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Deadlock Detection and Recovery

In this approach, The OS doesn't apply any mechanism to avoid or prevent the deadlocks. Therefore the system considers that the deadlock will definitely occur. In order to get rid of deadlocks, The OS periodically checks the system for any deadlock. In case, it finds any of the deadlock then the OS will recover the system using some recovery techniques.

The main task of the OS is detecting the deadlocks. The OS can detect the deadlocks with the help of Resource allocation graph.

OS Deadlock Detection and Recovery

In single instanced resource types, if a cycle is being formed in the system then there will definitely be a deadlock. On the other hand, in multiple instanced resource type graph, detecting a cycle is not just enough. We have to apply the safety algorithm on the system by converting the resource allocation graph into the allocation matrix and request matrix.

In order to recover the system from deadlocks, either OS considers resources or processes.

For Resource

Preempt the resource

We can snatch one of the resources from the owner of the resource (process) and give it to the other process with the expectation that it will complete the execution and will release this resource sooner. Well, choosing a resource which will be snatched is going to be a bit difficult.

Rollback to a safe state

System passes through various states to get into the deadlock state. The operating system canrollback the system to the previous safe state. For this purpose, OS needs to implement check pointing at every state.

The moment, we get into deadlock, we will rollback all the allocations to get into the previous safe state.

For Process

Kill a process

Killing a process can solve our problem but the bigger concern is to decide which process to kill. Generally, Operating system kills a process which has done least amount of work until now.

Kill all process

This is not a suggestible approach but can be implemented if the problem becomes very serious. Killing all process will lead to inefficiency in the system because all the processes will execute again from starting.

OS Deadlock Detection and Recovery 1

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