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Top 10 Laptop Brands

Nowadays, laptops have become essential devices in almost everyone's life due to their compact size, processing speed and excellent battery backup. Fortunately, manufacturers have been working for so long to provide laptops for every price range so that everyone can take advantage of them in various fields. The only tricky thing now is that you will have so many options that choosing the ideal laptop for particular needs may require a lot of research. Also, there are many laptop manufacturers or brands in the industry these days.

Therefore, we are discussing below the top 10 laptop brands which will ease your task of finding a suitable laptop for your needs to some extent:

1. Apple

Top 10 Laptop Brands

Apple is undeniably among the top 3 brands when it comes to laptops. Due to its bright Apple logo, which also makes the products incredibly attractive, Apple laptops are among the best laptops for show-off. However, the brand has also kept its products premium in terms of build quality and features.

The operating system is completely dependent on Apple ecosystem products, and most of the new consumers switching from Windows find it unpleasant. Therefore, last year the company's interface was severely criticized. While it offered the Retina screen laptop that practically anyone wanted, many of its laptop computers (also called MacBook) had difficulty with responsive output and needed to be further improved with this technology. However, the problem occurred with very few users, and the approach was almost successful.

Owners of MacBooks can expect the best service from Apple. There are authorized service centres in almost every city around the world in serviceable areas. In addition to physical locations, the business also provides complimentary, 24/7 call service for users. Additionally, real-time chat help is offered. Onsite technical support is also provided for some products.


  • Apple laptops are attentive and quick.
  • Apple makes nearly 6% of the world's laptops.
  • Fantastic built quality.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Impressive looks.

2. HP

Top 10 Laptop Brands

HP (Hewlett-Packard), despite being one of the oldest computing businesses, is not as popular as it used to be earlier. However, the brand is still well-recognized and trusted. HP remains the best reliable and widely popular choice for personal computer professionals and novices. Although HP may still need improvement for notebooks in several areas, recent models have raised the standard significantly by adopting some innovative architectural trends and designs.

The latest generation of laptops is quick, strong, and simpler for users to adapt to process their tasks. The whole HP series, as well as its Envy family, features appealing visuals with gem-cut parts of the machine. Pavilion, EliteBook, and Chromebooks, as well as various other models, are among the popular choices. You can get some additional security and privacy software for the latest HP laptops. Also, an additional warranty is provided for customer satisfaction.

HP provides a range of laptops, spanning 2-in-1s featuring detachable displays, affordable laptops, thin and light variants, gaming laptops, as well as modern PCs. Moreover, pricier versions, including the Spectre and Omen series, consist of a number of important features and offer the best value.


  • HP has laptops available in every budget range.
  • Its user support group is effective.
  • HP offers longer device warranties ranging from three to five years for specific laptops.
  • The corporation holds around 22.6% market share for laptops worldwide.

3. Lenovo

Top 10 Laptop Brands

Lenovo, a multinational business headquartered in Beijing and involved in the production of computers, was founded in 1984. It holds around 25.1% portion of the global PC market, accompanied by HP and Dell. Lenovo generates close to $45B in revenue each year and supports over 60,000+ individuals all around the world.

Lenovo's prices are much higher than what other manufacturers charge for almost the same specifications, which makes it one of the most expensive laptop brands around. But everyone can use a Lenovo laptop easily, be it professional sportsmen, businessmen, or university students. These laptops are perfect for all kinds of work.

Its premium economy computers deliver not only the performance but also the remarkable flexibility that has made Lenovo famous around the world. Lenovo's Yoga and flexible models can be found among the best foldable computers of 2020.

Lenovo was already producing a number of digital electronic devices such as projections, displays, cell phones and iPads. Many of its other products are also of high quality, including visuals, a trackpad, a keypad, a screen, and a sound system. It has combined many of its technology products into laptops, making them stable and effective.

Lenovo has a top-notch customer service network that can be reached by telephone or email. The business operates a number of physical retail service locations around the world for its face-to-face customers. In respect of certain gadgets, the business also offers warranty renewal at affordable prices.


