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JavaScript reload() method

In JavaScript, the reload() method is used to reload a webpage. It is similar to the refresh button of the browser. This method does not return any value.


This method can have optional parameters true and false. The true keyword force to reload the page from the server, while the false keyword reloads the page from the cache.

The false is the default parameter of this method, so if we omitted the parameter's value, the reload() method reloads the page from the cache. It means that the object.reload() is same as the object.reload(false).

Let's see an example of using the location.reload() method.


Here, the function fun() contains the location.reload() method. We are calling the function fun() using the onclick attribute of the button element. So, we have to click the given HTML 'Reload' button to see the effect. After clicking the button, the page will reload.

Test it Now


JavaScript reload() method

In the above example, instead of calling the fun() function, we can also attach the location.reload() method to the button markup. It can be done as given below:

Using the above syntax, we do not require creating any JavaScript function to reload the page.

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