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JavaScript Code Editors

We have learned about JavaScript, which is a programming language mainly designed for scripting the website and, for different programming languages, there are various platforms or IDEs for developing code in different languages.

Here, we will discuss different types of editors for coding in the JavaScript programming language. We will also discuss why there is a need to use JavaScript code editors, what is an IDE, and will discuss some of the best popular JavaScript code editors.

Let's begin.

What is an IDE

The IDE extends for Integrated Development Environment that provides an environment to develop several applications and software. Different programming languages have different types of IDEs, and some IDEs are as such that provides multiple environments as per the programming languages. These IDEs are used for several purposes that include code editing, debugging of code, as well as automation.

Why we use IDEs

All these different IDEs are used by different users where each IDEs have their official websites from where the users can easily download the IDEs and install in the system. Basically, these IDEs are developed for the developers so as to simplify and ease their works. We can say it is all in one package that provides various things on one platform only. IDEs came more into use when the consoles and terminals were introduced. In large organizations where we have several works to do, and many employees together work on the same project, IDEs are preferred and used with which many employees can work simultaneously.

JavaScript Code Editors

There are several code editors available in the market and on Google. We will discuss some of these code editors with their advantages and disadvantages wherever possible. These are discussed below:


The source code editor Atom was initially released in February 2014 as an open-source code editor and also gained much popularity in the market. The editor is used for JavaScript code development. The code editor is no doubt highly flexible and customizable, i.e.; we can easily customize it. It is very easy to install it on our system and is a cool and cross-platform tool. The atom source code editor is free to use, which means that if anyone wants to use it can go to its official website, and there will be a downloading link and can download it on the computer system. We have given the below link from where one can download the Atom code editor and the snapshot for the same is given below:

JavaScript Code Editors

Benefits of using ATOM

There are the following benefits we can avail when using ATOM:

  • It allows Git integration.
  • Supports multi cursor.
  • ATOM is a cross-platform code editor.

Drawbacks of ATOM

There are the following drawbacks of using ATOM:

  • ATOM has a lack of code execution.
  • When working on it, it becomes unstable sometimes.
  • The working and execution process of ATOM is slower as compared with other code editors.


Visual Studio Code is the best and most popular IDE tool among the users. It is one of the best software wisely used by the frontend developers. Visual Studio Code is the product of Microsoft, which is a free, open-source, lite version, and powerful JavaScript code editor. It supports Windows, Linux, as well as macOS. Not only a JavaScript code editor, but Visual Studio Code supports multiple programming languages that include C#, .NET, C++, Python, Ruby, etc. Visual Studio Code consists of integrated Git support that enables us to run pull, push and commit operations quickly plus directly from the application. When any application begins in Visual Studio Code, it began in debug mode as the code editor contains the first-class debugger and helps to deal with Node.js and JS based applications. Visual Studio Code is cross-platform with an integrated terminal and supports call steak, watch variables, and setting breakpoints. We can easily download and install the Visual Studio Code from its official website. A snapshot for Visual Studio Code is shown below:

JavaScript Code Editors

Benefits of using Visual Studio Code

There are the following benefits one can avail if using Visual Studio Code:

  • It is lite weighted, and so consumes low memory.
  • It supports code refactoring.
  • It is able to generate native and managed codes.
  • It supports console integration.
  • Enables task management.

Drawbacks of Visual Studio Code

With the above-described benefits, there are some drawbacks also which are described below:

  • Visual Studio is sometimes laggy.
  • It has poor source control.
  • Although it supports many different languages, then also lacks support for a few programming languages.


WebStorm has become one of the intelligent coding assistance for JavaScript as it has bought smart coding assistance and compiled-to-JavaScript languages, HTML, CSS, and Node.js. WebStorm code editor is built on top of IntelliJ, which is an open-source platform. WebStorm has features such as powerful navigation, code refactoring, and detecting on-the-fly error for all supportable languages. The code editor contains several built-in tools for debugging, testing and tracing Node.js and client-side applications. The editor is also integrated with popular CLI tools that help in web development and through which we can have a productive and streamlined development experience with no use of the command line. The software is easy to download and can be installed on the system. We just need to visit the official website of the WebStorm and can download the software from here A snapshot for the WebStorm is shown below:

JavaScript Code Editors

Benefits of using WebStorm

There are the following benefits of using WebStorm:

  • WebStorm consists of a variety of built-in developer tools that enables us to run and get our code quickly.
  • It allows us to write reliable code with less effort.
  • It enables us to directly move to the particular function or code area in just a few clicks.
  • We can adjust the appearance and behavior of the setup by applying different themes.
  • WebStorm has an in-built spell checker that saves our time in removing the small made errors.
  • Provides streamlined programming.

