore opened, the majority of Indian luxuriates no longer need to travel to Europe to purchase in order to maintain their lifestyle. India's luxury retail business has all of suddenly changed drastically for the better.

The Prestige Group and Vijay Mallya jointly constructed the city's most well-known icon, UB City, which has significantly snatched the splendour of the Indian market. Another accomplishment for UB City is the UB Tower, which as of right now stands at 123 metres high and is the tallest skyscraper in Karnataka.

The UB Group offices are located in the skyscraper. The Collection, the retail area that includes the lower three levels of the Concorde and Canberra Blocks, is the main draw of UB City. The presence of names like Rolex, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Canali justifies the status of India's first luxury mall.

UB City offers a wide variety of cuisines, including Indian and Japanese alternatives in addition to Chinese and Italian options, to make sure your taste buds are also taken off. An excellent location to spend memorable events with your family or friends. The opulent interiors of this mall add to its wealth. You would be forced to snap that selfie by UB City's roof and wall art, in particular!

9. LuLu Mall

Top 10 Malls In India
  • Opened in 2013
  • Architect- Atkins
  • Area- 1,850,000 square feet
  • Location- Nethaji Nagar, Edappally, Kochi

One of the largest and first of its kind in India is LuLu Mall, a division of the well-known LuLu Group International, with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. The Group, which operates LuLu Hypermarkets and Supermarkets as its leading retail brand, has operations in 34 nations. It started as a supermarket and hypermarket company and has since transitioned smoothly to a high-profile shopping mall corporation.

It is one of the most popular destinations in Kerala, with more than 80,000 visitors every day. 150 million people had visited LuLu Mall Kochi by 2021, eight years after it first opened, and 2 million automobiles had entered the parking lot. The shopping centre has a significant online footprint, a well-run app-based loyalty programme, and a lifestyle publication called LuLu Happiness.

The mall has continually been able to provide a better international shopping and entertainment experience while raising the bar for service; as a result, the company has received numerous national and international awards, including a Guinness World Record. Future developments by LuLu Group in a number of important cities are part of its strategy to overtake competitors and take the top spot in the Indian shopping mall market. For the countless domestic and foreign visitors, the mall offers an exceptional fusion of elegance and ease.

10. DLF Cyber Hub

Top 10 Malls In India
  • Opened in 2013
  • Architect- Mohit Gujral
  • Area- 400,000 square feet
  • Location- DLF phase-2, Sector 24, Gurugram

In India, CyberHub is a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind idea. Although CyberHub is a premier location for food, entertainment, and shopping, the atmosphere makes it a standout experience and the perfect location for media launches, lifestyle and movie shoots, and stepping out.

Cyber Hub's prime position on the NH-8, right next to a busy industrial sector, guarantees that it is constantly bustling with activity and is especially crowded on weekends. The facility has a distinctive edge because of the open space and varied theme events. This popular party destination in uptown is a haven for foodies and revellers alike thanks to its exciting nightlife.

Its surroundings are populated by young, wealthy people looking for fresh experiences. CyberHub, a brand-new social networking site with a wide range of scheduled activities, would be the preferred location for everyone. With a rooftop terrace, theatre, exposition area, and media room, the building's distinctively planned spaces, world-class design, and structural ambience provide exciting entertainment.

CyberHub is the place to go if you want to go out with singles or your family. Amazing range of cafes, bars, and stores where you may spend the day or evening. Frazi Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe, and Imperfecto are a few of the city's greatest bars and eateries. There is a gaming section as well, where you may have fun playing top-notch indoor games. On your next trip to Delhi or Gurugram, you absolutely must stop by Cyber Hub to enjoy entertainment, food, and leisure all in one location.

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