  • Lenovo's product line covers every pricing range.
  • A little under 25% of the world market.
  • A wide range of laptops with respect to different features and looks.
  • Quick client service system.

4. Dell

Top 10 Laptop Brands

Users can also go for Dell laptops when they are trying to find the best option for a desktop machine. Its technical after-sales support is highly commendable and appreciated by customers across the world.

The series of Dell laptops are reasonably priced, and the product components and design are simple but effective. Unfortunately, not everyone likes to purchase a simple design laptop; some may like the sporty gaming look, which is the only reason many consumers reject Dell laptops.

Dell has consistently proven to be the best Windows laptop manufacturer for a wide range of reasons, such as excellent performance, professional design, affordable prices, and durability.

Customers can decide whether they want to employ only one company's products in the future by choosing between Dell's three different product lines, namely Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware. There is a variety of laptop options. While the XPS can be used for heavy tasks, the Alienware is clearly meant for gaming, and the Inspiron is the ideal choice for budget-minded consumers.

While it would be impossible to cover all of Dell's laptop devices, most of them have trackpads, lightweight components, smooth keyboard controls, fast processors, and long battery life.


  • Revolutionary and portable technology that is advanced as well.
  • Wide selection of products.
  • About 17% share of the international market.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Fantastic and quick customer support.
  • New architectural characteristics, such as thinner bezels.


Top 10 Laptop Brands

Because ASUS manufactures its own original motherboards, its laptops are famous for being quite affordable compared to other manufacturers. Apart from Windows laptops, it also has Chromebooks with compact and sleek designs, which are considered to be the most affordable devices. The corporation is famous for catering to the large segment of the laptop market and the dependence of the people on it.

Previously, ASUS was not listed among the best laptop manufacturers. However, ASUS has recently made it to the top 10 list thanks to its large assortment of fashionable and effective PCs. ASUS has employed approximately 18,000+ individuals worldwide and generates approximately $30 billion in sales.

One of the most striking and distinctive looks we've ever come across, with a stunning 1080p display, lightweight body, compact design and ample standby time, are all characteristics of the ASUS Zenbook series laptops.

A high-resolution display and nearly 4-plus hours of standby time show Asus' promise to increase consumer engagement despite the success of its entry devices. Although ASUS laptops may cost more, they use materials of the highest standard for the framework.

ASUS provides prompt after-sales support to customers. The technical team can be contacted by phone, electronic mail, web chat, and many other means.


  • Superb display ratio and brightness.
  • Creative design and distinctive range of features.
  • Accidental safety programs that are complimentary with specific equipment.
  • For competent gameplay, there is a designated line of laptop models.
  • About five percent market share of the international economy.

6. MSI

Top 10 Laptop Brands

Among the best laptop manufacturers for gaming, MSI is one famous international brand. It is considered a premium laptop brand in competitive gaming and heavy performance. Its primary research areas include motherboards, video cards and laptop PCs. It is a well-known gaming company, but it will not provide everything for people on a limited budget. Even though its laptop computers are often exorbitantly expensive, the design work seen in the framework of its laptops is amazing.

They never stop inventing new technologies and creating gadgets with beautiful designs that draw customers. However, it must undoubtedly do better and provide round-the-clock assistance regarding user service. Most previous owners prefer MSI laptops because practically the entire company's products have great ratings. But the company is losing a significant amount of revenue due to limited laptop models and products.

Apart from premium GPUs, about 95% of MSI laptops are equipped with the latest and most efficient technology. It is one of the best laptop manufacturers, which is somewhat incomparable against other mainstream brands in terms of gaming laptops.


  • Provides enormous computing resources.
  • Amazing construction level.
  • Specialized detectors and markers.
  • Reach over the world in the gaming industry.

7. Acer

Top 10 Laptop Brands

Taiwanese computer company Acer serves customers all around the world. Acer laptops generally offer great bang for the buck deals, and customers will usually realize the same when paying for an Acer laptop.

The firm, founded in 1976, holds a respectable 5.7% of the global PC market. With such market share coverage, there is no doubt that a company like this has an item for all price ranges. Also, most Acer laptops have decent features and battery capacity. Although cheap, the Acer laptop works wonderfully.

