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Top 10 Free-Fire Players In 2020

Gamers are constantly looking for amazing and mind-blowing gaming experiences. Because of their desire, they will play any game with a high player-centric experience.

Top 10 Free-Fire Players In 2020

Free Fire, also known as Garena Free Fire, has recently drawn gamers' attention. For platforms (Android and iOS), Garena Free Fire is released by Garena and created by 111 Dots Studio.

A free online video game is called Free Fire (only for Android users). The game puts your ability to survive to the test and lets you engage in cooperative multiplayer battles with others. It is a game of the "battle royale" type.

The game is well-liked all across the world. The world's most downloaded mobile game of 2019 is this one. Each character is vibrant and distinct, and the game's UI is easy to use. It also features events, deals, and many other things, making it an essential experience.

This article features the world's best free-fire player.

1. SK Sabir Boss

Since this player's prominence primarily lies in India, it's likely that you are unaware of who he is. This well-known Indian YouTuber and streamer have more than 4 million YouTube subscribers.

Top 10 Free-Fire Players In 2020

He is committed to playing Free Fire consistently and streaming it to his Twitch Live audience. He is regarded as one of the top players in the competition. He currently maintains one of the top KDAs in the world, yet this is not his most well-known trait.

SK Due to the number of headshots he successfully connects with, Sabir Boss distinguishes himself as one of the top Free Fire players. If you are an expert in Free Fire, you must be aware of how challenging it is to carry out this work frequently. The Indian player, in this instance, plays it as though it were something that came naturally.

He has around 8 million followers on the Booyah platform, in addition to his enormous YouTube following. Additionally, SK Sabir Boss is a member of the legendary Boss guild in the battle royale game.

The Free Fire ID for SK Sabir Boss is 55479535, and his IGN is Boss. In the BR-Ranked mode, the player has completed the Master tier, whereas, in the CS-Ranked version, they have reached the Heroic tier.

With 1846 solo games played and 158 wins, SK Sabir Boss has an 8.55 percent win percentage. Additionally, he has eliminated 3909 opponents, giving him a 2.32 win percentage.

He has made 3313 appearances in the two matches, defeating the opposition 649 times for a victory percentage of 19.58%. Additionally, the Indian gamer has 9200 frags and a K/D ratio of 3.45.

Last but not least, SK Sabir Boss has 11459 booyah's after 35920 squad games, which equals a win percentage of 31.90%. He has 126701 kills, giving him a K/D ratio of 5.18 in just these games alone.

The profile of the content producer shows two rated duo matches; however, neither match has resulted in a win or a frag.

He has played in 196 games for ranked squads, and in those games, he has tallied 69 booyah's for a 35.2% winning rate. With 635 kills under his belt, SK Sabir Boss has maintained a kill-to-death ratio of 5.

The YouTuber has played in 2366 squad games of Free Fire and won 1494 of them, for a victory percentage of 63.14%. With 10232 kills in this mode, he has maintained a KDA of 1.90 and an average damage per match of 1862.

According to Social Blade, the SK Sabir Gaming channel reportedly earns between $193 and $3.1K each month. The total expected costs for the year fall between $2.3K and $37.1K.

Since joining YouTube in 2019, SK Sabir Boss has uploaded slightly over 350 videos. He has received a total of 231.679 million views for this. The gamer got his big break in 2020 when his subscription count increased from a few hundred thousand to over three million by the end of the year.

The player posted only two videos in the preceding 30 days, and there hasn't been much activity on the channel recently. Even still, there has been a 772k rise in his channel views.

2. Raistar

The well-known Free Fire YouTuber Raistar is similar to SK Sabir Boss. He is a little better-liked than his countryman; he has around 7 million subscribers overall. In terms of gameplay and video quality, he has gradually eclipsed SK Sabir Boss. Raistar is at a level that is barely reachable by other players. His outstanding talent has led to the assumption that he cheats when playing. He also has amazing interactions with Free Fire fans. You may get a tonne of advice, videos, and strategies on his channel to improve your gaming skills.

Top 10 Free-Fire Players In 2020

The Free Fire ID for Raistar is 12022250, and his IGN is "RAISTAR." He is a member of the GyanGamingGG guild. Raistar has won 2542 out of the 14205 squad games it has participated in, for an outstanding win percentage of 17.89%. He has a K/D ratio of 4.16 with over 48515 kills and an average of 1348 damage per match. Additionally, the YouTuber participated in 4439 duo battles and took home 705 victories. Additionally, he has 14287 kills, giving him an amazing K/D ratio of 3.83. The streamer has participated in 3457 matches, and 400 booyah's with 10632 kills in solitary mode.

