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What is a File ?

A file can be defined as a data structure which stores the sequence of records. Files are stored in a file system, which may exist on a disk or in the main memory. Files can be simple (plain text) or complex (specially-formatted).

The collection of files is known as Directory. The collection of directories at the different levels, is known as File System.

os File Management

Attributes of the File


Every file carries a name by which the file is recognized in the file system. One directory cannot have two files with the same name.


Along with the name, Each File has its own extension which identifies the type of the file. For example, a text file has the extension .txt, A video file can have the extension .mp4.


In a File System, the Files are classified in different types such as video files, audio files, text files, executable files, etc.


In the File System, there are several locations on which, the files can be stored. Each file carries its location as its attribute.


The Size of the File is one of its most important attribute. By size of the file, we mean the number of bytes acquired by the file in the memory.


The Admin of the computer may want the different protections for the different files. Therefore each file carries its own set of permissions to the different group of Users.

7.Time and Date

Every file carries a time stamp which contains the time and date on which the file is last modified.

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