Disadvantages of WebStorm

With the above advantages, there are the following disadvantages of using WebStorm:

  • Navigation is a little difficult in WebStorm.
  • It has heavy resources, which slow down things.


Brackets is an open-source code editor created by Adobe Systems. It was initially released in November 2014. Brackets is gaining popularity in the list of leading tool choices by the JS developers. The tool is a freshly built frontend development tool for JavaScript. The tool supports Live Preview of the code that makes us preview the changes in real-time by automatically opening a new window on the internet browser when we modify the code. The Brackets software offers a crystal clear interface through which we can search and add extensions and enhance the ability of Brackets. For downloading and installing the tool, we can go to its official website and download it from here A snapshot of Brackets is shown below:

JavaScript Code Editors

Benefits of using Brackets

There are the following benefits of using Brackets:

  • It offers a live preview, which is very helpful for the developers to know the effects of changes they made.
  • Brackets is a simple interface software, and there is only a need to have a basic understanding of coding.
  • The setup of Brackets is easy and simple to use.

Disadvantages of Brackets

With the above advantages, there are the following disadvantages of using Brackets:

  • It takes high time to load the setup of Brackets.
  • Sometimes, the live preview feature automatically shuts up.
  • Issues arise when we open large JavaScript files on the setup.
  • Limited themes are available.
  • It is not much powerful as compared with other code editors.


An IBM Visual Age product was initially released in November 2001. Eclipse is an open-source IDE, which is basically one of the big three Java-specific IDEs. However, it consists of an extensible plugin system due to which it is used for JavaScript development also. Only the need is to install the essential plugins required for the specific programming language. Eclipse is widely used by full-stack developers for JavaScript coding. Eclipse consists of an integrated development environment that helps the developers in assuring robustness, stability as well as optimum performance. Through Eclipse, we can also send the bugs or error reports to, if found in the Eclipse as it has the feature of automated error reporting. It is easy to download and install the Eclipse tool to the system. Just need to visit the official website of Eclipse.

To download the Eclipse IDE, click on the given link:

A snapshot for the Eclipse IDE is shown below:

JavaScript Code Editors

Benefits of using Eclipse

There are the following benefits we can get while using Eclipse IDE:

  • Eclipse provides powerful management of the project.
  • It supports automated debugging of the code.
  • Provides a good and better auto-completion.

Disadvantages of Eclipse

With the above advantages, there are the following disadvantages of Eclipse:

  • Sometimes when we make some changes, it works after a reboot.
  • Generally, the new users/beginners find it difficult to use as it needs to add the required plugins.
  • It has a poor customer support facility.

Sublime Text

Sublime is the type of JavaScript code editor which is open-source and a cross-platform editor. The sublime editor provides many rooms for customization. No need to worry, it is good to use. It is user-friendly, no doubt. It offers a highly impressive speed boost and well-improved pane management. It's all features are free of cost, and thus the user can use any feature without paying anything. Moreover, Sublime Text also offers a trial version, which can be used by the developers to have knowledge of how it works and how it will work. If the developer finds it well-verged, can access its complete features by just paying $80 (may vary) for three years of usage. For setting up on the system, it can take some time, but it is definite that it will provide a smooth and good experience to the user. In order to download and install it for a free trial on the system, one can use the official website of the Sublime text code editor.

JavaScript Code Editors

To download the Sublime text editor, click on the given link:

A snapshot is shown below:

Benefits of using Sublime Text editor

There are the following benefits of using Sublime text editor:

  • Sublime provides a distraction-free mode of editing the code.
  • We can easily and smoothly deal with multiple projects.
  • Sublime Text also supports automation support.

Disadvantages of Sublime Text

With the above-described benefits, there are the following disadvantages of using Sublime Text:

  • Sublime Text has a poor library stack.
  • It also has a poor debugging feature that does not provide good debugging of the code.
  • Sublime Text has a lack of default printing.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a type of general IDE which was initially released in February 1997. It is one of the leading industry-standard IDE software for the development of JavaScript code. Visual Studio is the product given by Microsoft. Also, Visual Studio Code is the free and open-source lite version of Visual Studio. A powerful JavaScript code editor that is widely used in the frontend development of applications or software. The IDE has an integrated development environment that is used for developing computer programs on the Windows system. Using Visual Studio, the developers are able to produce native as well as managed codes. Visual Studio has excellent and powerful features such as scaffolding and simultaneous editing planning. Thus, it has proven its excellence and is a proper industry-grade IDE. Also, Visual Studio is a paid IDE tool for which the user needs to pay a minimal amount for using the professional and Enterprise version. In order to download the Visual Studio to your system, you can visit the official website where you will see three options for downloading.