Raistar is positioned in the Platinum II tier in the ranked mode. He has participated in 195 squad games, winning 18 of them. Additionally, he has amassed 486 kills with a respectable K/D ratio of 2.75. The author of the content hasn't participated in many solo or duo games.

In December 2019, Raistar began his career on YouTube. For him, there has been no turning back since that point. His channel currently contains 26 videos that have received a combined 27.6 million views.

3. Jiggs

Jigs is unquestionably regarded as one of the top players in the world right now. His outstanding abilities have allowed him to remain in the top Free Fire levels for a considerable amount of time.

Top 10 Free-Fire Players In 2020

He has one of the best stats among the players in this video game. He typically plays solo and cooperative games. He is regarded as one of the top free-fire players in the world and excels in both categories.

He is not a very active user of social media. You won't find many recent videos of him online, and he isn't very active on live-streaming websites either. His Free Fire Pro settings will provide some direction for you. However, many of them are false due to the lack of information on JIGS.

Jigar Patel is a well-known Indian Free Fire content producer who goes by the in-game moniker "JIGS." He only began his YouTube voyage a few months ago, but already he has amassed a sizable fan base. Additionally, he is the boss of the well-known BOSS guild.

JIGS has participated in 10834 squad matches and has won 4230 of them, for a victory percentage of 39.04 percent. He has defeated 33998 opponents in these games while maintaining a K/D ratio of 5.15.

The YouTuber has also participated in 177 duo bouts, where he has defeated his opponents 38 times, keeping a 21.46% win record. He has 443 fragments in his bag and a 3.19 K/D ratio.

In 84 solo matches, the content creator has finished in first place nine times, for a victory rate of 10.71%. He has 106 kills under his belt with a K/D ratio of 1.41.

In the current rated season, Jigar has participated in 484 squad matches and recorded 109 booyah's, translating to a win percentage of 22.52%. He has a K/D ratio of 3.41 and 1277 kills.

The streamer has participated in three duo bouts but has not yet achieved success. With 15 fragments, he has a K/D ratio of 5.

In August 2020, JIGS began posting content relating to Free Fire. When he wrote this piece, he had over 700,000 subscribers and over 19.6 million views.

4. Sultan Proslo

If you have looked up tips on how to improve at Free Fire, you have surely come across this moniker. He is a well-known YouTuber with over 15 million subscribers and the top Free Fire player worldwide.

Top 10 Free-Fire Players In 2020

Sultan is a native of Indonesia, in contrast to many of the best Free Fire competitors. He routinely exhibits a very high level of play that is nearly unheard of. We cannot claim that Sultan is the only player with such extraordinary skills.

He has played in almost 800 squad matches so far, winning nearly 300 of them. This is a win percentage of around 40%, which is completely unheard of and difficult for any adversary to match.

He is regarded as the most outstanding KDA player. He averages a minimum of four kills every game.

He also has scandalous numbers for his individual games. In this category, he displays a win percentage of more than 10%, which is exceptionally high for any player. If you have played this game before, you are aware of how challenging it is to get this astounding number of triumphs.

Sultan Proslo is a well-known Indonesian content producer for Free Fire. He has considerable popularity in the neighborhood and has a sizable subscriber base. He goes by Dyland Maximus Zidane in real life. His IGN is SULTAN, and his Free Fire ID is 16207002. INDO!

Sultan Proslo has participated in 831 team games and earned 287 victories. He has 2094 kills under his belt with a K/D ratio of 3.85. The streamer has played 99 games in duo mode and has earned 26 Booyahs. He's accumulated 306 fragments with a K/D ratio of 4.19. The author of the content has triumphed in 58 out of 557 solo contests. With a K/D ratio of 3.02, he has 1508 eliminations.

In the current rated season, Dyland has appeared in 13 team games and earned two victories with a win percentage of 15.38%. He has achieved nine kills during this time, keeping his K/D ratio at 0.82.

The YouTuber has played three matches in the duo mode and hasn't lost a single game. He has killed five adversaries, giving him a 2.50 K/D ratio. And finally, he has 17 kills from 11 solo battles.

Over five years ago, Sultan Proslo launched his Dyland Pros YouTube channel. With over 12 million followers and more than 895 million total views, he has released 1132 videos.

5. Sudip Sarkar

Numerous content developers have emerged thanks to Free Fire's expansion and popularity. The battle royale phenomenon is hugely popular and has a huge following on websites like YouTube.

