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Top 10 Online Data Entry Job Sites

In today's world, looking for a job is different from what it used to be. There were times when jobs were advertised through the newspapers and other modes. Nowadays, this method has become a lot easier. Companies use their websites to display and open job opportunities for candidates throughout the globe or a particular region. The job description includes all the essential information and details the candidate must know to decide their suitability for the job position.

However, not all the candidates are aware of the websites. Also, there are a plethora of companies in the world, making it more challenging to find the right pick. Moreover, it is not feasible for candidates to keep an eye on all the companies for job opportunities. It can lead to mismanagement and loss of a suitable opportunity. So, job portals or job sites act as mediators to resolve these issues. The job portals are provided to both the recruiters and the candidates to interact and fill the vacancies.

These job portals also have data entry jobs. Data entry jobs are in high demand nowadays. Not just jobs, these portals also provide a lot of internships. Let us look at some of the online data entry job sites.

1. MegaTypers

Top 10 Online Data Entry Job Sites

MegaTypers is a workforce management company providing data entry services to government and private institutions. The website provides data entry as well as other jobs. The perks of working on MegaTypers is that you have super flexible work schedules, and you can start with a minimum typing speed of 10 words per minute. The site is quite suitable for students and people looking for an alternative earning source. Just register your account on the portal, and you are good to go. Choose a job of your type, and Voila!

2. Internshala

Top 10 Online Data Entry Job Sites

Internshala is a very famous job portal preferred by many people to find internships and job opportunities. Plenty of data entry jobs and internships can be found on the website or app with a decent payable amount. The website consists of plenty of data entry jobs ranging from full-time to part-time, depending upon the candidate's feasibility. Just register on the portal or mobile app and create the resume as demanded by Internshala. You don't have to upload your resume; Internshala will help you create one on the portal itself, which will be shared with the employers so that they can screen the suitable candidates. Register, create a resume, and you are good to go.

3. Upwork

Top 10 Online Data Entry Job Sites

Upwork is a freelancing portal. A plethora of freelancing jobs is available here, including data entry jobs. It boasts around 5000 remote data entry jobs. The project length and price vary according to the work and person recruiting. You can choose your desired project based on the description, skills, expertise, bid amount, workplace, etc. The portal is 100% safe and secured. Just create a freelancer account and fill in all the details as asked, along with your skills and experience. If you're a fresher, no problem at all; just apply the filter and look for entry-level jobs. The filter is great; you can choose the expertise level, time duration, and time you're available. The hours are extremely flexible, and payments are timely. It is a great way to start your career as a data entry specialist.

4. Fiverr

Top 10 Online Data Entry Job Sites

Like Upwork, Fiverr is also a freelancing platform and one of the top online data entry sites for freelance job seekers. It is a great portal for data entry job seekers as it consists of plenty of data entry jobs for different prices and expertise. The prices are also negotiable based on your experience. Just create an account, fill in all of your details, and then just search for your desired profile, and the portal will take care of the rest for you. Applying filters is one of the best ways to segregate the jobs in accordance with your needs. It is very safe and secure and is a preferred destination for people searching for data entry jobs. Just remember to bid for several projects; it will increase the chances of selection.

5. Scribie

Top 10 Online Data Entry Job Sites

If you're willing to start a career in data entry, then Scribie is your destination. It provides data entry and other jobs to professionals and businesses at affordable prices. The work might vary according to the type of job you have chosen, but rest assured that it is genuine and easy to work upon. With Scribie, one can easily earn a decent amount of monthly income to cover all expenses. Understanding the English language is necessary for Scribie and other online job portals.

6. Mturk

Top 10 Online Data Entry Job Sites

Willing to work with an internationally reputed and trusted brand, apart from work, also want to earn a good reputation, Amazon Mechanical Turk, a.k.a. Mturk, is the destination for you. MTurk is a crowdsourcing platform. It is, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after data entry job sites. It is reputable, legit and no hassle with the payments is encountered. The site or portal connects the job provider and the individual, thus making the process very easier. One can search from several data entry jobs available and choose which suits them. One of the perks of working with it is flexible working time. It can also be used as a secondary source of income.


Top 10 Online Data Entry Job Sites is one of the most sought-after job sites in India. Many companies and individuals prefer it for the recruitment process. Also, it is very much sought out for data entry jobs. It is no doubt one of the top 10 online data entry job sites in India. Searching for a job is quite easy, and after applying filters, one can easily look for a feasible job. The job site boasts around 15,000 data entry jobs on its portal. The job can be selected based on location, salary, expertise, skills, timings, position, etc. Knowledge of MS Office is required in almost all data entry jobs. You can easily search for the relevant job after creating a profile and uploading the resume. Just key in words data entry, and the portal will provide you a list of openings available with plenty of filters available to filter the jobs as per your requirements.

8. Indeed

Top 10 Online Data Entry Job Sites

Indeed is claimed to be one of the top recruiters in the world. It is also one of the top online portals for data entry jobs. It is sought out by many recruiters and individuals, where you can land a high-paying data entry job based on your expertise and command over the work. You must create a profile on Indeed and post that you are supposed to upload your resume. Searching for the job is easy and hassle-free; just type it in the search option. Look through the job description, salary, and location and choose the job which seems fit for you. The jobs posted are legit as there is an immediate check on the credibility of the job.

9. Freelancer

Top 10 Online Data Entry Job Sites

The name itself gives away a lot. It is a freelancing platform consisting of a set of jobs. Freelancing platforms like this one connects freelancers with businesses and provide equal opportunities to both. After creating an account, you are just supposed to type in data entry in the search option, and the site will provide you with plenty of data entry jobs to choose from. Further, you can apply filters to filter out the jobs according to your needs and demands. It is quite an easy process with no hassle at all. Choose the job which compliments your skills, and finding high-paying jobs becomes easier after you have some experience. Remember to bid for many jobs, which increases the chances of selection.

10. Rev

Top 10 Online Data Entry Job Sites

Rev is quite a famous platform for finding data entry jobs. It is a freelancing platform designed to bridge the gap between freelancers and customers. It provides people with a flexible schedule and the right to work from the comfort of their homes. It provides fast and affordable services to the people. As a freelancer, it is quite easy to find hundreds of jobs in data entry and other jobs.

The first step is to register for the account, and then you can start the search for your desired job. If you're experienced, then the options are enormous; however, if you're a fresher, fret not, just look for a project that doesn't require much expertise. Remember to apply for a lot of them to increase the chances of selection and respond to the message from the clients as soon as possible.

Apart from these, there are also many more data entry job sites available. However, these are the best, most famous, reliable, and most sought-after online data entry job sites. Look out for opportunities and apply for some data entry jobs.

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