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Top 10 Cycle Brands in India

One of the most cherished memories of everyone's childhood is bicycle riding with the parents. We all grew up and didn't have enough time to spend with our parents, but cycles are still part of every Indian home. If you are wondering which brand is the favorite one in India, here is the list to help you.

1. Hero

Top 10 Cycle Brands in India

In bicycles, Hero tops the list. It was first started in Punjab, but it not only exports in over 70 countries but has also been lively in India with several models for six decades now. We are also known notably Hero as the "Cycle of Life," which will not let you down. Hero is the leading and largest integrated brand in the world.

It is part of the Hero Motor Company and is popular for its capacity of 7.5 million bicycles per year. It has plants in Ludhiana, Ghaziabad, Bihta, and Srilanka too. One of the most important reasons behind the popularity of this brand is "Quality" as they provide you with steel frames and caliper brakes. So if you are looking for the most popular brand in India, count Hero on the top.

Pros of Hero

  • These are Light weighted
  • Provide your front disc brakes
  • They are budget-friendly
  • Comes with adjustable saddles
  • Front deferral models
  • Shimano gears are a piece of attraction.

Cons in Hero

  • They don't provide bottle guards and mudguards.

2. Atlas

Top 10 Cycle Brands in India

This brand is popular because it makes bicycles for every age group and teenagers love Atlas Smash IBC. You can even order an Atlas bicycle online easily. As they give a great range of bicycles for kids with trainer breaks, parents prefer this company's bicycles for their kids. People know this brand as a durable brand as they don't like to compromise with the quality of the cycles they make. Janki das Kapur started Atlas in 1965 as a car manufactory brand for Indians. They manufacture nearby 4 billion cycles every year and serve every need of the common man. One of the most popular qualities of this brand is "Cost-Effectiveness", which makes it the first choice for everyone who wants a bicycle.

Profit of Atlas

  • Less cost in comparison to other brands.
  • Comes with adaptable handlebars
  • Provides you aluminum alloy wheel
  • It can handle up to 200 kg of weight
  • They are light weighted

Loss of Atlas

  • no additional accessories
  • does not come with gears

3. Avon

Top 10 Cycle Brands in India

If we talk about the oldest brand of cycles, Avon holds a place on the list. Pahwa Brothers started it in 1948 to manufacture the brakes and cycle saddles, but in 1951, they started manufacturing bicycles. When the brand was started, its manufacturing was simple-looking, but now every variety of their bicycles is stylish and modern. They are providing good quality at affordable prices to ordinary people and have a lot of stores in Asia. You can also order their products online, and this makes its place in one of the top 3 brands in India. One of the best models of the Avon cycle is the Neo wave, which is a trendy cycle with a wise option. This is a durable and powerful option to hold suspension frame, alloy, and double-walled with comfy foam cushioning.

Profit of Avon cycles

  • Comes with very beautiful designs
  • Provides you single wall alloy rim
  • Provides side stands
  • They are budget-friendly

Cons of Avon Cycles

  • It is better for small kids
  • single speed gears

4. Hercules

Top 10 Cycle Brands in India

Remember the Greek hero Hercules, resounding of its name. This brand is the hero for Indian bicycles, which are made for safety and tough battles. Indian Public loves the part of the Murugappa Group with the real customer-friendly environment. If you need a brand for daily uses with a powerful body, Hercules is the right choice for you. They have a variety of products of superb quality. No matter what's your need (that can be daily use, sports, or performance bicycle), the Hercules always has an option for you. Hercules is a good option for people who want a simple, robust, and good quality cycle that is going to last for years. And therefore, it has its place in the top 10 cycle brands in India.


  • They offer front and back disc brake
  • Comes with 21 gears
  • Light-weighted cycles
  • Comes with one year framed warranty
  • Front suspension


  • They don't provide you mudguard or bottle holder
  • Do not have stands.

5. La- sovereign

Top 10 Cycle Brands in India

The only Thailand brand which has placed in the top 10 brands in India for over 40 years is La-sovereign because of its durable and stylish designs. It is an associated brand that is now working from Ludhiana (India) and is popular for its kid's range. They provide you with steel frame bicycles and make bicycles mainly for small kids. This brand provides you with disc brakes, which makes its model distinct from other bicycle brands. Someone who is looking for bicycles for their young ones should pick this brand for their little ones. This Brand mainly focused on providing their clients with an antipollution, innovation, and the latest designs.

