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JavaScript Events

The change in the state of an object is known as an Event. In html, there are various events which represents that some activity is performed by the user or by the browser. When javascript code is included in HTML, js react over these events and allow the execution. This process of reacting over the events is called Event Handling. Thus, js handles the HTML events via Event Handlers.

For example, when a user clicks over the browser, add js code, which will execute the task to be performed on the event.

Some of the HTML events and their event handlers are:

Mouse events:

Event Performed Event Handler Description
click onclick When mouse click on an element
mouseover onmouseover When the cursor of the mouse comes over the element
mouseout onmouseout When the cursor of the mouse leaves an element
mousedown onmousedown When the mouse button is pressed over the element
mouseup onmouseup When the mouse button is released over the element
mousemove onmousemove When the mouse movement takes place.

Keyboard events:

Event Performed Event Handler Description
Keydown & Keyup onkeydown & onkeyup When the user press and then release the key

Form events:

Event Performed Event Handler Description
focus onfocus When the user focuses on an element
submit onsubmit When the user submits the form
blur onblur When the focus is away from a form element
change onchange When the user modifies or changes the value of a form element

Window/Document events

Event Performed Event Handler Description
load onload When the browser finishes the loading of the page
unload onunload When the visitor leaves the current webpage, the browser unloads it
resize onresize When the visitor resizes the window of the browser

Let's discuss some examples over events and their handlers.

Click Event

Test it Now

MouseOver Event

Test it Now

Focus Event

Test it Now

Keydown Event

Test it Now

Load event

Test it Now

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