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Best operating system for gaming

In this article, you will learn about the best operating system for gaming. But before discussing the best operating system for gaming, you must know about the operating system.

What is an operating system?

An operating system serves as a link between the user and the system hardware. It is responsible for the entire computer system's functions. It's also responsible for managing both software and hardware components and ensuring the device's working properly. All computer programs and apps require an operating system to do any work.

The operating system offers features that aid in operating apps and uses. The most prevalent operating system component is the user, who controls and wishes to build things by inputting data and executing various programs and services. After that comes the task of implementation, which handles the complete computer's activities and aids in the movement of various functions such as images, worksheets, videos, etc.

Here, you will learn the best operating system for gaming. There are various operating systems for gaming. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Windows 10
  2. MacOS
  3. Windows 8
  4. Linux
  5. Ubuntu

Windows 10

Best operating system for gaming

It is the latest version of the operating system. As a result, it's a mostly upgraded version of the OS that combines a few unique features. For example, PC gamers can fully integrate their games with Xbox LIVE and have full controller compatibility. For people who are new to PCs and PC gaming, Windows 10 is a good option.

Since the glory days of Windows XP, Windows 10 has enhanced every aspect of the Windows operating system and is easily one of the greatest versions of Microsoft software. Windows 10 is currently installed on over a billion different Microsoft devices after five years. With the way things are going, Windows 10 may easily become the default Microsoft OS for the next decade.

The cost of Windows 10 Home is $139. It is perfect for system users who are stuck in the past and want to move forward. There's nothing wrong with previous operating systems, essentially. However, when Microsoft shifts its focus to its newest OS, you may lose key Microsoft support after a few years. If you're upgrading to Windows 10, make sure that your CPU, RAM, and GPU are all updated in the same manner because it helps to improve the system performance for better gaming.

You may play approx 20,000 streaming games on the Windows 10 OS. There are no games preinstalled, so keep that in mind. You may get as many games from the Windows Store or the internet as you want. If you want to play strategy games, battlegrounds games, indie games, or good old racing games, Windows 10's operating system offers optimal support, cutting-edge graphics, and a user-friendly interface.

Features of the Windows 10

There are various features of Windows 10. Some features of Windows 10 are as follows:

  1. One of the best new features of Windows 10 is that the upgrading of Windows 10 is entirely free.
  2. Cortana is a new Windows 10 feature. It's a personal assistant that responds to voice commands. You may use it to create reminders, obtain weather predictions, and tell you jokes, send an email, locate files, and do Internet searches, among other things.
  3. The Microsoft Edge browser is intended to provide Windows users with a better Web experience. It's quicker, more secure, and packed with new features. It is mainly intended to replace Internet Explorer as the primary web browser. If you wish to use another web browser, you may continue to use another browser.
  4. Unlike Windows 8, which relied on the Start screen to launch applications, Windows 10 has restored the traditional Start menu. It has also been enhanced to make it easier to locate critical apps.


Best operating system for gaming

MacOS is the second most popular OS worldwide. However, unlike Windows, it is not universally compatible. It is only available on Apple devices. It signifies that macOS has been designed with Apple hardware.

It is the best Os at its core because it offers a smooth, intuitive, and user-friendly interface. Although, when it comes to gaming, it is not the case. It is not difficult to install it on a traditional PC, but it may lead to poor performance, including stuttering, crashes, and other issues.

Before the release of MacOS, most AAA games are not directly produced for Apple. Instead, the game was ported from Windows to macOS by the developers. They are rarely updated after they have been ported. Many of today's games never get a macOS release. Therefore it would be not easy to award this OS as the best one for gaming.

OnStream, you'll find over 7000 games for Apple. You may also use the WINE system to play Windows-only games on your Mac, but don't anticipate the same graphics as on Windows.