JavaScript Code Editors

A snapshot is shown below:

It can be seen that there are three types available. So, if you want to use the Community, it is free to download, and for the other two types, you can download its trial version and then, if you find it appropriate, can pay the amount and purchase the type.

Benefits of using Visual Studio

There are the following benefits of using Visual Studio:

  • It is an A-grade industry-standard software.
  • Visual Studio provides coding assistance and enables us to perform accurate coding.
  • It supports rigorous testing.
  • It also provides fast debugging of the code.
  • It also has several customization options.

Disadvantages of Visual Studio

With the above benefits, there are some disadvantages of using Visual Studio, which are as follows:

  • Sometimes the performance slows down.
  • Visual Studio can occupy much memory because it is heavy software.
  • The scale of configuration and granularity sometimes become overwhelming.
  • Some settings are located typically.


A dedicated IDE for the Java programming language which was initially released in the year 1997. But not only Java, but NetBeans also enables to develop code in JavaScript by providing integrated development environment capabilities for JS. There are several features in NetBeans, including smart code completion, subversion, syntactic and semantic highlighting code, built-in Git support, and many more. As compared with other IDEs and code editors, NetBeans takes a small time between its installation and developing an application. NetBeans is easy to use, one can easily modify the workspace and reposition the application's tabs, change the look and feel of the application as per our desire and specifications. Through NetBeans, we can also set our own keyboard short cut. It is easy to download and install NetBeans on your system by visiting its official website.

JavaScript Code Editors

A link for the same is given as

These are some of the popular code editors and IDE used in the development of the JavaScript code.

Online Code Editors

Besides these software, there are some online code editors or IDE also available that can be used for the development of the JavaScript code. However, there are numerous code editors available that can be used for learning code basically. Some are typical to understand and need some extra knowledge to get used. We have some popular JavaScript code development editors listed below:

AWS Cloud9

AWS Cloud9 is an online proprietary cloud IDE which was initially released in the year 2010. The online IDE is completely coded in JavaScript, having NodeJS on the backend, and is one of the best online supportive IDE. For using it, the user must have an account in AWS. Not only JavaScript, but it also supports other programming languages such as Php, C, C++, Python, Node.js, Perl, etc. It consists of an inbuilt terminal for supporting Unix and npm commands. It also enables us to extend its plugins for extending its functionality. Its other features include code completion, simultaneous editing, syntax highlighting, reformatting via JSBeauty and CSSint, customizable key-bindings, and many more. There are varieties of themes available that give a look and feel to the IDE, and we can set it as per our wish. AWS Cloud9 also provides support for deployment to Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, Joyent, and Heroku platforms. If the user wants to use an online IDE can create an account in AWS (with minimal charges) and enjoy developing code.

JavaScript Code Editors

Benefits of using AWS Cloud9

There are the following benefits of using AWS Cloud9:

  • It provides flexible browser coding environments for supported programming languages.
  • There is no requirement of having any server connectivity.
  • One can easily start creating new projects.
  • Team collaboration is also supportive.

Disadvantages of AWS Cloud9

There are the following disadvantages of using AWS Cloud9:

  • It does not sync with Dropbox or Google drive services.
  • There are no keyboard shortcuts feature available.


Codeanywhere is another type of cloud IDE which was initially released in the year 2013. The IDE provides both free and premium based services. It is a cross-platform IDE that allows developers to write, edit, and execute web development projects directly through a web browser. It is written in JavaScript and supports multiple programming languages. The code editor contains an inbuilt terminal for supporting basic Unix as well as npm commands. With this, it also contains an inbuilt debugger and allows the developer to connect with one's own Virtual Machine through FTPMM or SSH. It also supports code repositories of BitBucket, GitHub, and Git.

JavaScript Code Editors

Benefits of using Codeanywhere

There are the following benefits of using Codeanywhere:

  • Supports connectivity with Dropbox and Google Drive platforms.
  • Codeanywhere is a time saver for the developers as it allows us to quickly create servers for their real-time projects.
  • It offers free account creation, and if you find it comfortable, can upgrade by paying the applicable charges.

Disadvantages of Codeanywhere

There are the following disadvantages of using Codeanywhere:

  • Need to have a good understanding before using it. A little bit confusing IDE it is.
  • Sometimes become unstable.
  • Poor customer support.

Apart from these two explained online JavaScript code editors, there are many other code editors also available such as JSFiddle,,, etc. Such IDEs can be directly used with an internet connection and needs a good understanding of its use and JavaScript and its supported backend programming languages.

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