Top 10 Free-Fire Players In 2020

One of the most well-known Indian content producers for Free Fire is Sudip Sarkar. This article discusses his Free Fire ID, statistics, K/D ratio, and other details.

Sudip Sarkar's IGN is SUDIP SARKAR, and his Free Fire ID is 97653930.

Sudip Sarkar has played in over 26750 squad-mode games and has amassed 100,000 kills. He has 8298 victories and a stellar victory percentage of 31.02%. Additionally, he has a remarkable K/D ratio of 5.47.

Compared to squad contests, he has participated in comparatively fewer solo and duo matches. In the 1173 doubles matches he has participated in, he has won 147 games. In solo mode, he has achieved 110 victories.

Sudip Sarkar has participated in a few solo and duet matches in the current season. He has played in nearly 975 squad matches, winning 152 of them with a fantastic K/D ratio of 4.20.

He is in the Diamond 4 tier for the current season. He has participated in 16 Clash Squad games so far, winning 11 of them for an astounding victory percentage of 68.75%.

Over a year ago, Sudip Sarkar began posting content to YouTube. His channel's debut video went live in July 2019. Currently, his channel has over 462,000 subscribers and over 19 million total views. "SUDIP SARKAR OFFICIAL" is the name of his second channel, where he publishes Free Fire montages and films.

6. TSG Jash

The Indian Free Fire content creation market is booming, and certain well-known players have seen their popularity soar in recent years. Two Side Gamers is the most well-known of the many players with YouTube channels.

Top 10 Free-Fire Players In 2020

For more than three years, TSG Jash, aka Jash Dhoka, and TSG Ritik, aka Ritik Jain, have effectively run the channel, gaining 9.87 million members. Additionally, they have had 1.566 billion views, including 50 million over the past month.

He has the Free Fire ID 123643969. As of January 12, 2022, TSG Jash's game statistics are as follows:

TSG Jash has played in 7150 squad games and has defeated his opponents 1690 times, giving him a victory percentage of 23.63%. The YouTuber guarantees a K/D ratio of 3.11 with 16994 kills.

He put a lot of effort into winning 257 of the 2537 pair matches he played in, giving him a win percentage of 10.13%. The author of the post has accumulated 4990 kills with a 2.19 K/D ratio.

With 1390 games under his belt, he has won 115 games for a win percentage of 8.27%. TSG Jash has accumulated 3183 flags, which equates to a kill-to-death ratio of 2.5.

TSG Jash has not appeared in any of the season's ranking games.

TSG Jash has participated in 703 Clash Squad games and has won 388 of them, accumulating a victory percentage of 55.19%. His kill total stands at 3338, and 1087 of those were headshots, giving him a KDA of 1.54.

According to Social Blade, the Two Side Gamers website generates monthly earnings of between $12.7K and $202.5K. Given the current viewership level, the yearly income predictions are stated to be in the range of $151.9K to $2.4M.

In October 2018, the Two Side Gamers YouTube channel was established. The pair put a lot of effort into gaining 9.87 million subscribers over the past three years. Together, the two have published about 1500 videos, generating 1.56 billion views for them.

7. Rakesh007

Free Fire's developers constantly introduce new features, which keep gamers interested. As a result, the game's popularity curve has been rising. The large audience that this game has across several platforms has also led to an increase in the production of content linked to Free Fire.

Top 10 Free-Fire Players In 2020

As the in-game identity Rakesh00007, Rakesh Shetty is a well-known Free Fire content developer and a professional player for Stalwart Esports.

His current IGN is Bot00007, and his Free Fire ID is 47282554.

Rakesh0007 has 81,264 kills after participating in 18,046 squad-mode games. He has 5,849 victories and a stellar victory percentage of 32.41%. Additionally, he possesses a mind-blowing K/D ratio of 6.66.

Out of the 2,187 games he has played in dual mode, he has won 377 games. Additionally, he possesses 171 Booyahs in solo mode.

He has only participated in a small number of duet matches this season. He has participated in 663 squad matches, 101 of which he has won, for a noteworthy K/D ratio of 4.32. In 14 games played in singles mode, he has won.

According to the caption of one of his videos, he plays Free Fire on the OnePlus 6.

He first began uploading videos to his YouTube channel in February 2017. He moved to this game upon the release of Free Fire. His total number of views and subscribers currently exceeds 394k. Rakesh - Free Fire is the name of a second channel he owns. There aren't many videos on this channel, though.

