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Single Level Directory

The simplest method is to have one big list of all the files on the disk. The entire system will contain only one directory which is supposed to mention all the files present in the file system. The directory contains one entry per each file present on the file system.

os Single Level Directory

This type of directories can be used for a simple system.


  1. Implementation is very simple.
  2. If the sizes of the files are very small then the searching becomes faster.
  3. File creation, searching, deletion is very simple since we have only one directory.


  1. We cannot have two files with the same name.
  2. The directory may be very big therefore searching for a file may take so much time.
  3. Protection cannot be implemented for multiple users.
  4. There are no ways to group same kind of files.
  5. Choosing the unique name for every file is a bit complex and limits the number of files in the system because most of the Operating System limits the number of characters used to construct the file name.

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