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Best 32 bit Linux Operating System

In this article, you will learn about the best 32-bit Linux operating system. But before discussing the best 32-bit operating system, you must know about the best 32-bit operating system.

What is the 32-bit operating system?

It is a CPU architectural type that can transmit 32 bits of data. It refers to the amount of data and statement the CPU can easily manage while performing an action. Most of the computers manufactured in the early 2000s and 1990s were 32-bit systems.

One bit in the register can refer to a single byte in most cases. As a result, the 32-bit system can address 4,294,967,296 bytes (4 GB) of RAM. Its actual limit is less than 3.5 GB because a part of the register contains temporary values other than memory addresses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 32-bit operating system

There are various advantages and disadvantages of the 32-bit operating system. Some advantages and disadvantages of the 32-bit operating system are as follows:


  1. A 32-bit operating system and application will utilize less memory than a 64-bit application. It means that the programs operating on the system will have more memory to work with and will perform better.
  2. A 32-bit operating system will perform better since it will consume less space. Because most typical data and instructions are half the size, it will only require 32 bits. As a result, the programs will take up 40% less space.
  3. The 32-bit operating system is a lightweight processor for the system.
  4. It is the best option to use 32-bit OS in old computer systems.


  1. A 32-bit OS would have a memory restriction. The percentage of occupied memory is substantially lower than the total program memory available to it. It may not be good in terms of system performance and the ability to run various programs on it.
  2. The 32-bit operating system's design is unusual and outdated technology. It is aimed to provide older systems to gain a few benefits of Windows 7.
  3. Even if you may convert a 32-bit OS to a 64-bit OS, there are various intricacies to consider while using the porting codes.

Top Linux 32-bit operating system

There are various best Linux 32-bit operating systems. Some of the best Linux 32 bit operating systems are as follows:

  1. Peppermint
  2. AntiX
  3. Ubuntu MATE
  4. Q4OS
  5. Bodhi Linux
  6. Linux Lite
  7. Puppy Linux
  8. LXLE
  9. Sparky Linux
  10. Gentoo Linux


Best 32 bit Linux Operating System

Peppermint is a cloud-based Linux distribution that is quick, stable, and lightweight. It is an LTS-based release, so that it will be accessible for a long time. It is incorporated with its powerful web app management tool Ice, which puts web apps to the same level as locally installed software. It's done by transmitting data to the desktop via SSBs, making online apps look like native applications.

Peppermint is based on Ubuntu and includes the LXDE desktop, making the user interface much smoother and more customizable to the user's preferences. It will run smoothly on a PC with 4GB of free storage space, 1GB of RAM, and a 32-bit processor. It does support 32-bit systems and making it an excellent choice for your old computer's OS. If you want to use a web-centric Linux distribution, it is a very reliable option.


Best 32 bit Linux Operating System

antiX is another lightweight distribution that works perfectly on 32-bit computer systems. It is a Debian-based OS and runs without the use of a systemd. Because of this, antiX is an excellent substitute for many Linux users, as the lack of systemd may be a dealbreaker.

AntiX is extremely compact because its ISO file only takes about 700MB of free disc space. However, its compact size has a disadvantage in that it does not come with many pre-installed programs. However, it utilizes IceWM to run smoothly on systems with low hardware. The antiX OS supports quick booting, and it can also be used as a live operating system on CD or USB. The light distribution would work smoothly on a 32-bit system with a Pentium 3 processor and 256MB of RAM.

Ubuntu MATE

Best 32 bit Linux Operating System

Ubuntu MATE is one of the larger Linux distributions that can run on older systems with 32-bit architecture. MATE provides one of the most visually appealing and upgraded Linux experiences available. The new MATE 20.04 provides users with loads of new game-changing features. These contain different GameMode, color and theme variations, and the new experimental ZFS.

It's a professional desktop environment that will make the transition from Windows to Linux much easier. It includes the best desktop environments available, such as Cinnamon, GNOME, and KDE. It offers various features, including pre-installed applications, new enhancements, and a visually appealing interface to the user. All of this is compatible with your old PC's 32-bit architecture.


Best 32 bit Linux Operating System

Q4OS is another one of the best 32-bit Linux distributions. It is mainly targeted toward older Windows systems, which are now obsolete. Windows XP and Windows 7 were common operating systems on older PCs. They are no longer compatible with Windows, and several modern Linux distributions since the modern and updated operating systems require significantly more computational power and resources.

Q4OS is a well-designed Linux distribution that targets particular use cases and includes features like Trinity Desktop environments, Windows installation, pre-made Windows themes, 32-bit installer, etc.