Many of the world's largest laptop manufacturers are simply Chinese companies, and low-cost consumers prefer such products. Similarly, Acer is also known for catering to demanding users with its incredibly affordable laptops.

Acer offers its consumers a wide selection of devices and a reputable customer service network. This includes live discussions and communication over the phone, email and online social media platforms. In addition to a robust selection of physical repair facilities, Acer also provides users with online public and private discussion support groups.


  • Wide range of products.
  • Low-priced products with flexible technology.
  • About 5.7% of the international market share of laptops.
  • The problem is the longevity or durability of the products.
  • Annoying service administration.
  • Unreachable customer service.

8. Samsung

Top 10 Laptop Brands

Samsung is considered a global superstar when it comes to mobile phones, tablet devices, TVs, home appliances and freezers. It is one of the most renowned electrical firms having facilities or services across the globe. Unfortunately, the manufacturer lacks a large customer base when it comes to laptops. Due to the short lifespan of its laptops and the traditional appearance, most of the people avoid using Samsung laptop computers. However, this is no longer the case as the latest Samsung laptops are developed to meet the needs of anyone.

The firm's models, such as the Galaxy Books, Notebook 9, as well as Notebook Flash, are among its largest product lines. In addition, there are also several Chromebooks in the business product line. Several good laptops have been released by this Korean company, including the ATIV Book 9 Pro as well as the ATIV Book 9 Plus. Such notebooks are famous for their excellent characteristics and super-duper design.

In 2017, Samsung reported annual revenue of around $45B and an annual turnover of over $201 billion. The best thing about Samsung is its excellent technical support. Professionals are just a dial away whenever you experience any issue with your gadget.


  • Compact technology.
  • Reasonable list of requirements.
  • Unimpressive or traditional designs.
  • Poor standby battery backups.
  • Devices upgraded with any component are not covered by warranty.

9. Microsoft

Top 10 Laptop Brands

The American corporation Microsoft designs and manufactures a wide range of licensed software as well as hardware. The product line of its manufacture also includes laptops. Along with this, it is a leader in providing operating systems for laptops. Some popular OS includes Win7, Win8, Win 10 and Win11. Microsoft's Windows 11 OS has always been better, more powerful, lighter and faster. Microsoft was established as a corporation in 1975; however, it started the laptop production division in 2012. The technology giant is mainly recognized for selling laptop devices under the Surface branding.

The affordable Surface Go is undoubtedly one of the best-selling laptops when it comes to a list of top laptop performers. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is another premium device with a sleek design that is popular among people.

Microsoft provides consumers with a respectable support centre and warranty protection. Consumers get a chipset extended warranty worth one year, followed by 90 days of technical support. Customers can contact a worldwide support family of experts after dialling the appropriate number of fatalities for their geographic area. Among the world's leading laptop makers in 2018, Microsoft employed over 120,000 people worldwide and is now considered one of the early leaders in technological advancements.


  • Class-leading equipment.
  • Trusted brand.
  • The battery backup is outstanding.
  • Premium quality.
  • A decent range of products.

10. Razar

Top 10 Laptop Brands

Like MSI, the Razer brand is also most preferred by gamers. One can browse through the entire range of gaming laptop series from Razer that is suitable for both businessmen and regular users as well. The latest technologies have been integrated into the laptop with great visuals on the stunning display.

Razer doesn't produce laptops for budget-friendly people. The company primarily manufactures gaming PCs with attractive designs. Conversely, the business also sells equipment for software engineers.

Customers can connect with Razer's well-respected and sizable support group. Customers can communicate with company professionals through messages, phone calls and internet platforms in case of serious problems.

The company, founded in 2005, has given priority to changing the gameplay experience using a wide range of tools. Although laptops are expensive, their amazing computing capability justifies the astronomical price tagging of these laptops.


  • The company makes a series of great laptops for gamers.
  • Straightforward technical assistance from service providers.
  • It is present globally.
  • Comes with an extremely potent technology with new launches.

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