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Top 10 comedy movies

Movies influence people dynamically with the integrated effect of images, sounds, Effects, dialogue, special effects and many more, which bring out the feelings of People and help them reflect on their lives. Movies are a form of art that plays an important role in today's life, and it is a business and also entertains people.

Comedy movies are one of the genres. In a comedy film, the main emphasis is on humour, and such movies are designed to make people laugh. It also comes in many forms like romantic comedies, action comedies and black comedies.

Comedy movies bring positive feelings. Laughter's empower people with courage and strength. It also enhances mental health (like anxiety or depression) as it is truly said: "laughter is the best medicine". Everyone wants to know the best comedy films which can make them laugh and lighten their mood, so below are the top 10 comedy movies by IMDb rating:

1. Parasite

Top 10 comedy movies

Released on: 30th May 2019 (South Korea)

Director: Bong Joon-ho

Box office: $259 million

Cast: Park Seo-Joon, Cho Yeo-Jeong, Park So-dam, Choi Woo-Shik, Jung Ji-so

Watch option: amazon prime

IMDb: 8.6

The parasite is about the struggling Kim family who sees a good chance to enter the wealthy Park family house. And also find a way to work in the same apartment. They start living a parasitic life in that household. It is a funny and clever movie. There is also a powerful underlying theme of the divide between rich and poor.

The movie won several awards, including four Oscars for best directing, for international feature film, for best picture and writing.

2. Life is beautiful

Top 10 comedy movies

Released on: 20th December 1997 (Italy)

Director: Roberto Benigini

Box office: $230.1 million

Cast: Roberto Benigini, Nicoletta Braschi, Giorgio Cantarini

IMDb: 8.6

Life is beautiful is on a Jewish-Italian waiter who meets a pretty school teacher, Dora and wins her heart from his humour and attractiveness. Later on, they marry and have a son. His family becomes a victim of the Holocaust and live in a hostile manner, but he uses his humour, will, and imagination to protect his son from the danger in the camp.

The movie won several awards, including three Oscars for best actor in a leading role, best music, original dramatic score, and best foreign-language film.

3. The Intouchables

Top 10 comedy movies

Released on: 13th July 2012 (India)

Director: Olivier Nakache and Eric toledano

Box office: $426.6 million

Cast: Omar Sy, Francois Cluzet and Anne Le Ny

Watch option: YouTube

IMDb: 8.5

The Intouchables is about Philippe, who becomes Quadriplegic due to a paragliding accident. A Parisian aristocrat hires a young man to be his live-in-caretaker. They develop an unusually close friendship and very different bonds.

The movie won 38 awards with 40 nominations.

4. Back to the future

Top 10 comedy movies

Released on: 3rd July 1985 (USA)

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Box office: $388.8 million

Cast: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and Thomas F. Wilson

Watch option: Netflix, amazon prime video, YouTube, Google play, movies & TV.

IMDb: 8.5

Marty, a 17-year-old high school boy, travels back thirty years to the past in a scientist time machine. There he found old versions of his parents. Although to return back to the present, he has to make high school-aged parents fall in love and also save the life of Doc Brown.

The movie won numerous awards, including one Oscar for best effects, sound effects editing.

5. Modern times

Top 10 comedy movies

Released on: 25th February 1936 (USA)

Director: Charlie Chaplin

Box office: $1.8 million (domestic)

Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Henry Bergman, Chester Conklin

Watch option: amazon prime video

IMDb: 8.5

Modern times is a silent comedy film in which a factory worker gets thrown out form the industry to the street for his insane behaviour. After that, he meets a girl who is homeless and orphaned and tries to construct a house with her.

The movie won a total of four awards and one nomination.

6. City lights

Top 10 comedy movies

Released on: 7th March 1931 (USA)

Director: Charles Chaplin

Box office: $4.25 million (worldwide rental)

Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill, Harry C. Myers, Hank Mann

Watch option: amazon prime video

IMDb: 8.5

An unfortunate but resilient tramp falls in love with a sightless flower girl on the tough city streets. He collects money to help her get their eyesight back with the help of a wealthy man.

The movie won a total of three awards.

7. Coco

Top 10 comedy movies

Released on: 22nd November 2017(USA)

Director: Adrian Molina and Lee Unkrich

Box office: $807.8 million

Cast: Anthony Gonzalez, Benjamin Bratt, Gael Garcia Bernal, Alanna Ubach (gave voice)

Watch option: Hotstar, YouTube, Google play movies & TV

IMDb: 8.4

Coco is an animated-comedy movie. It is on a musician Miguel, opposed to his family's ban on music. He enters the land of the dead, where he finds about his great-great-grandfather, who was a fabulous singer.

The movie won several awards, including two Oscars for Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Song) and best-animated feature film.

8. 3 Idiots

Top 10 comedy movies

Released on: 25th December 2009 (India)

Director: Rajkumar Hirani

Box office: $4.60 million

Cast: Amir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Mona Singh, Kareena Kapoor, Boman Irani, Omi Vaidya

Watch option: Netflix, amazon prime, YouTube, Google play movies

TV and Apple TV.

IMDb: 8.5

The movie is about two friends Raju and Farhan, who search for their long last friend, Rancho, who studied in an Indian engineering college. They recall their college Days and memories of his friend who motivated them to think differently. The college students and others called them "idiots".

The film won several awards, including six Filmfare awards and three national films awards.

9. Dr Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

Top 10 comedy movies

Released on: 29th January 1964 (United Kingdom)

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Cast: Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, Slim Pickens

IMDb: 8.4

Adapted from: red alert

Without informing his superiors, an American brigadier goes insane and orders a bombing attack on the Russians on the verge of the nuclear Holocaust.

The movie won 14 awards and was nominated for four Oscars.

10. The great dictator

Top 10 comedy movies

Released on: 31st October 1940 (USA)

Director: Charles Chaplin

Box office: $3.5 million (US rentals)

Cast: Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Jack Oakie, Billy Gilbert

Watch option: amazon prime video

IMDb: 8.4

A Jewish barber lost his memory after a plane crash. When he started recovering, he found himself subjected to dictators Tyranny.

The movie won six awards and was nominated for five Oscars.

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