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Top 10 Motivational Movies

Motivation is a term that donates to those stimulants, desires, urges, motives that raise an individual's performance to a decent level. Motivation is something that can be generated by a show of wealth or by inner desires that act as a force in pushing the body up for a crucial workout. The power of motivation is such that even an introvert becomes a commander among a large group of people. Its usefulness should not be necessarily looked down upon.

Can motivation be generated by watching motivational movies?

Giving one's mind a break from routine activities is a difficult task. There is a need to motivate oneself with some clips and videos that outdoes all other motivational methods. Sometimes handwritten pieces might not work to motivate oneself, but visual pictures motivate oneself by representing a strong character with outstanding skills. Taking the view as serious, some of the motivational movies that can fill you with motivation are given below.

1. Rocky

Top 10 Motivational Movies

There are hidden talents within each of us. No one is born talentless. If one assumes so, he has to struggle hard to make a place in what grabs his interest. Those who work on their interests but also accept failure positively fares well in their life. Life never shows a straight line, and sometimes it takes us to heights; sometimes it drops us down in a pitfall.

The movie rocky shows us how ambitions can be well remembered among people. It exhibits the story of a boxer who works hard to bag a title in the box. The movie carries out the message of nothing is impossible in the ending, and so is true.

Success is not a fruit easily torn out from the tree. It is an entire tree grown from hard work and sweat.

2. Braveheart

Top 10 Motivational Movies

One should not give in to others' decisions. It is because clever people play innocent people and fool them throughout their lives. One should not act as mules and asses for someone who has no good intentions for us. The movie "Brave hearts" is all about war. It carries down the message that one should fight for his or her rights and struggle hard to free himself from the clutches of cruelty and human slavery. No matter how many hurdles come in the path, if you are not satisfied with your current life, you have to struggle to make change happen.

3. Million Dollar Baby

Top 10 Motivational Movies

Million Dollar Baby is a message to those who remain confined due to the filthy comments on their career by the feeble-minded society. The problem is especially in the case of women who wants to live a life of their desire. They want to roam around, start a business and do everything that males do. It is a story of a woman who was so determined that she made herself successful in her dream field. She took the help of a trainer who contributed a major part to training her.

4. The Karate Kid

Top 10 Motivational Movies

It is a great inspiration and must to watch for those who are often bullied and mocked by the people. People often troll the hidden gems who rise in the later stages to become top achievers in life.

The Karate Kid is all about a boy who was bullied at school. The martial master positively helps the boy trains him. The message that is carried throughout the movie is that there are often people who restrain you, but how you neglect them and raise yourself towards goals makes you extraordinary in life.

5. The Blind Side

Top 10 Motivational Movies

This movie shows the positive side of humanity. In this world, everyone is busy in his race. But those who make time to help others place themselves near the god.

This movie depicts the life of Michael Other, who is a specially-abled person with no family to take care of. He is adopted by a lady who takes pity on him. She makes his life purposeful and brightened with great care.

6. Remember The Titans

Top 10 Motivational Movies

Differences tend to exist in every society and team. This movie shows us how to accept differences. People from various cultures, backgrounds, attitudes, beliefs combine to work for a common cause. Sometimes different viewpoints are carried out positively, and sometimes these generate conflict. Staying lonely leads to negative thoughts and a lack of belonging. So living in the groups unite one with a lot of people and stay cohesive towards them.

This movie teaches us to respect every individual and not to demotivate them with harsh comments. This makes us no worse than a devil.

7. The Pursuit of Happiness

Top 10 Motivational Movies

One should always adopt a positive outlook in life. No matter how hard the situation is, remaining calm is the way to get through it. This movie teaches us to remain happy in life always. Sometimes, the worst situations make us fragile and ready to be broken completely from the inside. With the adoption of the right strategy and outlook, one can defeat downfalls. A positive vibe always leaves it to impact us favorably during unfavorable circumstances.

8. Three Idiots

Top 10 Motivational Movies

This movie is for those who feel stressed with their life. Sometimes, pressures from society and family make us deviate away from our actual dreams. This makes us regret our life. In this story, there are three friends who make a wonderful bond. Their names are Ranchoddas Chanchad, Farhan, Raju Rastogi.

The life situation of a college student is depicted through various characters in the movie. Some commit suicide due to anxiety and future uncertainty; some choose the wrong paths, while some remain year due to competition in their studies. By chanting all is well in every situation, problems drop their weights down, as shown in this movie.

9. It's a Wonderful Life

Top 10 Motivational Movies

It is a movie that helps those who suffer from negative thoughts. Sometimes, we fail to realize that life is meant to live peacefully. We channel ourselves in a game of life and fail to obtain inner peace. As a result, we cry out when struck with failures. One should refrain from developing destructive thoughts knowing that life is only one.

10. Saving Private Ryan

Top 10 Motivational Movies

It is a heart-touching movie depicting the life of a soldier who fights to save his nation from foreign enemies. Since its release, Saving Private Ryan has been considered one of the greatest and most influential films of the 1990s and also one of the greatest war films of all time. It has been frequently cited as influential in the war and action film genres, primarily due to its use of desaturated colors, hand-held cameras, and tight angles.

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