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Best Alternative Operating System for Android

Android is one of the most popular operating systems globally, and it covers about 70% of the total market share. There are various other alternatives to Android OS that you may test for a different experience, and the most popular OS of which are iOS and Windows.

Nowadays, various new smartphone manufacturers have started developing their alternative Android OS. In this article, you will learn about the best alternative operating system for android OS. But before discussing the alternative OS for Android, you must know why they are required.

What is the requirement for Android Alternative?

Most Smartphone users are Android lovers, as Google is attempting to maintain its lead. As it says, a choice of things is always good. Similarly, when it comes to devices, you all enjoy experimenting with the various possibilities. And when you come across something more exciting offering classy features, you will love to try those.

The security factor is one of the reasons for choosing an Android alternative. Android is the most vulnerable to malware and viruses because it is an open-source operating system. As a result, users' preferences are changing with time. Manufacturers are expected to release more advanced and secure smartphones. As a result, users are turning to Android alternatives.

If you want to keep it safe from malware and viruses, protect your Android Smartphone with Systweak Anti-Malware. It detects and removes threats as soon as possible and protects your devices with its comprehensive virus protection feature.

Top Alternative Operating System for Android OS

There are various best alternative operating systems for Android OS. Some of the best-operating systems for Android are as follows:

  1. Mobian OS
  2. Postmarket OS
  3. LineageOS
  4. Ubuntu Touch
  5. Graphene OS
  6. Plasma Mobile
  7. Tizen OS
  8. Harmony OS
  9. Sirin OS
  10. Pure OS

Mobian OS

Best Alternative Operating System for Android

Mobian operating system is a Debian-based open-source Linux-based smartphone operating system. It's essentially a collection of programs that allow you to run the popular Debian OS on your smartphone or tablet. You'll find various mobile apps for online browsing, file management, gaming, communications, and more in Mobian OS. The Phosh user interface was added to Debian by the developers.

It uses the.deb packaging format to share all software. A Mobian image may be installed on the Pinephone. The software is also set to be released for the PineTab tablet and Librem 5 smartphone. There is a lot to develop in Mobian OS. Files, Telegram, Firefox, Calls, a text editor, a media player, and other apps are supported by Mobian OS.


Best Alternative Operating System for Android

PostmarketOS is one of the greatest free and open-source operating systems for touch screen cellphones, and it is based on the Alpine Linux distribution. It is still in development and may be installed on cellphones with touch screens. You may utilize this mobile OS if you're tired of not receiving updates soon after purchasing new phones.

PostmarketOS comes preinstalled in PinePhone. It may use various graphical user interfaces (GUI) or desktop environments, such as Plasma Mobile (KDE), MATE, Hildon, LuneOS UI, GNOME3, and XFCE. It can be a great Android replacement. If you want to use this OS, you must buy a PinePhone smartphone.


Best Alternative Operating System for Android

LineageOS is an Android-based open-source operating system that is designed for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It is one of the best open-source mobile operating systems and could be the best alternative to Android OS. It is the most popular custom ROM as an open-source firmware with over 2.6 million active users. It started its journey under the name Cyanogen. It was first introduced in 2009 for HTC's Dream and Magic devices.

Over 190 different mobile handsets support lineage OS. It may be installed on the Android devices of almost all major manufacturers, such as Samsung, Google, Motorola, and OnePlus. Furthermore, LineageOS maintains compatibility with some older models, such as the Nexus 6.

Ubuntu Touch

Best Alternative Operating System for Android

Canonical's Ubuntu Linux is the most widely used open-source OS. The company started working on a mobile version of the operating system called Ubuntu Touch. Later, it was adopted by UBports and developed as a community project. However, the project was abandoned in April 2017 as a lack of market interest.

UBports continues to release OTA updates for Ubuntu Touch regularly. There are a few smartphones that support this open-source Android alternative. However, the non-profit UBports Foundation is working hard to keep this OS.

Graphene OS

Best Alternative Operating System for Android

GrapheneOS is an open-source smartphone operating system that prioritizes privacy and security. It works with a number of Google Pixel devices and a few others. There are no Google Play services available. It is possible to install Play services as a set of fully sandboxed apps with no special privileges via the sandboxed Play services compatibility layer.

There are two methods for installing GrapheneOS. Using a WebUSB-based installer is the first method. The second option involves following a command-line installation guide designed for more advanced users.

Plasma Mobile

Best Alternative Operating System for Android

Plasma Mobile transforms your Smartphone into a completely hackable gadget. Plasma Mobile is completely free and open-source software. Plasma Mobile is still in the early stages of development and is not intended to be used on a daily basis. It is based on a Linux distribution.