8. Ajju Bhai

If you're a die-hard Free Fire fan, you probably already know Ajjubhai, better known by the name of his YouTube channel, "Total Gaming." He has a huge following, and a lot of athletes look up to him. We talk about his in-game specifics in this article. Since Ajjubhai, aka Total Gaming in Garena Free Fire, is one of the most popular YouTubers in India as of December 2022, here is everything gamers need to know about him.

Top 10 Free-Fire Players In 2020

His IGN is ajjubhai94, and his Free Fire ID is 451012596.

Ajjubhai has participated in 9302 team games in total, winning 2414 of them for a win percentage of 25.95%. He has killed 34138 people with a K/D ratio of 4.96 and averaged 1536 damage per game.

In terms of the dual mode, he has played 1587 games and won 299 of them, for a victory percentage of 18.84%. The streamer has 6200 kills under their belt and a K/D ratio of 4.81.

The YouTuber has played 880 games in single-player mode, winning 76 of them for an 8.63% win percentage. He has 2237 kills overall with a K/D ratio of 2.78.

He hasn't played many games in the new ranked season, which just started yesterday.

Ajjubhai began producing content more than 1.5 years ago. His channel's debut video was posted in December 2018. Since then, he has significantly developed and has added 954 videos to his YouTube account. He boasts a whopping 14.3 million subscribers and 1.745 billion total views.

In addition, he broadcasts and shares real-time recordings of the action-packed battle royale on a second channel called "Total Gaming Live."

9. Action Bolt

Free Fire in Garena has a large player base but also a large audience on many sites, such as YouTube. The game has a sizable audience, as evidenced by the fact that the title recently topped 100 million lifetime views on the Google-owned site.

Top 10 Free-Fire Players In 2020

As a result, a large number of content producers and streams have appeared all over the world. Anup Mondal is a well-known Free Fire broadcaster and YouTube content creator from India. He goes by the in-game pseudonym Action Bolt.

With 7959 victories from 17773 squad matches, Action Bolt has a victory percentage of 44.78%. He has collected 56583 frags and kept a 5.77 K/D ratio.

He has competed in 1450 pair matches and defeated his opponents in 368 of them, giving him a win percentage of 25.37 percent. He now has a K/D ratio of 4.06 with 4390 kills.

With 300 booyah's in 1870 solo games, the YouTuber has a win percentage of 16.04%. Action Bolt contains 3761 fragments and a 2.40 K/D ratio.

In the current rated season, Action Bolt has 1249 first-place finishes in 1754 squad games, which equates to a victory ratio of 71.20%. He still has a K/D ratio of 12.91 despite having defeated 6520 opponents.

He has played in 59 doubles matches and won 10 of them, for a victory percentage of 16.94%. With 116 kills under his belt, he has a 2.37 K/D ratio.

Action Bolt has a win rate of 12.50% after 784 solo games and is just two victories away from reaching the 100-win threshold. He recorded 1032 kills for a 1.50 K/D ratio.

The earliest video was posted on Action Bolt's YouTube channel in March 2018. Since then, he has consistently produced intriguing and captivating content related to the action-packed Battle Royale game. He currently has more than 572,000 subscribers as he writes this post. Thirty-two thousand people arrived in the previous 30 days.

10. Gyan Sujan

India-born Gyan Sujan, known as Gyan Gaming, is a well-known Free Fire content producer. He has a sizable national following and over 4.23 million YouTube subscribers.

Top 10 Free-Fire Players In 2020

Gyan Gaming's in-game identity is GyanSujan, and his Free Fire ID is 70393167.

Gyan Gaming has 15862 squad games under its belt, and 5843 wins, for a win percentage of 36.783 percent. He has killed 52661 people, with a K/D ratio of 5.26.

The author of the content hasn't played many games in solo or cooperative play. He has 451 victories to his credit and has played in paired games since 1993. In this mode, he has amassed 5212 kills with a K/D ratio of 3.38.

Additionally, Gyan Gaming has 1267 solo games with 152 booyahs. Additionally, he has over 2160 kills with a 1.94 K/D ratio.

Gyan Gaming has accumulated 122 victories from 487 team games during the current rated season, giving them a win percentage of 25.05%. He has maintained a K/D ratio of 5.09 and has reported 1857 kills.

Gyan Sujan has accumulated 349 kills with a stellar K/D ratio of 6.23 in 73 pair games and 17 victories overall.

Additionally, he has played 50 solo games without winning any.

Over 2.5 years ago, Gyan Sujan started posting content to YouTube. Initially playing Clash of Clans, he eventually began playing Garena Free Fire. His channel currently includes 1462 videos that have received a total of over 436 million views since he first posted them.

He also manages a second YouTube channel called "Sniper Lord," where he posts Free Fire-related videos.

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