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Remove All Whitespace from a String in JavaScript

It's a typical hard to replace strings in JavaScript. Using the string.replace() technique to change every appearance can still be challenging. Eliminating all whitespace might be laborious when it comes to line breaks and tabs. Regex expressions are fortunately supported by JavaScript's string.replace() function. The method for eliminating all whitespace from a string value is demonstrated in this lesson.

Call the replace() method on a string in JavaScript and give a regular expression that matches any whitespace character and an empty string as replacements to get rid of any whitespace from the string. As an illustration, the function str.replace(/s/g, ") returns a new string by removing all whitespace from str.

Spaces, tabs, and newlines are among the whitespace characters that the s regex metacharacter matches.

We can utilize the g regex flago to declare that every whitespace character in the string should be matched. The initial whitespace will only be matched and replaced if this flag is not present:

The second argument supplied to the replace() method causes all of the matches in the returned new string to be replaced. The second input is an empty string ("), which causes all the whitespace to be replaced with nothing and therefore eliminated.

Note: Since strings in JavaScript are immutable, the replace() function returns a new string without altering the original string.

Combining the Join() and Split() methods

An alternative strategy is to divide the string using whitespace as a separator and then link the two halves together with an empty string. By erasing every continuous space character from the string, the example that follows shows how this is done.

A string can be divided into several smaller strings using the split() method, which returns the result as an array. To split the string, anytime the specified separator appears in the string, and a separator can be specified as a parameter. When a space appears in the string, the space character (" ") is supplied in this argument to separate the string. An array of strings may be joined together using a separator by using the join() method. The combined string using the chosen separator will be returned as a new string. No separator ("") is used to unite the strings when this method is applied to the returned array. It will create a new string by joining the strings in the array. It will fill up every empty area in the original area.

Use s instead to eliminate all whitespace characters from the string.


JavaScript also has the option to use trim to get rid of any whitespace, including spaces, tabs, no-break spaces, and all line terminators (). While the provided string can have all of its whitespace removed by this method, if you simply want to get rid of the whitespace at the beginning or the end of the string, you can use the trimStart() and trimEnd() methods to indicate where to start and end the removal.

Using the trimStart() and trimEnd() methods, we may eliminate whitespace from just the beginning or end of the text, respectively.


When your code contains hundreds of lines, removing whitespaces might be challenging. JavaScript offers a variety of techniques for getting rid of these whitespaces because of this. In this article, we covered various techniques for eliminating whitespace from strings. Some of these techniques remove all spaces, while others allow us to specify exactly where the space should be eliminated. For better understanding, examples and source code are provided for each method.

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