There are two ways to get Plasma Mobile on your Android handset. The first option is to install via PosmartketOS, while the second method is to install from the Halium Project. We do not recommend you install Plasma Mobile on any Android smartphone. If you want to use Plasma Mobile, you can buy PinePhone.

Tizen OS

Best Alternative Operating System for Android

Tizen OS is the most well-known of the future mobile operating systems. When Nokia decided to cancel the Meego project, a joint venture between Nokia and Intel developed the Tizen OS. As a result, Intel invited Samsung to collaborate to bring Meego as Tizen OS. While Tizen appears to be identical to Samsung's Android overlay TouchWiz, it is different. This OS is similar to Android in terms of functionality. However, there are many actions for easier interaction. Tizen OS is an HTML5-based operating system that makes it much easier for developers to develop applications.

While Tizen has not gained much popularity among developers or customers, Samsung's involvement has kept people interested. Samsung has already released several products using the OS, including smartphones and different Gear wearables, indicating that the South Korean giant is serious about it. Tizen OS powers all of its major watches, such as the Galaxy Watch and the Gear S4. After seeing Huawei's struggles, we do not doubt that Samsung would take Tizen OS more seriously, and we'll see something good very soon. Right now, it is one of the most promising Android alternatives.

Harmony OS

Best Alternative Operating System for Android

Huawei is the only company that can pull off an Android alternative successfully. Huawei has remained on the cutting edge of smartphone technology. Not only does the company make some of the best smartphones on the smartphone market, but it is also a leader in 5G networking and performs miracles with smartphone cameras. There was no question that Huawei would release its own mobile operating system following the US government's ban on Huawei (which has since been partially lifted). The Chinese tech behemoth unveiled its much-touted Android successor on the opening day of its Huawei Developer Conference.

Harmony OS is a new OS that will be a distributed microkernel-based OS that will run Android apps. In addition, the company says that the operating system would be faster and smoother than Android. Harmony OS was designed for IoT devices such as smart speakers, smart displays, wearables, etc. Huawei has announced that its SDK will be available soon for developers to download. Harmony OS is still in its infancy, and it is ready to become the most significant Android challenger to be released in recent years.

Sirin OS

Best Alternative Operating System for Android

After the boom, most of us may have forgotten about blockchain, but the core community remains, and the technology is quietly but steadily evolving. If we truly want to challenge Android's supremacy and establish a secure mobile OS, one of our best opportunities is to use blockchain. SIRIN Labs is one business that continues to be at the forefront of this technology, and they have already produced a blockchain smartphone dubbed "Finney" that runs on their own SIRIN OS.

The operating system is built completely on the blockchain and is safe enough to serve as your digital wallet. It increases the device's overall security, and the built-in cold wallet may be accessed through the Safe Screen. The best aspect about SirinOS is that users will still be able to access Google Play, which means they will be able to utilize and enjoy all of their favorite Android

For $899, you can order the phone right now. If you wish to check it out and have some additional cash, you may buy it.

Pure OS

Best Alternative Operating System for Android

PureOS is a privacy-focused distro that the Purism Corporation develops. It is listed as a free Linux distribution by the FSF due to its use of entirely free/libre (FOSS/FLOSS) software. PureOS is based on Debian and employs the GNOME desktop environment. It was originally designed for Purism's Librem laptops and tiny desktops, but the company later adapted PureOS to function on mobile devices. In simple terms, Purism's goal is to produce an operating system and a set of software that function flawlessly on any Librem device, regardless of screen size.

PureOS supports most of the fundamental smartphone operations, including phone calls, texting, web surfing (through the PureBrowser, which is based on Firefox), and clock functions. There's also the PureOS Store, where you may download the apps that are mainly designed for smartphone screens. However, the camera does not appear to be fully working, and the gadget is not water-resistant, both of which are basic qualities that consumers demanded from smartphones in 2021.

Purism sells two PureOS-powered mobile devices: the Librem 5 USA and the Librem 5. The main difference between these phones is that the parts for the Librem 5 USA are made in Purism's USA facility. Aside from PureOS, the Librem 5's primary selling features are swappable internal components, a MicroSD card slot, cellular signal, an ethical supply chain, microphone and camera, and hardware-based kill switches for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. On the other hand, the Librem 5 is intended to be a consumer-ready product, whereas the PinePhone is intended to be a hobbyist gadget. The Librem 5 and Librem 5 USA smartphones cost $799 and $1,999. These are multiple times the price of the PinePhone.


In this article, you have learned about the best alternative operating system for Android OS. As you read, there're various Android OS alternatives. Choosing the best alternative operating system for your Android OS is very confusing, but you can choose the operating system according to your requirements. Every OS has its pros and cons, and we recommend you analyze it properly before making a decision.

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