Advantages and disadvantages of MacOS

There are various advantages and disadvantages of the MacOS. Some advantages and disadvantages of the MacOS are as follows:


  1. The MacOS uses the same graphical user interface as other Apple products, such as the iPhone and iPad.
  2. It is the second most popular operating system and has fewer less active users; therefore, virus attacks are less likely. Another reason for its virus resistance is its UNIX connection, which is more secure than the Windows operating system.
  3. It supports window file system formats like NTFS and FAT.
  4. Mac users receive better responses from the company's support team than users of other operating systems. Apple uses highly skilled engineers that assist customers in resolving hardware and software issues.
  5. Apple's hardware communication is highly effective and enhances performance because it creates both hardware and software.
  6. If you have installed MacOS and use Bootcamp and parallel software, you can run Windows.


  1. It is a very expensive operating system. You may use a better PC at this price with more hardware specifications.
  2. The macOS's latest version supports some USB ports, and it doesn't contain a CD and DVD writer.
  3. It can read the NTFS and FAT Windows file formats, but it cannot read the MacOS file system. If you want Windows OS to read the macOS file system, you must first install third-party software.

Windows 8

Best operating system for gaming

Before the current version, Microsoft's operating system was Windows 8. As a result, it falls short of Windows 10 in a few ways. For instance, on Windows 8, you will not have access to the full version of DirectX. DirectX 12 is only compatible with the latest Microsoft operating system.

Although the game companies and developers still develop games compatible with Windows 8, don't worry if you're concerned that it may become obsolete. Keep remembering that Microsoft and game developers may decide to discontinue support for Windows 8 at any time.

Computer users who want to use Windows 8.1 would have to pay a starting fee of $119.99 to get it. If you want to buy a new PC, it will have Windows 10 preinstalled. Thus we don't recommend buying a different OS.

Advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8

There are various advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8. Some advantages and disadvantages of the Windows 8 are as follows:


  1. It is designed for touch-screen devices. Windows 8 employs the 'Metro' interface, which has been enhanced for touch screen devices and has a new 'Start screen' button.
  2. There is no requirement to upgrade your system to run Windows 8. Any system that may run Windows 7 can run Windows 8, and there is no requirement to upgrade the system.
  3. It is compatible with the low-power ARM architecture. It contains extensive security features like antivirus support and secure boot.
  4. It has a quick boot time. Its boot time is less than 8 seconds, which is significantly faster than its previous version.
  5. It also supports Near Field Communications printing. A type of technology that can help with digital financial transactions.
  6. The app platform is a key component of Windows 8. The Windows Store contains a variety of apps designed specifically for Windows 8.


  1. The main drawback of Windows 8 is the overlapping of the Metro and Aero User Interfaces. Switching between Metro and desktop programs is inconvenient and causes confusion for both users and developers.
  2. It is really tough to switch between screens. The lack of an Alt-Tab function makes it difficult to operate with multiple applications because there is no convenient transition method.
  3. On a Tablet PC, Windows 8 does not allow flash content. It seems that it was done to save the Tablet's battery. It also protects our privacy and improves the Tablet's security.
  4. The Metro UI works effectively on tablets. However, the User Interface on the desktop is not very compatible. There is a need for a kill switch that may turn off the Metro UI.
  5. It is not possible to convert the home screen tiles into icons. When several programs are installed, the Start screen becomes jumbled.
  6. Another drawback of Windows 8 is the Metro multitasking interface. In Windows 8, the Metro interface for tablets lines up two applications on the screen.


Best operating system for gaming

Linux is unique in that it refers to a wide range of operating systems built on the open-source Linux kernel. Linus Torvalds founded it in 1991 to provide a free and adaptable operating system to the public.

Although it is mostly used on smartphones and tablets, Google's AndroidOS is likely the most well-known Linux-based operating system. Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Valve's SteamOS, and many others are among the most popular OS on PCs. These are completely free and created by many developers.