Pros of La-sovereign

  • Provides you with the security of high-quality frames
  • They have well design tiers
  • Very good looking designs and stylish

Cons of La-sovereign

  • Little bit expensive
  • Not light Weights

6. Firefox

Top 10 Cycle Brands in India

USA-based Firefox started selling their bicycles in 2005 in India and has their place in Top 10 lists. Shiv Inder Singh and Pradeep Malhotra started this company in India. This brand is popular for its effective designs, unique features, and superb qualities. They provide you with outstanding quality but can be a bit more expensive than other trending brands. They create products for every age group, and they all are premium qualities. The bicycles they provide are durable and can be easily used in the city (as well as mountain bicycles); this is a good option for those who want to ride a quality experience. Many people believe that there is no powerful frame than the Firefox bicycle frames for any weather.

Pros of firefox

  • Comes with good Disc brakes
  • Provides you awesome Speed gears
  • Made with alloy frames
  • High-quality front suspension
  • Amazing option for all types of roads.

Cons of firefox

  • No Mudguards
  • No water bottle space

7. BSA

Top 10 Cycle Brands in India

A perfect range for Indian Women, BSA ladybird, is the best range to buy for the lady of your home. It is an affordable range with a variety of products and designs. If you use a bicycle for your daily uses and travel short distances, this range is perfect for you. Another profit of this range is they are lightly weighted, so even for the long-distance, it will not let you down. No matter what kind of road you are going to travel or what gender you are, they have an option for you. The most popular bicycle of this brand is the ladybirds, which are very cost-effective and light-weighted, so every man prefers it for their daughter or girlfriend. They provide a basket in front and wide paddles to make the journey more comfortable and stylish. This cycle brand deserves the 6-7th position on the top 10 bicycle brands in India because of their comfort and quality. BSA was started in the United Kingdom and came to India in 1949 by TI cycles. Even beginners enjoy BSA ranges of bicycles most affordably and stylishly.

Pros of BSA

  • It is comfortable even for small heights.
  • Excellent quality product with good looks.
  • They are easy to drive and light-weighted.
  • You can easily get them in affordable ranges.
  • Perfect product for every gender and age group.

Losses of BSA

  • This have really thin seats
  • Good for people who ride a bicycle slow, not for speed lovers.

8. Montra

Top 10 Cycle Brands in India

Another brand from TI, Montra, is really popular nowadays. It was established in 2011 in India. Brands such as Hercules and BSA also belong to TI Cycles, and, similar to them, they are providing many features to their Montra bicycles too. Their hybrid bikes are making them rank in Asian Lists, and it is the first brand to offer carbon brakes in India as well. They provide you with a warranty on their products for a long while. They have various models, offer various accessories, and even their varieties of mountain bikes are amazing. This unique brand also offers a good range of bicycles which are really comfortable for kids aged 5 to 8 years. If you need a bicycle that can give you the total experience of bike riding, you can consider Montra for you.

Pros of Montra

  • If you are someone who loves thick tires, this is for you.
  • It provides six gears which are not available in other models.

Cons of Montra

  • It is perfect for kids from 5 to 8 years only.
  • They are really expensive in comparison to other brands.

9. Urban terrain

Top 10 Cycle Brands in India

Urban terrain is very well known for its good cost range, best quality, and different variety. It not only has those features, but they also provide you with qualities like the front suspension, alloy rims, and good brakes. They provide you variety of cycles for every age and gender and also at different prices you can choose according to your budget. They provide you with different colors to style different preferences. If you are looking for urban terrain for the sturdiness and the comfort, then you are at the right place.

These bikes are the right choice for the best features. They are comfortable in various colors, worth the money, and are with the best suspension to ride in areas such as rock, mountains, and uneven paths.

Pros of Urban Terrain

  • Good products for beginners
  • Value for the products.
  • They are affordable and durable.
  • Good for the uneven roads too.

Cons of Urban Terrain

  • People face difficulty in product alignment
  • Little uncomfortable seats

10. Btwin cycles

Top 10 Cycle Brands in India

Btwin Cycles are well-liked in India because of their amazing range of mountain bikes and excellent designs. They provide you with cycles at affordable prices and good quality. Btwin offers you a steel frame and light-weighted wheels; they give you a good cycle range for adults. It comes with a single gear and cantilever braking system for comfortable rides with safety. And therefore, it deserves a place in the top 10.

Pros of Btwin cycle

  • It is very budget-friendly.
  • Btwin Cycles are light weighted.
  • Comes with comfortable saddles.
  • Durable and shock resistance frame
  • Comes with plastic chains.

Cons of twin cycle

  • Do not come with a mudguard and bottle guard.
  • There is no gear in these cycles.


If you are planning to buy bicycles for yourself, you have to be careful about the purpose, budget, durability, and comfort. Then you should pick the best brand after reading the reviews, which plays a vital role in picking up the best for you or your family.

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