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JavaScript Array lastIndexOf() method

The JavaScript array lastIndexOf() method is used to search the position of a particular element in a given array. It behaves similar to indexOf() method with a difference that it start searching an element from the last position of an array.

The lastIndexOf() method is case-sensitive. The index position of first character in a string is always start with zero. If an element is not present in a string, it returns -1.


The lastIndexOf() method is represented by the following syntax:


element - It represent the element to be searched.

index - It represent the index position from where search starts. It is optional.


An index of a particular element.

JavaScript Array lastIndexOf() method example

Let's see some examples of lastIndexof() method.

Example 1

Here, we will print the position of an element.

Test it Now



Example 2

In this example, we will provide the index value from where the search starts.

Test it Now



Example 3

Here, we will search an element which is not present in an array.

Test it Now



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