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Top 10 Sports Bikes in India

There was a time when having a two-wheeler vehicle was a very huge thing. But now, having an expensive, and the sporty bike is a symbol of cool culture.

On where one side normal bikes are mainly for daily travel, on the other hand sports bikes symbolises speed, power, torque, and a stylish look to riders. Sports bike defines the fast-paced world.

Now-a-days, there are so many options for sports bikes. Take a look at the list below if your goal of owning one of India's top sports bikes is about to become a reality!

Top 10 Sports Bikes in India

It includes some of the most popular sports-category two-wheelers now on the market in the country. To make things easier for you to consider, we have described on the basis of price, engine, design, look, and colour.

Let's have a look at the stylish and magnificent worlds of bikes:


This new version of Kawasaki Ninja was launched in 2020. It's a fresh face of the Ninja family. It looks very sporty and magnificent. The bike is coming in a single variant.

It has sharp edges LED headlamps which give this bike an aggressive look. These aggressive headlamps fit perfectly to the Ninja name. The overall weight of new Kawasaki Ninja is 196 Kg.

The back seat of this Ninja version is designed in a way to make it more comfortable. The seat height is low, which allows your foot to keep flat on the ground with ease.

The clip-ons are high so it allows the rider to sit comfortably. The design, color, and shade of these bikes make them perfect sports bike.

Top 10 Sports Bikes in India

Special Features:

  • The engine is designed to deal with the real world (real roads). It has a 649 CC engine with a power of 66.4 BHP.
  • Kawasaki Ninja has Disk brake and ABS (Anti Braking System) technology.
  • The bike is coming in three variant colors.
  • The display of the Kawasaki Motorcycle has great graphics and it is easy to read.
  • The ex-showroom price of the new Kawasaki Ninja 650 is 6 lakhs 24 thousand.

KTM RC 390

The KTM RC 390 has the most stylish design. It has a dual projector set-up with a cool design, so it gives an extreme devilish look to this sports bike.

It has a transparent panel. In addition, the indicator signals are integrated into the mirror. You also get the sporty tires with open cartage.

The design and paint combination is great which makes it more attractive. It also has adjustable levers. You get a back seat that looks exactly like a cowl.

Special features:

  • It has a single cylindrical coolant 373 CC engine with a power of 43 BHP.
  • The bike has disk brakes and ABS technology.
  • KTM RC contains LED project headlamps which give the bike a very devilish look. In addition, it also has LED tail-lights.
  • The bike comes with two color options.
  • The exhaust design is sharp which adds more sharpness to the overall look.
  • You have to spend 2,53,479 ? for this stylish bike.

TVS Apache RR 310

This time TVS is coming with the new feature, in which you can give an order on the TVS website for customized bikes. You can choose the paint scheme, performance, graphics, kit, etc.

The bike looks super sporty. It has a projector LED lights set up. The dual color tone contrast makes it more attractive. This new TVS Apache is full of stylish stickers.

The exhaust is placed a bit higher. In addition, footpegs have shifted a bit higher and with rear set-up. This will help the rider in a comfortable position.

It has a brass-coated chain which helps to protect from rusting. The bike is coming in two different color options.

Top 10 Sports Bikes in India

Special features:

  • The tail-lights have a stylish design.
  • The bike has an instrument cluster which is mind-blowing.
  • New TVS has a 312 CC engine with 33 BHP.
  • The bike has TVS smart tech so that you can connect your mobile with the bike.
  • The ex-showroom price of TVS Apache RTR 310 is 2,47,952 ?.

Yamaha YZF R15 V3

Yamaha has a very wide range of sports bikes. Yamaha YZF R15 V3 is a very dashing and popular model in India. This bike has come in three different colors.

The bike has a powerful and sporting single cylindrical, and liquid cooling engines. It has a 6-speed manual speed transmission. In addition, it gives a good mileage which makes it more fuel-efficient. The overall weight of the bike is 142kg.

For its stylish design and excellent performance, the bike has awarded the India Design Mark Award in 2019.

Special features:

  • The engine displacement of this bike is 155 CC with 18.3 BHP and has a petrol engine.
  • This stylish bike gives the 40kmpl mileage.
  • The bike has dual-channel ABS brakes and disk brakes.
  • The ex-showroom price of Yamaha YZF R15 V3 is 1,48,550 ?.

KTM RC 200

What if you get a sporting vehicle with a classy look and excellent performance, under the price of 2 Lakhs. Then, KTM sports bike also featuring in a top sports bike.

It has dual disk brake which guarantee increase protection and have an anti braking system. It has an electronic fuel-injected engine that can generate 19Nm of torque.

It is comparatively light in weight. This framework will help in handling with ease.

Special features:

  • It has a liquid cooling engine with 200CC engine displacement. Its engine can produce 25.1BPH of power.
  • This racing bike has 6 shifted gear
  • The efficient fuel performance will give
  • It has come with two color options - black and
  • Ex-showroom prices of KTM RC 200 start from 1,96,768.