Bodhi Linux

Best 32 bit Linux Operating System

It is another important Linux operating system that supports 32-bit. It is a lightweight distro with a "Legacy" version that provides a unique revival spirit even for PCs as old as 15 years. As a result, Bodhi is an excellent choice for anyone using a 32-bit computer. It includes the Moksha Desktop, a version of Enlightenment 17 Desktop with fewer bugs and modern features. It's visually appealing, enjoyable, and ideal for use on 32-bit PCs with limited hardware capabilities.

The Legacy version of Bodhi Linux includes a Kernel 4.9, or you may choose the AppPack version, which provides a live OS once you plug it into the system. The main reason for launching Bodhi Linux was to give users a simple base setup and allow them to profit from it by running all of their preferred software. Bodhi Linux will require at least a 500MHz processor, 256MB of RAM, and only 5GB of disk space in terms of system requirements.

Linux Lite

Best 32 bit Linux Operating System

Linux Lite is a Linux distribution based on the Ubuntu LTS versions. It is a lightweight Linux distribution, and it is very efficient as the others. Linux Lite has recently gained popularity worldwide, owing mostly to its user-friendliness nature.

Linux Lite has recently become a better competitor to Windows due to its extensive desktop compatibility and user-friendly design. So, if you want to switch from Windows to Linux, it may help you do so quickly and easily.

Linux developers have improved the desktop experience in Linux Lite by including crucial tools, including VLC Media Player, LibreOffice, DropBox cloud storage, ThunderBird, and GIMP. These resources make a Linux Lite a great OS for users with 32-bit PCs and no prior familiarity with Linux.

The system needs for Linux Lite are 768 MB of RAM, a 1GHz processor, and a screen resolution of 1024×768.

Puppy Linux

Best 32 bit Linux Operating System

Puppy Linux is another one of the best 32-bit Linux operating systems. It is a little different from other Linux distributions. It is intended to run from RAM rather than being installed in a system. If the distros are properly set up, you may save sessions very effectively. Even if the bootable medium is removed, it will continue to function.

This Linux distribution is binary compatible with Ubuntu LTS releases, and the most recent release is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Since Ubuntu eliminated 32-bit support, the most recent version also dropped 32-bit support.

Puppy Linux is ideal for older computer systems, Netbooks, and other systems with less than 1GB of RAM. At the core, it is run by the lightning-fast JWM (Jow's Window Manager), the Puppy Package Manager, which supports .rpm, .deb, and its native PET packages.


Best 32 bit Linux Operating System

LXLE is the quickest lightweight Linux distribution. It was created with a specific method to bring ancient computers back to life, making it a good choice for machines with 32-bit architectures. It provides an appealing desktop environment that is both pleasant and easy to use. It also comes with various pre-installed applications, such as GIMP, Audacity, and others that make your life much easier.

LXLE is usually a reliable alternative to Windows XP because it provides the latest capabilities and an intuitive experience. It adds to a fantastic OS for older PCs with 32-bit architectures. It is also user-friendly for beginners and has excellent hardware and software support because it is based on Lubuntu LTS versions. Its minimal hardware needs are a Pentium 3 CPU and 512MB of RAM. It shows to be an excellent lightweight Linux distribution that will not disappoint.

Sparky Linux

Best 32 bit Linux Operating System

Sparky Linux is another lightweight 32-bit Linux distribution that is suitable for both old and new computers. Sparky Linux comes in two variants, both of which are based on Debian Linux. The distinction is that one is a stable release, and the other is a testing release. You can choose which of the two will best meet your needs.

Sparky Linux comes with a comprehensive operating system that is extremely customizable and user-friendly. Furthermore, there are a variety of lightweight desktop environments available. These include MATE, LXDE, Xfce, Enlightenment, LXQT, etc. Sparky Linux requires a 256 MB of RAM, an i686 Pentium 4 processor, and 5GB of free disk space.

Gentoo Linux

Best 32 bit Linux Operating System

Gentoo is an alternative that supports old 32-bit architecture and is best suited for experienced Linux users. Using this OS variant's package management, you may customize, compile, and install a kernel. Even if you are not an experienced user, you should try it because it will undoubtedly be an adventure. Gentoo Linux requires 256 MB of RAM, a P4 processor, and a 2.5 GB disk drive.


In this article, you have seen there are several best 32-bit Linux OS available. All of the 32-bit Linux OS is better in performance and reliability. So, you may choose the best 32-bit OS according to your needs.

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