However, because of its extensive features, flexibility, and reduced system needs as compared to Windows, Linux is primarily aimed at professional users and enthusiasts. However, the interface is rarely described as "user-friendly", and Linux-compatible software is popular.

On Linux, you may play various in-built games, although they aren't as good as those on Windows. OnStream, there are around 4,000 games that are Linux-compatible.

Features of the Linux

There are various features of the Linux OS. Some features of Linux are as follows:

1. Free and Open-source

Its source code is freely available for anyone to use and modify. Many developers work in organizations to enhance and strengthen Linux OS and update the Linux OS regularly.

2.Graphical User Interface

The Linux operating system includes Graphical User Interface (GUI) capabilities like Windows. Users may also install the apps, and the computer graphics will start working the same way as Windows.

3. Portable Environment

Linux software works effectively on various hardware systems. It also works on both high-end and low-end hardware in the same manner. Users may use the Linux OS on any device without fear of incompatibility.

4. Infrastructure

It is a lightweight OS. It has fewer requirements than any other OS, has a smaller memory footprint, and uses smaller storage space. Usually, a Linux Distro will have 128MB of RAM and approximately the same amount of disc space.

5. End-to-end encryption

Authentication can assist you in keeping your data secure. The Linux OS requires you to enter a password before you may access some crucial files. Furthermore, users may encrypt their data under the Linux system.

6. Flexible

Linux is highly flexible, and it may be useful for a wide range of desktop apps, embedded systems, and server apps. It also provides administrators with various computer-specific limiting options, allowing just needed components to be installed.

7. Frequent New Updates

In Linux, users are responsible for software updates. Users have the choice of selecting which updates are required, and there are numerous system updates available. These upgrades happen much faster than on other OS. As a result, system upgrades are easy to implement.


Best operating system for gaming

Ubuntu is one of the most well-known Linux operating systems, and it is quietly gaining popularity in the gaming sector. Ubuntu is likely the weakest of the three main operating systems, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Although game support is expanding all the time, devoted gamers may find Linux and Ubuntu to be a safe haven in the future. Linux OS has other aspects, like Lakka, which may directly emulate console games.

Ubuntu has always been available for free download and use. The open framework enables specific and exciting new computing experiences. It is ideal for folks who desire an alternative to Windows.

With Ubuntu, there are a few unique and typical display features. You may change the screen's temperature, screen brightness, the lock screen background, and dual monitor support.

Advantages and disadvantages of Ubuntu

There are various advantages and disadvantages of Ubuntu. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Ubuntu are as follows:


  1. It works with much software, including Firefox, VLC Player, and others.
  2. It is a free and open-source OS with a large developer community. If a new version is issued and you have a problem with the software, the active community may help you resolve the problem.
  3. Following its release, Ubuntu included relatively simple graphical installers. The basic installation of Ubuntu has been streamlined and enhanced in comparison to prior operating systems.
  4. It will be simple to update this software. It's quick and easy to use, and it doesn't interfere with any other apps on your device. When you receive a notification about a major update, it will be installed on your computer right away.
  5. It may easily handle and transfer the videos.


  1. Users must be technically savvy to use Ubuntu. Anyone who is unfamiliar with the command line will find Ubuntu difficult to use.
  2. Like Photoshop and Microsoft Office, several popular software is also not supported by Ubuntu. However, this program has several possibilities on Ubuntu OS, but the user experience is not equivalent to Windows.
  3. Another drawback of Ubuntu is that it doesn't support all of the hardware and software applications that Windows does.


With this overall discussion, Windows is the best operating system for gaming, at least for now. It is the undisputed victor in terms of the number of games available on it. In that perspective, Linux and Mac cannot compete.

You may also choose the best operating system for gaming according to your requirement. For Linux users, it may be a better option to install Windows on their system, if only for gaming purposes. As for the Mac, we may not recommend that it as a gaming operating system. It may be advanced of Linux in terms of supported games, but running any more demanding games will necessitate a significant investment in an external GPU.

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