Bajaj Pulsar RS200

The new Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 is a racing bike that will give you powerful mileage and immense speed.

The design of the new Bajaj Pulsar is very edgy and sharp and it gives a more aggressive look. Apart from its looks, the bike have 6 gear transmission features.

It has a twin-projector set-up DRL. It contains dual-channel ABS technology, which is really good safety features. It also has an oxygen sensor. Young Bajaj Pulsar is 2kg heavier than its previous siblings.

The new paint scheme, graphics, stickers, and cut around the framework make it a more premium and super sporty bike.

Top 10 Sports Bikes in India

Special features:

  • You can ride this bike at the maximum speed of 140 kmph.
  • The engine displacement of Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 is 199.4 CC. It can generate power at 23.7 BHP. It has a liquid cooling engine.
  • You can choose among three super classy colors - racing red, racing blue, and graphite red.
  • The powerful engine of this Bajaj Pulsar can give a mileage of 35 kmpl.
  • The bike can generate 7 Nm torque power.
  • The ex-showroom price of Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 is 1,52,484?.

KTM RC 125

If your budget is below 1.5 lakhs then KTM RC 125 is the perfect sports bike for you. It is as stylish as most premium RC 200.

The main difference between these two KTM is; the engine displacement. KTM RC 125 has lower engine power. It has six-gear transmission, which make it a more suitable racing bike. The bike has a top speed of 120 km/h.

At present, there are two color variations are available for this model. The LED indicators are placed on the rear view mirror which makes it more stylish.

It has a twin-projector headlamp with a devil look. The color contrast of this bike is cool. It has an orange color wheel which provides uniqueness.

Special features:

  • It has a 124.7 CC engine where riders can enhance the power of 14.5 BHP.
  • It has an advanced braking system that will increase safety.
  • With such a low price tag, this bike will provide you good mileage of 38 kmpl.
  • The ex-showroom price of KTM RC 125 is 1,48,750.

Suzuki Gixxer SF

Though Suzuki has a small family of Sports Bikes, still this Suzuki Gixxer is a magnificent bike. The first thing, Suzuki had done major modifications in the design.

The LED lights give this bike a more stylish and devilish look. The bike has three color options with a stylish color tones. So, it will enhance the looks of the rider.

Its torque generation capacity is 13.5 Nm. The major drawback of the Suzuki Gixxer engine is; it has an air-cooling technology rather than far more advanced liquid-cooling technology. The maximum speed of this bike is 127km/ hour.

The Autocar Award of 2020, its cousin 200 CC won the most prestigious bike of the year award.

Top 10 Sports Bikes in India

Special features:

  • Gixxer SF has a single cylindrical, 5-gear manual transmission 150 CC engine which gives your bike an excellent performance.
  • The fuel capacity of Gixxer's tank is 12 liters.
  • This sporty Gixxer gives the 45kmpl mileage.
  • This bike can generate a power of 13.4 BHP.
  • The ex-showroom price of the Suzuki Gixxer SF is 1,26,385 ? It is a prestigious bike at such a price.

Honda CBR 605R

Honda has done a mind-blowing job in design. The design of this sports bike is quite attractive. The dual aggressive headlamps, stickers, rim tapes, and color contrast make it catchy and super cool. The LED headlamps give it a devilish appearance.

The engine was designed by Honda. So, you can blindly trust the performance of Japanese engines. It has a magnificent engine sound.

The foot pegs are slightly higher and are more rear set which helps the rider to sit comfortably especially for long rides.

In Honda premium motorcycles, the design and finishing are top-notch. The seats are comfortable and the pillion seat is usable.

Special features:

  • It has an extreme powerful engine. The engine displacement is 72 CC and the maximum power generation is 85.82 BHP.
  • It has a four-cylindrical engine which makes this bike more premium and the sound of the engine is also quite impressive.
  • On a safety note, it has dual-channel ABS brakes. It has also a switchable traction control system.
  • The ex-showroom price is around 8,88,290.

Ducati Monster BS6

The company has come in 1993, but after a few years company had to face financial crises. And now, nearly 30 years later, Ducati is stands for the best-seller bike globally.

Ducati has done a lot of modifications in its design. New Ducati Monster is lighter than its old bikes. Also, the young Monster is very small. It is the lightest bike.

In the tail section, it has an upward exhaust. In the front, the mirrors, fancy LED indicators, most important TFT display. All these factors make this bike classy and premium.

The bike has run and tested on the F1 racing track. It has a small fuel tank. It is 18 kg lighter than the previous bikes.

The rider has a bike that is quite eager to play.

Top 10 Sports Bikes in India

Special features:

  • Ducati has a most powerful engine displacement of 937 CC. This engine can generate a power of 96 BHP at the time of its peak performance.
  • The braking performance is high. It has dual disk brakes.
  • The ex-showroom price of Ducati Monster BS6 is 10,99,000.

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