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Top 10 companies in Share Market

Every business in India makes a lot of effort to raise the quality of their products and services and increase client satisfaction. Several factors, such as a company's assets, revenues, earnings, sales, market price, share price, etc., are typically considered when determining its rating.

But market capitalization is one of the most essential elements in determining a company's size. We can determine its position in the share market based on the company's market capitalization.

What is Market Capitalization?

Market capitalization is a company's entire valuation based on its current share price & the total number of outstanding stocks. It is useful to categorize companies into categories like large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap firms. Large-cap stocks are firms with a market capitalization of at least Rs 28,500 crore. Mid-cap stocks & small-cap companies are defined as having a market capitalization of between Rs 8,500 crore & Rs 28,500 crore, respectively.

You cannot determine a company's size only by examining its share price, as it also depends on the number of outstanding shares.

This article will examine the top ten Indian firms on the share market based on their latest market value.

Top Companies Category Market Cap (Rs. Cr) Current Price
Reliance Industry Ltd Oil and Gas 1,643,790 2,429
Tata Consultancy Services Information Technology 1,249,200 3,414
HDFC Bank Financial 932,795 1,672
Infosys Information Technology 651,326 1,547
Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) Household & Personal Products 610,376 2,597
ICICI Bank Financial 608,169 700
State Bank of India (SBI) Financial 535,878 2,740
Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) Insurance 500,597 871
Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) Financial 443,192 5,865
Bajaj Finance Financial 355,084 600

1. Reliance Industry Ltd

Top 10 Companies in Share Market

RIL is a Mumbai-based Indian multinational corporation led by Mukesh Ambani. Reliance Commercial Corporation was established in the 1960s by Dhirubhai Ambani and Champaklal Damani. Reliance owns actions in India's telecoms, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, and energy sectors. One of India's biggest and most successful businesses is Reliance.

Its marketing and refining activities comprise roughly 25 percent of India's overall capacity for refining, and the company serves as the dominant force in the country's polyester market. This company can be found on India's Bombay & National Stock Exchanges. The company has been reliable for many years and is frequently a top choice for stock investors. The market value of RIL is Rs. 1,643,790 crores.

2. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

Top 10 Companies in Share Market

TCS is a multinational Indian IT service & consulting firm based in Mumbai. The Tata Group segment employs people in 149 sites throughout 46 nations. TCS is the second-biggest Indian firm in market value and the country's largest IT corporation. Currently, one of the most valuable IT services brands is TCS.

TCS has made significant R&D investments with an emphasis on innovation. It has constructed research facilities in the US and India to develop new technologies and solutions. TCS is one of the world's most valuable IT services brands and a favorite among stock traders. Since 2004, it has been listed on the BSE and NSE. The market value of TCS is Rs. 1,249,200 Crores.

3. HDFC Bank

Top 10 Companies in Share Market

HDFC Bank is an Indian banking & financial services firm founded in 1994 and headquartered in Mumbai. The bank has 4,963 branches & 13,160 ATMs dispersed around the country in 2,727 cities/towns. The bank's asset base is strong, with a low ratio of non-performing loans and a good capital adequacy ratio.

The bank is in an excellent position to seize both the rate and rate squeeze markets, squeeze out credit for NBFCs, and merge PSU Banks. It is the largest private bank in India. It is India's largest lender to the private sector in terms of assets and market value. It has a market value of Rs. 932,785 crores.

4. Infosys

Top 10 Companies in Share Market

Infosys Limited, a multinational company based in India, provides business consultancy, information technology, and outsourcing services. It was founded in 1981. Its corporate headquarters are in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, and it is the country's second-largest IT corporation after Tata Consultancy Services.

The company has recently been awarded a significant contract with reasonable revenue estimates for the upcoming financial year. A robust deal pipeline and investment in sales and marketing enable the company to continue signing significant agreements at its current rate during the present financial year. As a result, the second-largest corporation in India finds a sweet spot in one's portfolio for the medium- to long-term. Infosys has a market value of Rs. 651,326 Crores.

5. Hindustan Unilever Ltd

Top 10 Companies in Share Market

In 1933, Hindustan Unilever Limited was established. It is a manufacturing firm with its headquarters in Mumbai. Foods, drinks, household cleaners, cosmetics, water purifiers, & consumer items are among its products. Over 18000 people work for the company, which includes 35 product names across 20 categories.

Although a private company, HUL seeks to maximize its beneficial impact on all stakeholders through corporate social responsibility programs. The company has maintained its position as a top choice in the sector due to its better profitability growth compared to prior results and high volume growth compared to competitors. The market value of Hindustan Unilever is Rs. 610,376 Crores.

6. ICICI Bank

Top 10 Companies in Share Market

ICICI Bank is a global Indian banking & financial services corporation based in Mumbai, headquartered in Vadodara. It offers various financial services and banking products, including asset management, venture capital, life and non-life insurance, and investment banking. ICICI Bank works in 17 countries and has 5,275 branches and 15,589 ATMs centered around the country.

The resolution of stressed assets and an increase in growth have improved ICICI's operating performance and exhibited indications of profit normalization. One would predict that the credit cost will decrease as asset quality stabilizes, maintaining the return ratios. So, a long-term viewpoint can be used to evaluate the stock. It has a market capitalization of 608,169 Crores.

7. State Bank of India (SBI)

Top 10 Companies in Share Market

SBI is a public sector banking & financial services statutory entity headquartered in Mumbai and a multinational company. SBI holds a market share of 23% based on assets and 25% of total loans and deposits.

SBI has more than 22,000 branches and 62,617 ATMs. The bank is one of the most popular options in the PSU industry. It routinely shows up on rankings of Indian businesses with the largest market capitalization. The State Bank of India currently occupies a spot among the top 10 Indian corporations with a market capitalization of Rs. 535,878 crores.

8. Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd

Top 10 Companies in Share Market

HDFC is a Mumbai-based financial services company established as India's first specialty mortgage firm in 1977. It is a significant source of home financing in India. Additionally, HDFC is active in the banking, general insurance, health insurance, life insurance, asset management, venture capital, real estate, education, deposit, and student loan industries.

The mutual fund services offered by HDFC are delivered by its subsidiary HDFC Asset Management Accounting Limited. HDFC owns 26.14% of the stock in HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank acquires mortgages for HDFC for a charge. The market capitalization is Rs. 500,598 Crores.

9. Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)

Top 10 Companies in Share Market

LIC of India is a legal investment & insurance company headquartered in Mumbai. The actual owner is the Indian government. It is one of India's oldest and largest insurance firms and has been in business for approximately 65 years.

The currently listed LIC Ltd is the country's only public insurance provider. It is also one of India's largest asset managers, with a total AUM of $40.2 trillion. LIC's market cap is Rs. 443,192 Crores.

10. Bajaj Finance

Top 10 Companies in Share Market

Bajaj Finance Limited is an Indian non-banking financial company (NBFC) subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv. The company's areas of expertise are consumer financing, small and mid-sized businesses, commercial loans, and asset management.

The company has 294 retail locations, 497 rural sites, and over 33,000 distribution terminals, with its corporate headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra. The market value of Bajaj Finance is Rs. 355,084 crores.

The Conclusion

These are the top companies in terms of market value. It would be best to thoroughly consider the fundamentals before investing in them. Choosing the ideal company to invest in the share market is challenging as there are many things to consider before trading. Therefore, take it slow and choose a secure, consistent investing path.

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